Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Junkin finds....

Good morning, I'm at the airport about to  board plane heading into Dayton, Ohio. I'm working at our office located at our Loveland location and it's my first time to be there.  I've mentioned my company is merging with another company on several occasions. This office belongs to the "other side".  Let's just hope I stay upright today and I don't fall down like the last week when I traveled. Hahaha! 
Saturday I was on my way to a thrift store that (benefits battered women)  to donate bags of clothes when I realized this one neighborhood was bulk trash day.  Yall I have no qualms about dumpster diving and porch picking! I scored a heavy white wicker chest of drawers. FREE!!! It was super fun loading it in my truck by myself.  All it needs is some TLC, new knobs and fresh paint.  Last year I found a white wicker headboard so now I will be selling them as a set.   
I was surrounded by garage sales and my thrift store didn't open for another hour so what's a girl to do!!  Shop. 
I can't believe the great things I found. 
I found a glider rocking chair stripped down of course by the curb.  Easy to fix for sure!  I bought a solid wood desk that is too cute for - 10$!!!! It's not plywood yall it is the real deal.  I bought a globe, a drafting desk (10$), and a ladder bench, and a chandelier(5$) and a head board. 
Have you seen benches being made from headboards? So cute! I bought a twin size headboard and footboard a few weeks ago for 10$.  I found a gorgeous wooden board by the curb. It was just too pretty to leave behind.  
I bought a Victorian love seat last weekend at Canton but didn't post picture. 
I also bought a brand new floor rug to replace our other one that my dog practiced potty training on.  I hated throwing that rug away but the stains didn't come out.  The rug is huge and it was also 10$.  Score! 

I love this old picnic basket I bought. It was made in Iowa. 
A plant stand for 2$
The drafting desk I'll be painting 
Headboard I bought and piece of wood I found 
How cute are these silver salt and pepper shakers? 
So funny story about the lamp- it was in the curb and I only wanted the lampshade for the shade frame. This guy opens the door and yells "the lamp works"!  I thought he was mad for grabbing his trash but actually he came out and said " I know you may think it doesn't work because it's in trash pile but it does work. I just set it out this morning".  So I had to take the ugly lamp because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.  Then the lamp shade ended up being in terrible condition and it crumbled in my backseat.  I may clean this baby up and see her shine! 
Fred Sanford ain't got nothing on me!! 
No room inside the truck either! 

Have a great day yall! My blogging may be slow this week depending on work load. 


  1. You did score big time! I love all your treasures (the wicker chest is awesome).

    Wishing I was in the Dayton area - we could do lunch! I'm frequently up that way but not this week.

    Have a lovely day, dear pal!

  2. Awesome finds. Can't wait to see the final results.

  3. Well, I'll tell you what, Missy. It pleases me immensely that you found time to visit SDMM today right in the middle of your trip. Thank you very much, dear friend!

    Those are some terrific finds, proving that one man's trash is another man's (or woman's) treasure. Clearly you are the d.i.y., fixer-upper type. With a little work, paint and polish you can increase the resale value of those items a hundred fold. You might even find it impossible to part with them after giving them t.l.c. and restoring their original beauty. Way to go, Holli!

    I hope you are still upright at this hour (unless you are horizontal to take a much needed nap). I wish you a safe stay in Dayton and a safe return home. Once again, thank you for making time for me today, Holli. You're a keeper!

    P.S. - I am starting a new blog hop and I hope you will join. Once a week you must post a flashback picture of yourself wearing a different color of go-go boots. Are you in? :)

    1. My husband is a good sport because i look like a hoarder in our garage. LOL!
      YES i am in on your blog hop. Now , where are my Go GO boots? Must find them.....

  4. Nice haul. I will say I have a love hate relationship with wicker, and the love end is waaaaaaaay low.

    1. I go back and forth and i am back on the wagon for loving wicker.

  5. Ha! We live on a busy street and take bets on how long something will be out there before someone grabs it! You'll have to post a picture of the bench when you're through with it...I'm curious as to how it will look.

    1. I am excited to get started on my projects. Traveling for work really gets in the way of my fun. HAHAHA

  6. You are so awesome and I am serious on needed to learn from you! You are always so creative and crafty. Have fun restoring your treasures and have a safe yet productive trip!

  7. I have never seen so much good junk on a curb. I would dumpster dive too if we had good stuff thrown out!! Be sure to show us your finds after you make them over!!

    1. I was in Heaven, Paula!! I don't mind dirty and broken if it can be fixed. My garage is packed now. I cant wait to start working on them.


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