Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sturgis 2015 - arrival and day 1

Goooooood morning yall!! I tell you I'm always so swamped when I come back to work after missing a few days. I had no time to post yesterday.  I have to make this quick and there will be tons of pictures.   
My trip was wonderful! The only bad part were my flights getting there and coming home. My plane was 2.5 hours late from leaving Dallas last Wednesday. That put me later into Rapid City and we had to ride back to motel in the dark and it was chilly.  I made a new friend at the airport named Tracy and she was from Jackson, Mississippi. She was too sweet and I thought for sure I'd see her again but I have her business card. When your plane is delayed almost 3 hrs, you can get to knoe someone.  Lol 
Call me crazy but I took a lot of pictures while in the air. The clouds were so cool and the sun was gorgeous from the sky. 
When we got to hotel, the rest of our group was around the outside fire so I got to see everyone before we all went to bed.  Our group was a friend of Todd's named Coby, a friend of mine and Todd's that we met through CMA Jacqueline and her dad Charles.  We had a nice small group of 5 and it was much more manageable than the 11 of us last year. 
Thursday morning, we left motel at 7:45 and we had breakfast at Hill City cafe.  We were staying in Hill City off the highway so it was nice to have a place to eat and fill up gas tanks for the day. 
We started our morning at Mt Rushmore, then through Custer state park onto Needles highway , had lunch in Custer , saw Crazy Horse monument then drove into Sturgis.  It was such a fun first day!!  

I'll have more tomorrow! Have a great day yall! 


  1. Yay! North By Northwest! I got your tweet from Abe Lincoln's nose, Holli. :) I just showed all these pictures to Mrs. Shady and we agreed that we would love to head up that way on vacation and see the rock formations, buffalo and historic sites. It's a shame your flight was delayed but, as you pointed out, it gave you an opportunity to make a new friend. There is always a silver lining. I am eager to see more pix from your trip, Holli. Enjoy your day!

  2. Delays are a huge part of flying these days. Glad you made a friend. I love taking pictures from a plane. I love Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park and Crazy Horse. It has been well over 30 years since I've seen them. Your photos are amazing and I enjoyed the painted buffalo. Looks like a fun time!

  3. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time. I've always wanted to go to that part of the country, especially Mt. Rushmore.

  5. As we've done the FB thing, I'll just add this- the pic of the Needles sign and one third of your head looks like something my Mom would have took. Except you got two eyes in the frame.

  6. Boy, it looks like you had fun - I love the pigtales, ha ha. So cute.

    You have some great photos! Glad you're back in one piece. Missed you, girl! Rest up!

  7. What fun! And a wonderful assortment of pictures. We took our boys there one summer. (It was quite by accident that we ended up in Sturgis during this time) What a thrill for them. My oldest is crazy about motorcycles still to this day. I was hoping for a picture of Crazy Horse to see how far they have come!!


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