Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sturgis day 2 and its my blog birthday

Four years ago today, I decided to start a blog. I was working that week in Los Angeles and my dad and stepmom were leaving the same week for Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic. They were seeking  information on stem cell therapy.  Dad was not on the transplant list yet.
My blog has changed a lot over the years  and in some ways maybe not enough.  I'm so glad I stuck with it though. I have made so many friends through blogging.  This is my 447th post today.  Thank you to all who read my blog and have been with me over the years and to my newer followers. I appreciate all of you.
My second full day in Sturgis was on Friday.  Our rides consisted of Spearfish canyon, around sylvan lake, Deadwood and Sturgis.  I love Deadwood so much! It's my favorite place to just hang out. Lots of history there and the buildings are so old and quaint. We also rode to the cemetery where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane are buried. The cemetery was beautiful and way up high on a hill. Biker boots are not made for hiking that's for sure!  There was some Lakota Sioux Indian dancers in Deadwood and they were great!  We had dinner at my favorite restaurant that we ate at last year. It's called Deadwood Social club.  Amazing food and if you're ever in the area, I recommend it. 
We had lunch at a bar restaurant called Deadwood Dicks.  We sat on patio and I overheard this man talk about Montana. I struck up conversation with him and he ended up pulling up a chair and joining us. His name was Chet and he spoke really loud! Lol.  He was a cool guy though and knew his history. I'm grateful because he let me know about an album called White Mansions. It's got Waylon Jennings , his wife Jessi Colter, Johnny Cash and many other singers. They're songs about white people living during the confederacy and civil war.   I'm going to try to remember to buy it today from Amazon.  
It was another wonderful beautiful day!! 
Deadwood has casinos and I played forever on Texas Tea!

I'll wrap up my trip tomorrow.  Have a great day y'all!!


  1. Hi, dear Holli! Congratulations on reaching this impressive milestone - 4 years of blogging! You have every right to feel proud of this accomplishment and I am happy to be following you.

    You are glowing with health and happiness in these pictures and that makes me happy. I was worried that your illness would linger and spoil your trip. Mrs. Shady and I would thoroughly enjoy it up there in the wide open spaces seeing nature in all its glory and visiting small towns and soaking up the history. As a boy I watched the TV series The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok and I would appreciate the chance to see where he and Calamity Jane are buried.

    Once again I applaud you for reaching the 4 year mark here at H H & H!

    1. You and the Mrs TOTALLY need to go see this area. Mt Rushmore, Custer, Deadwood- they are all so cool!! I honestly would love to go stay in Deadwood for a week. I just love the vibe of that town. I still have a nasty cough from my illness but it was bearable.
      Thank you for stopping by and the well wishes. I cant believe how fast the 4 years went by!! Have a super day my friend.

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! Love all the pictures and it is always fun to stop at a casino. Love those bar stools.

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I have so enjoyed your blog and meeting you in person. What great pics. It looks like a wild time out west.

  4. Happy Birthday to your blog and great pictures. Glad you had fun.

  5. You do great selfies! Couldn't decide whether the one by the river or the one-eye shot on the road was best. Happy blog day to you, happy blog day to yooooooooouuu...

  6. Happy Blogoversary!! Another beautiful post full of awesome pictures. I loved the bar stool! We have also visited Deadwood. I don't remember Deadwood Dick's. My husband Richard would have loved it!!


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