Tuesday, September 8, 2015

BOTB winner and my squirrel fiasco

Hello everyone!! How was your long weekend?  Did you do anything  fun?  I'll tell you more about my weekend later but i can barely keep my eyes open right now.  I didnt get much sleep at all last night.
My battle last week was between the cast of Glee and the young female vocalist Lorde and the song was Everybody wants to rule the world.  This was a very close battle and it was tied up until just a few days ago and a few more people voted.  The winner is Glee by 2 votes.  There was 10 votes for Glee and 8 votes for Lorde.   Thank you to all that stopped by to vote.

Yesterday morning i had breakfast with one of my ol college buddies at the cafe thats down the street from me.  We had to meet early because i needed to be on the road to head to east Texas to see my grandma Nanny and its 2 hours one way to get there.  Todd was still asleep when i left the house and the dogs always follow me out to the backyard when i leave. I left the back door cracked open so the dogs could come in and out without bothering Todd. We do that all the time.
After breakfast i ran home to brush my teeth real quick and to see Todd .  He was sitting in the recliner and said that a bug or something must have crawled under our bed because Lila was going crazy. She is trying to get under the bed and behind the bed to get at it and she's been obsessed.  She does that.
Fast forward to several hours later when i got home from the country, Lila was still obsessed with whatever it was under our bed. Todd said he got a flash light but didnt see anything. I may add that Todd needs new eye glasses.  Anyway, we were trying to settle down and go to bed around 10:30.  Lila was jumping on the bed and then down on the floor and pawing under the bed.  Then she started crying and whining and was completely on her side with her legs under the bed.  I knew that there was something she was obsessed at and i wanted to see.  I got out of bed, walked over to Todd's side of the bed and got completely on my stomach. I stuck my hand under and felt something fuzzy. I thought it was a toy or something and i got the flashlight and LOW AND BEHOLD- we had a squirrel under our bed.  I then jumped on the bed and said to Todd- UM we have a live squirrel.
Our bed is a very heavy solid king size bed and its hard to move.  We grabbed some plastic bags and i got the laundry basket. LOL!!  I had to close Lila in the backyard and she fought me the whole time as i was carrying her. She wanted that squirrel so bad.  We shut the bedroom door and pulled the bed back. It actually didnt move. It was alive  but barely.  All we could think of the squirrel in the movie National Lampoon's Christmas vacation and the squirrel gets on the tree and jumps on everyone.
We took it outside and put it over a small part of our fence so the dogs couldnt get it.  Lila still wanted it.   The squirrel sat up and chirped and it made me sad.  Lila still was crazy last night and we left our bedroom door open so she could go back and forth. She kept standing at the back door and then running into our bedroom.  The little stinker got the loaf of bread that i had just brought home and left it on the dining table.  She pulled that down while were in bed and then Jax got a few bites of it this morning. I heard this rustling noise and i looked under the chair where Jax was and found the loaf of bread.  Thats when you know Lola is obsessed because she never shares anything with Jax but she left it to go outside and look for the squirrel.
This morning the squirrel was still there (it had died) and Todd had to throw it away.  I hated that it died but i am very glad it didnt die under our bed and i'm very glad it didnt get caught by Lila in the house.   I cant believe it not only got in the house but all the way down our hallway turned left into our master bedroom and got under our bed.  Crazy!!
I really hope this day goes by quickly. I have so much to do before i leave on Friday and i am so tired.


  1. Hi, dear Holli! What a strange tale! Do you think your dog managed to bite the squirrel earlier in the day, leading to its eventual death? If not, why do you think it died? You are lucky #1 that the critter didn't bite you when you reached under the bed. If it died maybe it was sick with rabies. You are lucky #2 that the squirrel didn't find a remote spot in your house to hide and die. The terrible smell would have driven you guys crazy.

    I voted for Glee and it's nice to be on the winning side for a change. Which artist did you vote for?

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend Holli!

    1. I haven't voted in any of my battles but I would have gone with Lorde. I like the dark slow version she made.
      I don't think Lila ever had a chance to bite the squirrel. I think it died because it was a baby squirrel and it sat under our bed for almost 14 hours with no food and water. It might have lived had it moved from the spot and found shelter with food and water but it stayed where it was. I am sad it died but so glad it didn't die in the house. Not to be graphic but Lila also would have not been gentle and it could have been a bloody mess in our house if she would have caught it.
      I wish the whole event never happened. :(

  2. Squirrels are so unpredictable too... and... fast! I think I voted for Glee.

    1. We leave our door cracked all day when we're home. We rent our home so we don't have a doggy door. Never has a squirrel even come close to our porch much less run into our home. Still in shock!
      Congrats for the win on the battle.

  3. That is a sad story. I hate to hear that sort of thing. I always remind myself that death and life are all part of this cycle and it keeps moving. It's all very natural in other words. Just sad.

    On the plus side, that squirrel scene is my favorite in the Christmas vacation movie. Love it!!!

    1. Robin, I really wish any of that scenario took place. It was sad for the squirrel. Lila really was a mess. She was so high strung all day and all night over that squirrel. Such a mess!

  4. I'm glad Glee won. I sure do miss that show.
    OMG I can't believe there was a squirrel under the bed! I'm so sorry it died. The squirrel scene is a great one from National Lampoon.

  5. Luckily you decided to look for it BEFORE it died. And shame on you for reaching under the bed!!! That varmint might have been rabid! If the dog's going that nuts, check with a yardstick!

  6. Ah poor baby squirrel! We have tons of squirrels in our backyard. I would NOT be happy if one got into the house though. I can just imagine you guys trying to get it out if it hadn't been nearly dead! I am glad you were not bitten!

  7. One night my sister awoke to a dead squirrel in her bed. She has a doggy door. One of the dogs put it in the bed as a gift.


  8. Puts me in mind of a Ray Stevens song! The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  9. That's a bummer the squirrel died and that my pick didn't win this week.
    How did the squirrel get in? The open door? Any idea what it died of?

  10. Sorry I'm late to the party, dear gal pal, but I've been swamped.

    Glee won! Sweet!

    I have am image of you on the bed, in squirrel terror mode. It made my day, bwahahaha!


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