Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Listing Hop October 26

Good morning y'all!! I was reading a few blogs this morning and saw that many of them were participating in the list hop. Bish Denham over at Random Thoughts sponsored this Listing Hop. Stephen T. McCarthy invited folks to specifically list their 25 Favorite Movies.

My list is a compilation of 25 of my favorite movies.  They are ones that I watch over and over.  They are in no specific order at all and they may not actually be very popular movies but I just love them for various reasons.  

1. Raising Arizona
2. Wizard of Oz
3. Lost Boys
Lost boys.jpg
4. Shawshank Redemption
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Green Mile
7. La Bamba
8. Nightmare before Christmas
9. Birdcage
10. Mask
Mask (1985) Poster
11. Knights Tale
12. Top Gun
13. Forrest Gump
14. LadyHawke
15. Breakfast Club
16. Princess Bride 
17. Shining 
18. One flew over the cuckoos nest 
19. Tombstone
 I'm your huckleberry. -  I'm your huckleberry.  Doc Holliday
20. Rocky Horror Picture Show 
21. Dead Poets Society
22. To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird Movie Poster
23. Lovely Bones 
24. Legends of the Fall
25. Office Space
Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen Edition)

Have a great day yall!!! 


  1. Great list, Holli! Mrs. Shady and I loved the late Robin Williams, especially when he dialed back the zany and played it straight and sincere as he did in Dead Poet's Society. I saw Lost Boys when it was first released and am surprised to find so many people keeping the title in play on their blogs. Mrs. Shady and I watch a lot of movies together. We must have watched Shawshank Redemption 50 times by now. It's one of our faves along with La Bamba, Forrest Gump, Cuckoos Nest, Green Mile and The Shining. Another of my faves from your list is Top Gun.

    Happy Tuesday to you, dear friend Holli!

    1. Glad you liked many of my movies I listed. Almost every one of these I would watch if I was scanning through the channels. Top Gun used to be a movie that I could recite the dialogue almost word for word.

  2. Your list made me laugh. Our taste is so similar in many things. I've seen most of these movies and some of them are on my list (The Breakfast Club, Legends of the Fall, The Lovely Bones - honorable mention, The Princess Bride)! Others could've been on my list, but I forgot about them (The Lost Boys, Top Gun, Dead Poets Society, LadyHawke). Others I really like but they hurt me and I can't watch them often (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile). And then there is the first movie on your list, which makes a totally different list for me: Raising Arizona. That is one of the only movies I couldn't get through and turned off after thirty minutes. ha!

    1. I have to admit, Raising Arizona was a movie I wasn't a fan of either the first time I saw it. I dated a guy though that had it and knew the lines almost to the whole thing. I watched it a lot with them and then before you know it I acquired an appreciation for it. Now it makes me laugh so hard!!

  3. Well at 4 (2,5,7,and 13) yours might have the most movies I've actually watched...

    1. Yay I am glad I had at least 4 that you have seen and agree with. I was shocked at how easy the list came to mind.

  4. All good choices, but I would have to have Star Wars on the list.

    1. Star Wars, Jaws , Signs, and ET would make my honorable mention list.

  5. I love lists. But I would fall way short on this list. I am not into movies at all. Can you believe I have not seen a single one that is on your list??

    1. Oh you've seen Wizard of Oz haven't you? That's at least one.

  6. That is one great list of awesome movies! I've seen everyone.

    1. I also left out Urban Cowboy. It's so cheesy now but I can watch it over and over.

  7. Great list with many classics here. Princess Bride, Lost Boys, Breakfast Club, Knights Tale, Nightmare are always watchable.

    1. Thanks Phil. It was a pretty easy list to do.


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