Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Winner of the Battle of the Bands

Good morning.  This battle was super close and for a while it was a tie. I have never voted on my own battles and thought i was going to have to vote. I received 2 more votes over the weekend and both of those votes helped seal the deal.  The winner of the battle is Celtic Thunder 11 votes to The Killdares 9 votes.  My vote would have gone to The Killdares but it wouldnt have mattered. Which by the way, they are playing this weekend at the Green Elephant if you were in Dallas.  If you were in Dallas though i would invite everyone of you to my Holliween party this weekend. I've been decoration for a month getting ready for it. I'm taking Friday off so that i can wrap up everything. I need to get some bales of hay from Dad and go to Sams. Last year i filled up 2 carts with wine and snacks.
Today is the funeral for my friend "J".  I have my concert t-shirt in the car.  The dress attire for the service is to be no suits at all and everyone in concert t-shirts.  How cool is that?!  I think its great they are staying so true to exactly how "J" would want it!
I am in a CPR class for the next 4hours getting re-certified.  I am on my company's safety committee and our CPR certificate expires next month so we're doing it again.  I dont mind. It will keep my mind busy for hours.
I'm wrapping up today with another one of my favorite songs right now.  Its by Seether who is on my list of faves.  The album was released last year in 2014 but you know how radio will release one song at a time.  Its called Nobody praying for me.  Its explicit because of the word F**K so just giving you heads up.  Skate on by if you're offended by the F-bomb.  It wouldnt be my choice to have it in the chorus but i still really like the song.   The video is intense too. They have a message for sure. They said the video is to have people think for themselves and not the media all the time.

Also real quick, thank you for the positive encouraging and loving comments from yesterday.  You have no idea how much each one of them meant to me yesterday!!!
Have a great day!


  1. Sweet! I want to come to your Halloween party! It sounds epic.

    Sending you virtual cheese to get you through your CPR class!

  2. Hi, dear Holli! Congratulations on a very close race in your BOTB. I voted as you would have, for the Killdares, but I can easily understand the appeal of Celtic Thunder, a band with not one but two singing Brad Pitt look-alikes.

    Keeping your mind busy will help you through this emotionally charged day. My prayers go with you. I never heard Seether before and enjoyed their song "Nobody Praying."

    God bless!

  3. I might have gone with the Killdares but for that long violin intro, but Celtic Thunder has a nice sound and I like how they used the Thin Lizzy guitar riff.

    Not a bad outcome at all.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  4. Thinking of you today and keeping you in my prayers.
    Have a fantastic Halloween party!

  5. I love that your friend's funeral is staying true to who he was. That's the way it should be!

  6. I listened to the song and I looked up the lyrics. Good song! Not sure about what message the video is trying to send!! As you know my youngest son is a deputy sheriff and I fear for his life. He is a good man. But so many cops are being vilified now in the media and I don't know if the "bad" guys can see the difference. They only see the badge. I'll be thinking of you today as you attend your friend's memorial. I like the idea of everyone in concert shirts! Hugs to you my friend!!

  7. What a wonderful idea to have everyone wear concert Ts! I love that. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  8. Sounds like, if such a thing can be, a cool funeral. I had a friend, biker dude, who died far too young. He was buried in a Harley t that said "never forget", with an ultrasound pic of his soon to be born first child on his chest. I miss him everytime I hear Jimmy Buffett.

  9. Celtic Thunder did a fun cover - glad they won, Holli. See you in November :)

  10. I hope you are able to get through the funeral okay. Cool idea with the concert T-shirts. My sympathies to you!

    Celtic Thunder was great and I'm glad they won.

  11. The band I chose lost, but it was nice Celtic Thunder won too. One of the few times I was happy with whoever won.

  12. I could have easily gone either way with this one. The Celtic sound ranks high on my list and then there's the violin....yep, gotta headache chosing that one, lol.


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