Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winner of the BOTB - more of Ziggy and Deftones

Good morning y'all.  I am so grateful for the participation I had in last week's battle of the bands.  The battle was between the Deftones and Ziggy Marley doing cover song of Drive originally by The Cars.  The  winner is the Deftones with score 11 to 5.   I didn't vote , I normally never do on my battles but I really like the Deftones.   So I am happy with the outcome.  Ziggy Marley does some great songs though and I like his touch he adds to songs.

I really like his Love is my religion

One of my favorite Deftones song is old from 2003 but I just really connect to it.
Its called Minerva: This version is the acoustic I found on youtube.

Now to get in Christmas spirit- I don't think I've mentioned Christmas at all on my blog.  I'm not feeling it but i'm trying. I decorated a little bit but nothing like I normally do.  I didn't even put up my Grinch table that I've done for years and it gives me Joy but I just cant. Especially now that Christmas is this week.    Oh well.  One of my favorite Christmas songs is Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby and David Bowie.  I came across the parody of Will Ferrell being David Bowie and John C Reilly as Bing.  They actually sound really good and its so funny at the same time.   Have yall seen this?
If I don't blog again this week which is most likely the case- Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless you and the New Year!!


  1. Great battle. Thanks for sharing more tunes.

  2. Hi, dear Holli!

    It's good to see you again, dear friend. I'm glad your ears matched Shady's in this battle. I very much enjoyed the Funny Or Die parody of that classic performance of "Peace on Earth"/"The Little Drummer Boy" by Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Clearly, Ferrell, Reilly and the director of the piece studied the original clip meticulously in order to match the dialogue, choreography and camera shots. What a brilliant piece!

    Dear Holli, I am very grateful to have your friendship. Thanks for sticking with me in 2015. I hope and pray that 2016 will be a kinder, gentler year for you and that you will continue to allow me to be part of your blogging experience. Merry Christmas, happy new year and God bless!

  3. Hey Holli,

    Unless you're a kid the holidays tend to be tough. Or maybe I should say tougher as we get older. We lose more people. Life gets harder. Or seems to anyway. And suddenly all that joy you had at Christmas is now mixed up with other stuff like sadness and regret. Sometimes just remembering a happier time makes you sadder instead of happier. Can you tell I'm feeling the blues today too????

    As for decorating, I didn't do anything this year. My mom put out some decorations, but anything that is out is because of her. I have a tremendous snowman collection (which I really love), but I didn't feel remotely inspired to try and put it out this year. Sigh.

    I don't have any answers (obviously), but I think this is all part of being human. So, good news... you're just human.

    In other news, I've looked for your email address on this site and haven't found it. If you're so inclined, send me an email message at rarichards68 at gmail dot com. That way I can email you:)

  4. I'm not feeling Christmas either. But then I rarely do. I am just not a big fan of how the holiday is so over the top with all the commercialization. I wish we just went back to simpler times. Thinking of you and wishing you a Merry Christmas Holli!!

  5. And a Merry and blessed Christmas to you!

  6. It was nice to have you BOTBing with us again, HOLLI.

    Hope to see you again on New Year's Day!

    ~ D-FensDogG

  7. Holli, with no Ivy? I know what you mean. Some times we struggle - some times we sail. May you sail, again, soon.
    Love, Dixie

  8. Always enjoy your battles. Looking forward to your next one.
    Yea! I won this time!

  9. Christmas is really lacking this year. So many people are going thru strife, more than usual, it seems. I do hope you get your Xmas mojo by tomorrow eve, though.
    Thanks so much for your sweet words and thoughts on my blog, Holli. I appreciate it.

  10. Glad the Deftones won! RE: getting into the Christmas spirit: sometimes it's just hard to get there. I get irritated that Christmas starts in retail all the way back into September and October. It ruins it for me. Then the time just rushes past and all the sudden Christmas is here and then it's gone and you haven't had time to even enjoy it.
    I typically don't decorate but my parents are visiting for the winter so I wanted to put up a tree for them. I'm so glad I did because we are really enjoying it. I hope the spirit finds you in time for Christmas. Only two days! Merry Christmas to you. Hope the day ends up being magical for you...

    Michele at Angels Bark

  11. These are always fun and interesting battles. We all have such diverse music tastes.

  12. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.....all the best to you in 2016!

  13. Deftones, congrats!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, my friend. Thanks for your hard work, great posts, and bloggy friendship. Wishing you all the best in 2016 from "the Flipside."


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