Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"J" - Joy

I thought I would mention things that have brought me Joy lately.
*When we were in house first night ( Friday) and couldn’t find the soap or trash bags, our nearby friend Debbie brought us some . It’s the little things that mean SO much!
*The following night (Saturday) my cousin Jadona called and asked if it was OK to bring us over dinner from Scalini’s ( Our favorite Italian restaurant in Dallas).  I nearly cried tears of Joy right then.  Todd had packed our kitchen 2 weeks ago and that meant a lot of fast food. I don’t ever want to see fast food for a little while at least.
*My hubs left Sunday morning to get some milk and waters and brought me back a Starbucks. Oh that made me so happy!!
*My blogging friends like YOU brought me so much Joy! Reading comments every night after moving made me smile. Thank you.

I got to keep it short , I am back at work and have over 1000 emails to wade through from missing 3 days.  Have a Joyous Day! 

Here's a little Stevie Ray Vaughn - amazing artist that was from Dallas
Pride and Joy


  1. I think it's the thoughtfulness that reduces us to puddles of joy. I suppose it could be the coffee. Coffee and thoughtfulness...

    1. Coffee and thoughtfulness- could almost be a bumper sticker. LOL. Lets claim it! I am so so very lucky with good friends and husband.

  2. Hi, dear Holli!

    I am very happy to see that you are identifying and discussing some of the things that have brought you Joy during this long, stressful period of your life. Clearly you have some grade A friends for which to be thankful. I hope you and your husband and doggies enjoy your new surroundings more every single day.

    God bless!

  3. Yes, my comments after this upcoming weekend will likely reach 1000. I'll be out of town, so it'll be interesting to see how I get my A-Z postings and still get to visit everyone. I may go A-Z lite.
    I still don't know how you do it. I know, with a little help from your friends. Isn't that a song? Enjoyed Stevie Ray Vaughn, thanks for sharing that.
    If there is ever anything your blogging buddies can do, just name it. :)

  4. It is the little things that mean so much. You are blessed with amazing friends, a great husband and a strong support system. Sure hope you find life's joy every single day sweet friend!

  5. I am visiting from the A to Z challenge! Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday for my India Ink stories. I am glad that you found joy and that you found all of those words with the letter J. I am glad that you got delicious Italian food that brought joy to you. I love Italian food, too. I also love jam in a jar. My blog post for today is kind of silly and it's all about jars.
    Have a great day!!!

  6. Glad to hear you sounding this way....

  7. There's joy in so many little things. Moving is hard, so it's great you have some bright spots.

  8. You are surrounded by some awesome people in your life. What a blessing that is!

  9. Sometimes we have to look really hard for the joy. But it is always there!!


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