Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"L" - Lupus

My sweet little momma just recently left from her 4 week visit here in Dallas.  I sure loved every minute of having her close. Mom lives very far away in Montana and usually we only get to see each other once a year.
Mom has Lupus. She was diagnosed with it about 12 years. Truthfully we believe she was misdiagnosed for many years leading up to that. She was told she had Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr, and other wrong illnesses at one point or another. 
I have slowly watched Lupus change my mom in drastic ways. It's killing her. Literally. She's been in hospital on life support twice in the last few years. It's affecting her kidneys and other organs. The treatments are forms if chemotherapy.  
When she was here, there were days that just getting out of bed and walking to the couch was all she could accomplish.  The days she was able to shower , get dressed and go to lunch or out to dinner, completely wore her out.  She had a few lupus flare ups on her head and her face during her stay.  My heart breaks every day.  There is no cure. The treatments tend to differ as well from doctors and states you're in. In little bitty Timbuktu Montana- her doctors are learning about lupus more and more to help her.  

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Do you know anyone with Lupus? Were you aware of how serious it is?  There's got to be more awareness.  May is lupus awareness month and May 10, is world lupus day. I wear purple which is the color chosen for Lupus ribbons and shirts.

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  1. Hi, Holli!

    Thank you for using L day to raise awareness about Lupus and chronic illnesses in general. Friends and family of people who suffer from chronic debilitating disease have no idea what it's like and how much strength and courage are required to do the simplest tasks that everyone else takes for granted. I am very sorry to learn how hard life is for your dear mother and sorry that her visit with you has come to an end. I hope you get a chance to see her again soon.

    Bless you, dear friend Holli!

  2. Wow, I was really not familiar with Lupus before your posting. Sure, I've heard of it, but had no idea it was incurable or that it caused to much pain. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  3. This is a great post!! I had a good friend with Lupus! I pray for your mother and hope you get to see her soon!!

  4. My childhood best friend was diagnosed this past fall. It took a couple of years to determine because she has a FIVE other autoimmune disorders on top of the lupus!

  5. I met someone here on blogger several years ago. We both suffered from chronic illness. I have/had migraines. She had lots of issues. Turns out she was fairly recently diagnosed with lupus. As you say, this is a tough one for doctors to get right. Seems like many people who have it are misdiagnosed with one thing or a lot of other things first. Autoimmune diseases are tricky (speaking as someone has more than one). I think we can actually evolve into lupus as more and more systems turn on the body. Scary stuff. I hope your mom finds ways to control the things she can control. I know I work on that continually with my migraines. Those four things that cause lupus also are the triggers for all other autoimmune diseases. I accept I can't control the weather. Stress is tricky. After the car accident all of my auto immune problems went CRAZY. It all makes getting enough sleep and eating well and exercising to the best of your ability all the more important.

    Most of all, I'm glad she has you and other people who love her. That's sooooo important.

  6. Yet another one of those diseases I hope Satan gets to spend a chunk of his eternity suffering from...

  7. This touched me deeply because my mother has suffered from lupus for 12 years now...and I worry about her every day.

  8. I know how you felt about having your mom with you for 4 weeks. That's wonderful! My mom and dad came down here from NC to spend the winter with me and my mom ended up having heart surgery so they'll be here for a few more months and I'm loving every second of it. I'm so happy to be spending all this quality time with them.

    I'm so sorry that your mom has Lupus. I don't know anyone with Lupus and I had no idea it was soooo bad! You gave me quite an education here today. I wish your mom well in her battle with this horrible disease. Thanks for opening my eyes to the illness.

    Great post Holli.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  9. Oh, your poor mama! She is lucky to have you; you seem to understand the nature of the disease so well and really, the lack of understanding is what separates people from friends over time. Chronic illness changes much more than your body, unfortunately.

    Prayers for your mom - she sounds like a trooper. Hugs and love!

    Cherdo on the Flipside
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