Friday, April 22, 2016

Sometimes it Snows in April

Sometimes it Snows in April:
Tracy died soon after a long fought civil war,
Just after I'd wiped away his last tear
I guess he's better off than he was before,
A whole lot better off than the fools he left here
I used to cry for Tracy because he was my only friend
Those kind of cars don't pass you every day
I used to cry for Tracy because I wanted to see him again,
But sometimes sometimes life ain't always the way
Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish life was never ending,
And all good things, they say, never last
Springtime was always my favorite time of year,
A time for lovers holding hands in the rain
Now springtime only reminds me of Tracy's tears
Always cry for love, never cry for pain
He used to say so strong unafraid to die
Unafraid of the death that left me hypnotized
No, staring at his picture I realized
No one could cry the way my Tracy cried
Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad
Sometimes, sometimes I wish that life was never ending,
And all good things, they say, never last
I often dream of heaven and I know that Tracy's there
I know that he has found another friend
Maybe he's found the answer to all the April snow
Maybe one day I'll see my Tracy again
Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish that life was never ending,
But all good things, they say, never last
All good things that say, never last
And love, it isn't love until it's past

Sometimes it snows in April: Prince: 1986 ( movie: Under the Cherry Moon)

I am in shock and so saddened of the death of Prince. Growing up in the 80's , he was my jam!! I played my Purple Rain cassette tape back to back . I loved all his songs. Little Red Corvette and Raspberry Beret, so fun to dance to!  I had a long white jacket that i called my Prince coat that i wore when i went out "clubbing".  His songs were part of my soundtrack in life from 80's to 90's. Yesterday, I got a text from my best friend Kimi and i had chills. I couldnt believe it.

Many cities around the world changed their lights on buildings to purple, DallasOmni hotel included:

Tribute to Prince off Youtube with his performance at Superbowl

Prince was an amazing song writer. Many people didnt realize that the song Nothing compares 2 U that Sinead O'Connor made famous was by him.  As well as Feel for you  that Chaka Khan released. There are many other songs that others released that were written by Prince.   I am bummed to say that i never did get to see him live.  So many of my friends did though and they all said his concerts were incredible.
So were you as shocked as i was? Were you/Are you a fan of his music? Did you know that he was very active Jehovah's Witness? He did not do drugs , didnt drink alcohol and he preferred people not to swear.   He definitely was eccentric though and he will go down in history as the only famous man that changed his name to a symbol.
Have a great Friday ya'll!! I am getting a new laptop today so i will be challenging starting over and adding all my programs. Joy!  Talk to ya tomorrow when i do my Saturday post. I am not a fan of those and have been sliding in my post around 10 pm.  haha!!


  1. Hi, dear Holli!

    I was as shocked as you were to read the headline that Prince had died. We have lost many rock legends this year. I remember the excitement generated by Prince's single "1999." I got "anchored" to his "Little Red Corvette" hit in the spring of 1983 as I was driving across the state to attend a seminar in Philly. "Corvette" played on the radio in heavy rotation during that trip out and back. When I worked at that MTV station in the 80s, Prince videos were in demand and played often by our veejays. As you recall, Prince's protege Vanity died just a few weeks ago!

    Thank you for remembering one of the greatest voices and songwriters of our time, dear friend Holli!

  2. I am truly in shock and so sad. I can't even type the words, "dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life" without f'n losing it!

  3. I was never a huge fan of Prince, but have enjoyed some of his music.
    Yes, I heard he was a baptised Jehovah's Witness. I'm not sure how active, or to what extent, he was though. We had a big convention in Milwaukee a few years back and a few people mentioned Prince was there too, but I never saw him. Obviously, he would have kept a low profile.
    News of his death was certainly very shocking.

  4. I really liked Price and am saddened by his death. I didn't know he was a Jehovah's witness. Can you imagine him knocking on your door??? Anyway, the ONLY GOOD THING I can see coming from this is that maybe, just maybe, Prince vids will start being on YouTube. I realize that is small consolation. Just looking for a silver lining.

  5. Nice song! Prince is a great artist who will be missed.

  6. I always liked Prince too, it's been a long time since I've heard anything though. Such a sad loss!

  7. I was never a fan of Prince but it is sad to see anyone die so young.

  8. Being an 80's girl, I love Prince. I think Raspberry Beret is probably my fave, but goodness, there are lots of great songs from him! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Prince was the 80s; I loved the song The Beautiful Ones so much! He really was (sounds cliche, but true) one of a kind. So versitile and talented; is there anything the man couldn't do?

    Love and hugs, my friend!

  10. I was so sad when I heard about his death. Such an amazingly talented man. He will be missed. I downloaded a few of his songs to my phone.


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