Monday, April 25, 2016

V- Videos

So as a kid from the 80's, I remember watching MTV from the very first day.  I was glued to the TV and it was a life changer. I knew all the VJ's and what times  they would be on.  Music videos were a huge boost to the drill teams around the world because they would replicate the many dances seen from them.  To this day, I can literally dance the whole scene from the zombie dancing part of Thriller.  I cant hear Pat Benatar's song Love is a Battlefield without seeing her doing the shimmy shake in her dance part of the video.
Then came VH1 and now we had two music channels then the country channels joined in.  Times were changing and they were awesome! Sadly, MTV started showing TV shows like Teen Moms and before you know it, you cant see a single video anymore.  VH1 plays the top 20 countdown on Saturday's but its too late in the morning for me and i'm usually too busy to stop and watch.  I do catch some country videos when I go visit Nanny though. She likes to keep up with the country stars.
There are so many songs that I ended up liking more after seeing the video because I understand the story it was telling more.  I can still hear see the videos in my head when certain songs get played on the radio.
I loved the videos and really wish MTV would go back to showing more.  On VH1 , I've caught the old PopUP videos where they have bubbles of information pop up during a video. Its interesting to see some of the behind the scenes things they share on those. I don't know when they come in or if they still play regularly but I enjoy them.  I miss videos!!
Here are a few of my faves:

Love is a Battlefield-Pat Benatar
Thriller- Michael Jackson
These Dreams- Heart
Slow n easy- Whitesnake
Spin me round- Dead or Alive
Spirits in the material world= The Police
There's just too many but thank goodness for youtube now!!
Did you watch music video channels? Did you have a favorite?  Happy Tuesday ya'll!!  Can you believe we are in the home stretch of this crazy A to Z blogging challenge?!


  1. Hi, dear Holli!

    You posted some iconic videos here! MTV, VH1 and NBC's Friday Night Videos were must see TV for me. The videos that played on those series inspired and influenced me. My love of conceptual vignettes as a means of promoting artists and their recordings led me into that dream job producing music videos of my own (+ commercials, promos and corporate presentations) at a MTV style station. I used Heart's "These Dreams" in one of my commercials. Good times and lots of memories!

    Thank you, dear friend Holli!

    1. Shadester- what a super cool job!! I would have loved to be involved with music and videos.

  2. I think YouTube has actually saved videos. There wasn't a whole lot of point making one after MTV stopped showing them, but now there is again... thanks to YouTube.

    Like you, I don't understand what made MTV shift from showing videos all day to not showing them at all. What is that even about? Someone came up with this amazing idea to show music videos all day (even calling it Music TV) and then said, "Well, let's not do that anymore... because it's too successful." I don't get it.

    I think one of the best videos ever was A-Ha's Take On Me. I loved that one. I also think that without MTV, Michael Jackson's Thriller album would never have been the success it turned out to be. Nobody worked MTV better than MJ. Except maybe Madonna. She also owes a huge part of her success to MTV.

    1. Yes!! I love the AHa video. For whatever reason, I couldn't grab prince , Madonna , and a few other videos that I wanted to post from YouTube. I loved all Madonnas videos: material girl, like a prayer, like a virgin, vogue....
      I miss having time to watch the videos. Haha!!

  3. These are some great videos, and I loved MTV back in the day. One of my best friends was glued to the channel. She could tell you about every video they played at the end of each day. She loved music and loved MTV more. I agree with you, it was sad when MTV became less videos, and more drab and annoying reality shows. Is it even about music any more?

    1. I was much like your friend!! I loved them all.
      No they have so much crap on MTV and most of it is not music related. Bummer!

  4. I can remember when MTV first came on TV. Our sons were addicted and we parents thought it was evil. Oh, the times!! I agree with you that watching the video can help you more understand the song!!

    1. My parents loved watching them with me. It was so new to them too that they enjoyed seeing the bands on video. I was very lucky!


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