Thursday, April 28, 2016

X- As in 10

Last year during this challenge, I came up with the idea to use the letter X as the Roman numeral X which means 10.  I will continue my tradition and list 10 random things about me.

  1. Orange is my all time most favorite color!
  2. I drive a red Tacoma pickup truck and I love my truck.  Its paid off and its still going strong ( knock on wood).
  3. I have  3 tattoos and I’m about to get my 4th one. Its going on the back of my neck below my hairline. 
  4. I have a side hobby/business in Junk.  My name of business is Junque Dancer and I have a show this weekend.  I have tax permit and all – totally legit!
  5. I am 5’1 ¾  so I round up of course to 5’2.  I was only 4’11 my senior year in high school and then I had growth spurt my first 2 years in college. Haha.
  6. I got to attend a private party with the Rolling Stones in Dallas. It was a few days before their concert.  That’s when Mick was married to Jerry Hall which was from here. I literally sat arms length across the table from Keith Richards. Mick hung out with Jerry in the corner of the bar .  I stole a promotional poster off the wall and I was so bummed when it got ripped years ago during a move.  I had to submit my drivers license number 2 weeks before the party and my name went on the guest list like you see in the movies.   I also went to the concert but that was on my own. It was Awesome!
  7. I also got to dance on the stage with Jimmy Buffett. He was in town for concert as well and he did a lot of promotions with Hooters.  Um , have I mentioned I was a Hooters girl?  Four of us got to push out this ginormous fake boombox on the stage and we had to pretend we were changing the dial while static played over head.  Then we “landed “ on the right station and one his songs started.  Then we just danced to the song and left the  stage.  Concert tickets were not included so we  didn’t stay. Quite honestly, he was not very friendly.  I think he thought we were dumb bimbos and didn’t give us the time of day when we were backstage.  I’ll never forget that and i wasn’t so crazy about his music anymore after that.  I understand we were Hooters waitresses BUT most all of us were smart college girls trying to make a living.  I was pissed!
  8. I am very adventurous. When I traveled full time with my job, I didn’t sit in hotel. I explored.  One time I was working in upstate New York ( Farmington , I think). I saw a sign that Niagara Falls was just a hair over 2 hours away.  So after work one night, I drove there by myself . I had dinner there and took some pictures and then came back home. It was dark and rainy but I was so happy I went.  I had no idea that years later I would be back when I was working in Canada.    On a trip to Calgary, CAN, I drove to Banff for dinner one night . It was just over an hour and it was so incredibly beautiful.  I have seen some beautiful places alone which is great but sometimes as lone woman, maybe not so smart thinking back. Oh well!
  9. I hate beer! I think it goes back to college and all the stupid keg parties with cheap gross beer.  I have tried different ones over the years and NOPE, still don’t like it.  I’ve gone to many brewery tours like the Coors plant in Colorado, Samuel Adams in Boston, etc but I pass on the free beer.
  10. I prefer salty over sweet. If I had a choice between McDonald’s fries or cake, I’ll go with the french fries.  Although, I like to dip my french fries at Wendy’s in my frosty and it’s a WIN WIN!!


  1. Hi, dear Holli!

    What a clever idea using X day to list 10 interesting facts/stories about yourself! It's fascinating that orange is your favorite color. I never knew anybody who favors orange over every other color, but I do know that orange is the new black. :) I am amazed to learn that you partied with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards! That's a major "brush with greatness." I have been with you long enough to remember you telling us that you were a Hooters girl. I wish I would have seen that Jimmy Buffet performance. It's a shame he apparently regarded Hooters girls as bimbos because, as you pointed out, many if not most Hooters servers are serious minded girls trying to pay their way through college. Interesting that you prefer salty to sweet. Question: when you go to McDonalds, do you ever order the Egg MickJagger? :)

    Happy Thursday, dear friend Holli!

  2. Wow sorry to hear about number 7, I like Buffett's work but sometimes when you meet stars how they act can certainly can change your opinion. I do think his restaurant is overpriced. Now 6, I am jealous but I am happy you had that experience.

  3. So I am not the only person to dip my fries in the frosty? It's an amazing combination. I was just at Niagara Fall last weekend. Just to reassure you, it's still there. LOL
    Sorry to hear your experience with Jimmy Buffet went bad. I have a sour spot for him myself, but the reason has more to do with my ex-wife. I don't prefer to listen to any of his music, though I give Margarittaville a free pass because it was a song a friend of mine and I used to listen to every Tuesday. Back when there were Chi-Chi's around, every Tuesday was 2-1 Margaritta's, so of course we usually went with a small group. The song was always playing (kind of) and to this day still gives me good memories.
    A local radio station had a contest one year and I was one of only 100 people to win tickets to a free personal (sort of) concert with the Barenaked Ladies. The concert was held in the radio stations party rooms. It was fun and I still have the "backstage" pass to this day.

  4. I love this idea too Holli! Maybe I will steal it for next year. Wouldn't it be a hoot if we could get all the A to Z-er's to do this and we would learn more about each other. Maybe we can get a trend going!! The color orange, while not my favorite, is one I am partial to. Which goes so well with my favorite...purple! You have led an interesting life my young friend!! I love beer!!

  5. This is one of my favorite Holli-grams, ever! I love a celeb sighting more than the average person and like you, I don't forget when they fall off their pedastal. No need for that, right? Now I've got it in for Jimmy Buffet, too.

    Your "junk business" sound shabby chic fabulous. I'd love to be able to drop by (oh, the drive!).

    Have a great weekend, Holli! Love and hugs.

  6. I combine salty and sweet at the end of a meal. For example, my proudest creation, the cheese-ho! Get a can of cheez-wiz and shove the nozzle into one end of a Ho-ho. Fire away and eat.

  7. X as a Roman numeral — brilliant, Holli! I think next year I'll join you... As a matter of fact, maybe you can do it as a hop-within-a-hop thing: plenty of A-to-Z-ers would LOVE that solution to the X problem :D Plus, this was wonderful to read. I'm with you on the traveling/sightseeing alone... Why not? It's such a waste to just stay at the hotel. Though I have to admit that, in my own business-trip days (in a different life), I did stay in. I was too exhausted, haha... Any time an early meeting was cancelled, I silently thanked whatever cosmic benevolence was responsible for an extra hour of sleep :D
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

  8. This a fantastic list. I learned 9 new things about you. I really knew about the business, but the rest... so cool. I'm not sure I'm as fond of the Buffet man after your story. Sometimes I think people believe their own hype... not a good thing.

  9. Hanging out with the Rolling Stones makes you way cool. I have read some articles about Jimmy Buffet and all said he is not all that nice to fans. I don't like his music anyway.


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