Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mosh posh of stuff

Yall!!! I really did not mean to let so much time go by after my last post.   The A to Z challenge though did kick my butt and I moved the second week of the challenge. I am STILL unpacking but I have most done. I think I’m finally heading downhill with some progress.  Todd had the idea of hosting a small Memorial party at our house and so that has me motivated every night.   
One of my best friends (Kimi) is married to a construction contractor (Craig) and 2 weeks ago, they came over and he built me a kitchen bench with storage. It was a huge game changer for me because I desperately needed the storage space. Our house is so much smaller and we lost tons of cabinet space and storage .  Todd painted it last weekend and I have a friend sewing a bench cushion for us. I will just use throw pillows for the back.  I knew I wanted one when i saw that our dining area had the space for it.  We paid for all the materials and he built it for free as a house warming gift.  So awesome!!
This is the unpainted version. It's now white to match the walls. 

My birthday was Tuesday of this week and so I’ve had some dinner plans after work and didn’t feel like blogging once I got home.  I’ve been having a terrible terrible time with allergies this year and they got the best of me yesterday.  I think I  have a full on cold again which is just great!!! I feel like Poo again and my nose is raw from blowing and rubbing all day long.

So do you guys use Facebook? I will admit that I’m a huge social media fan of Facebook, Instragram and Pinterest. I use Twitter too but mostly in spurts.   Anyway, I love it when its my birthday on Facebook!! I had over 200 friends post Happy Birthday to my page.  It absolutely made my day and reminded me of how lucky I am to have good friends and family.   One of my favorite gifts I received was from my Sisternlaw Paula. She is so talented and is a high school art teacher.  Paula painted portraits of Jax and Lila in costumes.  They are so dang awesome!! I cant wait to hang them on the wall soon.  Whats funny, is that I held the painting of Lila close to the ground to show her and she came right to it like almost in a little jump.  Todd and I both laughed because she recognized something. 
A friend made this meme and posted to my page on my birthday. Jax and Lila in our chair. Lol

May is Lupus Awareness month and I know if you ARE friends with me on FB you’ve seen that I’ve had my profile, cover and posts about Lupus. Well tomorrow is May 20th and is Put on Purple Day. Purple is the chosen color for Lupus and its just a way to have people ask questions and be more aware.  I actually work from home tomorrow but I will still have my purple on and would love it if you wanted to join in. 
There is not a cure for Lupus yet. It only gets worse. My mom has Lupus and its changed her life dramatically.  Its all she can do to just get out of bed and move to the living room chair.  Taking a shower is an accomplishment some days.  I do this for her and for my sweet friend Marla who is much younger than me and has Lupus. She’s an amazing young woman with quite a story!!
If you want, you can tag me on FB, IG, or send me email of you wearing purple......

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, dear Holli!

    Happy birthday to you, dear friend! I am not registered on Facebook or any of the other social media you listed, and therefore I am just now finding out that your special day was earlier this week. Lucky you. You are finally old enough to vote in this year's election! :) I'm sorry you are plagued with a cold. I hope it passes soon.

    Your friends came through for you and Todd big time with remarkable house warming gifts! That bench with storage is a great idea and handsomely built. You can never have too much storage space in a house and often don't have enough. That finely crafted piece of furniture will surely help. The painting of your dogs in costume is a treasure! It looks so much like them and it will look wonderful on your wall. I remember you telling us about your mother's battle with Lupus. I send my wishes for Purple Power to her, your friend Marla and all the other people who suffer from the condition.

    Once again, happy birthday to you, dear friend Holli!

  2. I don't think I have any purple, outside of the odd pair of briefs... I'll be there prayerfully, how's that?

    The portraits are so awesome! I finally got a blowup of that picture of Scrappy looking into the log and framed it the other day. Not as classy, but just as sweet.

  3. I adore your bench! The doggie portraits are awesome! I'm having more trouble with allergies this year as well. Glad you are managing to get settled and get back to blogging. My mom, her mom and my Aunt Catherine all had lupus. I had the test about 12 years ago, and was clear. It's so insidious because it effects everyone differently. A co-worker just found out a few months ago that she has it. It was skin problems for her. I normally wear red on Fridays for the safe return of the troops, but I may look up some purple tomorrow! ;)
    Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  4. I love moving---not. We moved into our house 18 years ago and I still have some boxes in my garage I haven't unpacked. According to decluttering advice I probably should toss those boxes, but I'm thinking there could possibly be something out there that I might need--someday.

    I rarely look a Facebook unless someone tags me. There's a lot of crap to wade through when I go there and I can end up spending a lot of valuable time there. With the time I spend on Facebook I could start decluttering my garage, but I wouldn't get all that much done considering how little time I'm on Facebook. But still.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Holli! I am on Facebook but am not a huge fan! It might be that I am just too old. I am only there to monitor the grandkids! It can get mighty cruel in high school land...the whole social media thing. I love your bench! Very lucky to have a friend like that!!

  6. Happy birthday girl! You've got wonderful friends, because that bench is awesome sauce. I hope you put another picture up painted and pillowed.

    Sorry to hear you're dealing with the creepy crud (again). Feel better soon. Take Vitamin C and drink lots of fluids.

    Oh, and those pictures of those doggies are adorable:)

  7. I love your storage kitchen bench! Glad you had a nice birthday and love the painting of your dogs. I had seen them when you shared them on Facebook.

  8. That bench is great and so are the paintings. Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy birthday, sweet friend! Sorry I missed it - things are hopping around here.


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