Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TMI- 26 things about me from A to Z

Hey y’all, a few weeks ago there was a blog hop going around that a few of my blogging friends did ( Shady, Chris and Debbie) and I missed it so I wasn’t able to link up , etc with others.  I liked the idea so I wanted to post too.  Better late than never.
26 things about me from A to Z:

AGE-  48
DRINK YOU LAST HAD- Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato  ( alcohol was Sunday night glass of Sangria)
EVERY DAY STARTS WITH :- my alarm going off at 5:37 and I hit snooze for 7 minutes
FAVORITE SONG- Too many to mention but  here are first 3 on my list: Seven Spanish angels( Ray Charles and Willie Nelson), No more no less ( MercyMe), Me and Bobby McGee ( Janis Joplin)

GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL?-Yes. I used to love scary movies with ghosts until I encountered one personally and now I hate them
HOMETOWN- Born in Dallas, Lives now in Lewisville ( north of Dallas)
IN LOVE WITH-  my hubs, my dogs, music, Starbucks, Charlie Hunham ( SOA), Matthew McConaughey, my truck, my cowboy boots

JEALOUS OF- people who eat and not gain weight, those who get to work from home full time, everyone in California
KILLED SOMEONE- multiple people in my head during stressful moments

LAST TIME YOU CRIED- HA!! Easier to ask which day I HAVENT cried!!

MIDDLE NAME- Ann  although I have a few family members that have always called me HolliAnn as in one name
NUMBER OF SIBLINGS-  3 – one brother and one step brother and one stepsister
ONE WISH- To be financially stable.  Not rich just not paycheck to paycheck
PERSON YOU LAST CALLED- My supervisor at work today
QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED-  Lately its : How are you? Because of my grief over Daddy and being in hospital recently
REASON TO SMILE- I’m awake, I am employed, have loving husband, roof over my head, a vehicle, clothes to wear, I have a pool for the wicked summers
SOUNDS THAT ANNOY YOU-gum popping, loud chewing, clanging of spoon in bowl

TIME YOU WOKE UP-3am when Lila needed to go outside and investigate
VACATION DESTINATION: FAVORITE SO FAR/WISH LIST Favorite so far was cruise to México, grand Caymans and Jamaica  . Wish list is Greece, and France and Exuma to swim with the swimming pigs

WORST HABIT-my junk food eating habits
XRAYS I’VE HAD- a few weeks ago I had xrays when they saw my kidney stones, fibroid cyst and multiple hernias
YOUR FAVORITE FOOD- Mexican ( Tex Mex)food



  1. Loved learning more about. Pssst...I have on turquoise undies too!!

    1. I thought it was silly question but I've always been honest!

  2. Hi, dear Holli!

    I'm thrilled that you decided to take part in this hop! I learned a lot about you, plus I learned a few new things in general. For example, I never heard "Seven Spanish Angels" before. I went to YouTube and watched the clip of Ray and Willie performing it. It's magnificent! I never heard of Pig Island or the swimming feral pigs of Exuma. That's a sight that I would love to see someday. Since it is in the Bahamas and probably costs a lot to stay in the area, I'll probably be able to check that off my bucket list "when pigs fly." :) You encountered a ghost? Have you ever posted about it? HolliAnn is a pretty name!

    It was great fun reading your answers to the TMI, dear friend Holli, and thanks for mentioning me and linking to SDMM!

    1. Hey Shadester, I have NOT mentioned the ghosts encounters here but I will some day. Todd doesn't want me to talking about it. It was that scary and crazy!!
      I follow the Swimming pigs on instagram and I want to go so bad!!
      So glad you liked Seven Spanish angels. I posted the song when I announced Daddy's passing because he used to play it a lot on his guitar. Its hard to listen to now but it will always be one of my favorites.
      Hope you have a great week sweet friend

  3. Okay, I wasn't going to mention this first, but it seems there is a need for as turquoise undie inspector...

    Anyway, I shouldn't worry about being late, as it runs for a month and I think me, Debbie, and Larry were the only ones for a week and a half...

    J- I wouldn't be jealous of everyone in California. Oakland's a hot mess, there's that earthquake thing, and the wildfires- hell, I wouldn't be jealous of ANYBODY in California!

    R- of course with the heat you guys get, I'd be afraid of the pool having evaporated by the time I got home from work...

    X- ah, so THAT's the other stuff they found. Not good...

    Z- of course, we KNEW we were both Tauri- we established that last year!

    1. You are right, I certainly don't envy the horrible fires and droughts that many locations of California encounter. I just love the beach and the vibe and so many places of northern and southern Cal.

  4. Loved your answers! And if I hadn't of known already, they only confirm you are my kind of girl!
    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Awww - thanks Barbara!! You're my kind of girl too. :)

  5. Hubba hubba. Is that Charlie Hunham? Nice and hot! Glad you have a pool for sights like that.
    Stay cheery, Holli. Happy Holiday weekend!

    1. Yes maam that is Charlie. He is my "hall pass" with Todd. LOL!

  6. Very interesting getting to know more about you!
    Happy 4th of July....

    1. Thanks Debby. I had a great holiday weekend. Spent lots of time in my pool and got a little sunburned but it was fun.

  7. Fun read!! Hope all is well in your next of the woods, my friend! Happy 4th of July!

    1. So far my neck in woods is doing OK!!! Hope your holiday was a great one.

  8. Just found your blog. Good read. I miss SOA.

    P.S. Don't be jealous of people from California. There's downsides here too.

    1. Hey there!! I miss SOA so much! We have all the seasons on DVD and we're about to start from the beginning again.
      I know there are downsides but I miss living in Cali. I feel like I left a chunk of my heart there.


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