Monday, August 22, 2016

Is it really August?

Y'all, I tell you I am in shock and disbelief in our amazing weather we're having in Dallas.  It was just a few weeks ago that I was crying and complaining about how incredibly hot it was. In my defense, it really was! It was triple digits every day for weeks.  Then last week a storm blew through and magically it cooled things done. We haven't been in triple digits since.  We're getting a lot of rain which I don't mind.  Today we're supposed to get more rain in fact.  The high today is 86 glorious degrees.   The hottest day this week will be 92.  It's funny how that doesn't even seem hot after having 100 degree days.  
Oh and I think I'm officially old now that I'm posting about the weather. Haha! 
So how was your weekend? I had a nice relaxing one. Still having vertigo spells every day but I can still function and drive.   On Friday, I took a half day vacation and spent some time with my cousin Jadona.  We both wanted to try out a restaurant that neither of us had been to in Dallas.  We found a Mexican restaurant that had only been open a week. It was so awesome!!  She had a bowl of chicken Posole verde and dang was it good!! She let me sample hers. Their cerviche was perfect.  Lots of shrimp and fish and cilantro.  I had a glass of sangria and she had a mojito. Can't tell you the last time I got to have a drink on a workday. Lol! I truly felt on vacation.  It's fun to try out new places and especially if it turns out to be great.  
Afterwards , we went to a few estate sales and thrift stores. We found some great bargains and some fun stuff. 
I bought some custom hand made pillows for my kitchen bench, a few floral vintage prints, a gray pearl necklace and a nice old lamp.  Jadona loves roosters and her kitchen now has a few new additions. 
Saturday morning, Todd and I got up early and went out for breakfast. It was raining and not very crowded and just a nice way to start the day. We did stuff around the house and Todd laid down sod in our front yard where we had some large muddy areas.  Later in evening, we had dinner with some friends of ours from church and we went to one of our fave places that was close to our old neighborhood .  We had guava margaritas y'all. Oh so delish! 
Yesterday after church , I went to the movies with 2 friends and it was a studio grill where you can eat and drink at. We saw Bad Moms and it was really funny!  Very silly but sometimes I like movies where I don't have to think.  Language was a little heavy and in some parts unnecessary but it didn't bother me.  
I also had some kohls cash that was going to expire yesterday so I ran up there because I had some to cash in. I bought myself a genuine Pearl ring and earrings.  They were 65%off ! 
( selfie of my ear) lol! 
Just warning you if you haven't seen it. 
This week is going to be crazy busy at work. My immediate boss is flying in and a few other coworkers from out of town. 

Have a great week!  


  1. I find that when the language in a movie is too "salty" (read that as too many f-bombs) then I totally cannot focus on the movie. I must be just too old. I am not opposed to the word, just the overuse of the word. Our weather has gotten better too!! Nice! Have a happy week Holli!!

    1. The language really is kinda salty but it was still a cute movie.
      There is one part of movie where character is giving speech and I thought it was not necessary to use the language but I see why she did.
      Oh well!!
      I so love the rain !!!

  2. Hi, Holli!

    I'm happy that your dreadful triple digit hot spell has been broken. With any luck you've seen the last of temps that high this season. If the mercury plunged down to 86 degrees you probably feel like getting your winter woolens out of the mothballs! :)

    Mrs. Shady and I have tried some wonderful Mexican restaurants in our region. Recently I ordered one of those whole fried fish that they bring to the table mounted on a stand. (He stared at me while I ate him.) Mrs. Shady is hooked on Kohl's Kash. On one shopping trip we used our old Kohl's coupons and were issued more of them by the cashier. We went out to the car, threw our bags in the trunk, went back in the store and used the new coupons to buy more stuff at a discount. Looks like you found some bargain treasures at your store.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend holli!

    1. Way way back then, I used to live in ft Myers and their Mexican restaurants were awful. I was so sad because growing up in Texas, I knew good Mexican food. How was the fish? I guess not any different than ordering lobster. Eyes and all....

    2. It was delicious but I doubt that I'll order a whole fish again any time soon. :)

  3. Per my son, you might want to avoid Sausage Party....

    1. Oh my gosh- I saw a clip of that movie on YouTube and holy cow it's very r rated!! Still, it does look funny.


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