Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unusual Questions

Good morning yall!! I came across a long list of questions on Tumblr the other day and i thought that it would make for some fun blog posts if i split them up.  I love question and answer posts and they're easy to do.  You're more than welcome to copy and paste the questions and post on your own blog so we can read your answers.

    1*   Spotify,Soundcloud,Pandora, iheartradio?   I listen to iheartradio in the mornings when I get ready and during slow times at work with my earphones. Todd uses Spotify along with his band mates from church.
2*       Is your room messy or clean?  Clean for the most part. Mostly what makes it look messy is our clean laundry that needs put away.
3*       What color are your eyes? Mine are a light brown. Some have said they’re more like Hazel.  I have noticed there are times they look pretty dark too.  Makeup of course enhances the color. I really really wanted blue eyes and was jealous for years. I finally embraced my brown.
4*       Do you like your name? Why?  I do like my name.  I don’t come across too many people at one time with same name. Of course my mom spelled it nontraditional and it ends with just an “I”.  People always want to use a"Y" or" ie. "  Supposedly I was named loosely from Buddy Holly.  My grandma was best friends with Buddy Holly’s cousin Dennis. 
5*     What is your relationship status? I am married and this month is my 3rd wedding anniversary. 
6*     Describe your personality in 3 words or less?  Loyal, brutally honest, big heart
7*     What color hair do you have? Well now, my natural hair color is medium brown.  I colored my hair with a black cherry tint back in march that I’ve continued to keep up. So its brown with dark pink tint. With lots of gray mixed in.
8*       What kind of car do you have and what color? I drive a red Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. 
9*       Where do you shop? I frequent target and kohls more than any shops total.  I am a shopper though so I like finding new places which also includes thrift shopping and garage sales.
110*  How would you describe your style?  I would say bohemian biker cowgirl.  I love my boots and I love tie dye and flowy skirts .
**  Favorite social media account:  probably Instagram . although I do use FB daily due to keeping up with my family, etc.
12* What size bed do you have? Thankfully a king.  We started with queen and a few years ago invested in a king and its awesome. Especially when you add 2 dogs in the mix.
13*   Favorite snapchat filter? I do not and will not use snapchat. I don’t understand it and from what I hear your posts go away so why bother?
14*   If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?  I would say California.  I love everything about it – having ocean and mountains within hours reach depending on where you are. I love the laid back vibe . I lived in Cali growing up in middle school and I’ve missed it ever since. I love Texas and proud to be Texan as well but would go to Cali tomorrow if given the chance and the money to afford it!
15*  Any siblings? Yes I have a brother and a step brother and step sister.  My steps both live in California and my brother lives in Oklahoma.

That is enough for now. I will have a new list later.  Some of these answers today you probably already know about me but maybe you'll learn something new about me down the road with other questions. Cant wait to learn more about you!
Have a great day!


  1. Hi, Holli!

    I enjoyed learning more about one of my best friends by means of this Q & A. I think Holli is a very pretty name and the non-traditional spelling suits you. It is interesting that your name was inspired by rockabilly legend Buddy Holly. You and I have the same color hair and eyes! I admire your loyalty. Mrs. Shady and I love to poke around in thrift stores and garage sales and have found some unique items for our home on those expeditions.

    Happy Tuesday, dear friend Holli (with an "i")!

    1. I just discovered shopping at thrift stores only a few years ago. I am hooked now!!
      With my name spelled with an I- I never got to bring home the crap from amusement parks with my name on it. Haha!

  2. Happy Tuesday to my bohemian, biker, cowgirl friend! Love that description. My grandkids almost exclusively use Snapchat with their friends. They like the silliness of it. I can't monitor it so that probably increases their love of it. I hope I have done a good job of teaching them than NO picture disappears after 10 seconds. Just comes a time when I have to fight bigger battles. Enjoyed your Q&A very much!

    1. Thank you Paula, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. It was fun and easy so I'm looking forward to my next set of questions.
      My step kids love snapchat too. I feel too old for that.

  3. This looks like fun! Stay tuned...

  4. I think you're the only other bohemian biker cowgirl I have ever encountered. I commend your fashion sense!:)

    1. Thank you!!! I've always had my own sense of style. Ive heard that a lot from my friends and family.

  5. That was fun. I like learning new things about you.

  6. I love this! The questions will fit perfectly in my Wednesday Whimsy category.


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