Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just So much

Hey everyone!! I really had no intentions of being away from my blog this long.  My last post , I was about to leave for my vacation to Boston.  It was so great! Todd had never been and we really enjoyed our trip. I ate something lobster almost every day we were there.  I , of course, went to Salem one day and bought a couple of fun things for my Holliween party.  We also took a day trip to Maine and saw the coast and gorgeous leaves turning.  I could live up there!!  I am SO over having 90 degree weather in October here in Dallas!! I am currently wearing a sleeveless summer maxi dress and sandals at work.
When we came home from our trip, I had 2 concerts back to back.  Todd and I went to see Alice in Chains at Winstar which is just over the Oklahoma state line less than an hour away. The following night, a friend drove down from San Antonio and we saw Rob Thomas and Counting Crows in Allen.  Both concerts were absolutely fantastic!!!
Oh and while we were gone, our air conditioning went out and we had to replace a coil which is a big deal over 2 grand to fix and that hit us hard.  As mentioned, we had no choice to get fixed because we’re still having high hot temps.
I went to a Pinners Conference with a friend and then also went to a fun junk show with that same friend a few weeks later.  I am preparing for my next junk show which is in 2 weeks. 
My work is taking everything out of me. Literally. I am swamped every minute of the day and have been getting to office super early just to get caught up on my emails. I don’t get overtime but its worth it for me. I’m training 4 hour classes in the morning with a few classes scattered in the afternoon. Lots of meetings and preparation for the classes. This is GO time in that we are starting the training that is regarding our huge merge we did 2 years ago.  Its been pretty stressful. Lots of pressure.
This Saturday is our 5th annual Holliween party and this years theme is Masquerade.  I’ve been crazy busy decorating every night when I get home from work.  I will show yall pics next week.
Todd started a new job a month ago and he’s traveling full time now.  Lots of stuff going on it seems .  I miss all my blogging friends !!  I just don’t have any free time to post anymore. I am going to try to make more time.  I summed up a lot of things just in this small post.
Just wanted to say HI so you don’t forget about me and I WILL be back soon.  I’m taking tomorrow off to wrap  up the last of decorations and begin to clean the house.

I wish you could all come to my party!!  Have a great weekend, yall. 


  1. Hi, Holli!

    My goodness, you have been on the go go go + slammed and swamped since your last update. Having your a/c die on you is no fun when you live in the deep south like we do. I am thrilled to know that you traveled up to Boston, visited Salem, and went on up to Maine. I envy you for getting a break from the heat, experiencing cooler temps and being able to see autumn leaves up close and personal. Along with that I envy you for being able to see live shows by two great bands, Alice in Chains and Counting Crows!

    I can't wait to see the pics you take at your annual Holliween party. Busy as you have been these last few weeks it means a great deal to me that you were able to visit SDMM in the middle of all the craziness. Thank you very much, dear friend Holli!

  2. You are so busy Holli! That would make me crazy. I am too much of a homebody. I am loving what I see so far of your decorations. Can't wait to see more. Hope it cools down for you soon. We are still pretty warm here in Kansas

  3. Happy October, Sweet Friend! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Nice to see you on here. Glad you have been having fun.

  5. You certainly have been busy.

    Having to replace or fix the AC is a pain. It hardly ever comes cheap. :\

  6. Love all the photos. My goodness you have been busy. I saw your pictures on Facebook today and it looks like it was a fun party!

  7. Sounds like a few fun days for you. I can certainly understand about having so much work, one comes in early to get more done. Fortunately, I do get overtime, but I just don't enough advantage of it.
    That sucks about having to replace the coil. As I've heard so often, if it's not one thing, it's another. Glad to see you post again. Talk again next time. ;)

  8. I hope you're doing alright, hon. Thinking about you.


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