Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oh New York, New York

This past weekend, Todd and i went on a very quick whirlwind romantic getaway trip to New York City.  I have been there on numerous occasions but it was Todd's first time to ever be there.  We were only there 2 days ( really only one and 1/2) so we had to decide on what he really wanted to see while there.  We had a 6am flight on Friday morning so we had to get up at 3 to leave the house by 4 and get to the airport. It was pretty hectic at the airport because several people were traveling for Christmas break. We landed , got a cab and got to our hotel a little after noon.
Our hotel was in Times Square but a few blocks from the craziness of lights and crowds.  I exhausted all my Hilton points for the 2 nights there. I could have got 8 stays at the Galveston Beach in Texas for the points used for 2 days in NYC! It was worth it though, for sure.  Another thing we cashed in was our dime jar. For the last 3 years actually, Todd and i have been putting dimes in a Crown Royal bottle. Thats the only coin that fits.  We weren't allowed to touch it until it was full and to use on a trip or special occasion. It was almost full and it was a perfect time to use it.  I used one of those CoinStar machines that keep 10% of what goes in.  We got 80$ cash after all said and done.  Yay!!
After we checked into our hotel - (Yall are room number was 911!!), we walked to a restaurant and bar called Heartland Brewery. I had been there before a couple of times so i knew the food was good. It didnt disappoint this time either.  They have buffalo chicken spring rolls that are so good!  Todd had a red beer and a reuben sandwich and he loved it.

The first thing we wanted to do since we had a clear day was see the 911 memorial . It was a bitter cold day and it never got above 23 degrees. In between some of those buildings though it felt colder and the wind was pretty fierce.  We took a subway because it was opposite direction from where we were.  We didnt take the tour or go inside the museum because it was a really long line and as mentioned, super cold. We took some pics and then began our walk to Battery Park. The famous bull had been moved there in the last few years from Bowling Green ( close to wallstreet).  Thats also where the ferry to Ellis island is. It was too cold to take the ferry  to see Statue of Liberty .  From there, we walked to ChinaTown and thru Little Italy and then back to subway to our hotel.  Todd and I both needed to sit and warm up before we ventured out again.  Todd and both wanted to find a place nearby to eat in Times Square. It was Friday night and many people had tickets to see shows so the restaurants were packed. One place had a 2.5 hour wait which would have been around 9:30pm. We stumbled into a cute quaint Italian restaurant and had a nice meal. It was good but it wasnt anything WOW about it.  They had a very strange parsley dipping sauce for the bread and it wasnt my favorite.  After dinner, we walked around a gorgeous area in Bryant Park. It also had a huge Christmas tree with ice skating rink like Rockefeller Plaza. We took some pictures and then we went to the hotel and honestly was in bed by 10. Keep in mind, it had been a LOOOONG day starting at 3am.   I joked with Todd, here we are in the city that never sleeps and we're already in bed. LOL!  Oh well- thats how we roll.

Saturday morning we woke up to snow. The news had said it was supposed to start around midnight. The snow was so pretty until it started to rain.  Boy did it rain! I dressed for cold weather and not necessarily for wet weather. The rain soaked through my wool coat and even thru my 2 shirts i was wearing. I got soaked! I took a wool floppy hat and it soaked it up so much it was heavy and super floppy. ha!  Between the snow and the rain, there was a lot of slush and ice on the roads and sidewalks. The potholes was crazy deep off the curbs.  One hole i stepped into went over my boot and so now i'm walking in squishy soaked socks in my leather boots. I had to buy a pair of socks that were 8 dollar New York socks and asked for 2 plastic bags. We went to a Starbucks so i could take off my wet socks and put on my new dry socks then wrapped the plastic bags over my feet to keep them from getting them soaked again.  Of course, Todd and i had to go to the Harley shop so we walked several blocks to get there. While there, Todd bought a rainsuit that he actually needed and it was on sale super cheap even for New York.  He wore the jacket so that i could wear his trench coat and i didnt have to wear my soaking wet wool coat.  It all worked out- plastic bags on feet and all.

We had tickets to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall at 2pm so we got there early to stand in line and we got in pretty quick. We waited in the lobby until we could be seated.  The show was OUTSTANDING!! It was my 4th time to see them perform and my 3rd time to see them there. They have a crew that tours and i saw them a few years ago here in Dallas.  Todd wasnt sure what to expect but he told me he really enjoyed and was surprised how much he did. The end of the show , they have a live nativity set with camels , donkeys, etc and it was beautiful. Todd and i both got choked up. I came home with the cutest Rockette dancer ornament.

After the show, close by was Rockefeller Center so we stopped and took a few pictures there , then  we walked down 5th avenue past Trump tower, to Tiffany's. Tiffany's was gorgeous. I wanted to get another snowflake charm ( they come out with one every year) but it was 150$. For a charm i only wear during the winter, i decided i was too practical.  From there, we walked a few blocks over to Central Park.  It was getting dark and colder and Todd was hungry so we just saw the main entrance to the park and then went down to the subway to take us back to Little Italy for dinner.
There are so many cute quaint restaurants down there, its hard to decide but most of them have a guy in front asking everyone to eat there. There was a young man who was pretty persuasive and it was the right choice!  I had homemade sangria that was amazing! In fact i had 2 glasses. hehehe. We got a nice quiet little corner table by the window and really had a great meal. I tried something new and had chicken with spinach and cheese and a mushroom reduction sauce.  YUM!  Todd made up his own pasta dish that he had in his mind and they were happy to make it. So good!

When we were done with dinner, we headed back to subway and got off on 42nd and went to the Pandora store. I wanted a special New York souvenir and  Todd bought me a new bracelet and an apple charm.  i love it!!  On our way back to hotel, we walked through main Times Square area around Broadway and it was crazy packed. I loved seeing all the signs and the lights and activity.

I've been to New York now a number of times mostly for business. A few times i've gone with  friends. There is nothing quite like being there during Christmas with my husband. It made things so much more extra special. I love traveling with the love of my life and sharing new and fun experiences together.   I had an amazing time but it was also good to get back home. I missed my dogs something fierce.
Now to drown with yall a gazillion amount of pictures.  In fact, there will have to be a part 2 to share most of them.
If i dont say it now, i may not post later this week so Merry Christmas!! I truly hope all of you have a wonderful holiday .   xoxoxo
((edit- I uploaded dozens of pictures yesterday and I had one more to go when the app just closed and nothing saved. I will have to post again just with pictures. I am so frustrated!! I primarily blog from my phone because of my pictures and the app is acting squirrely))


  1. Hi, Holli!

    Thank you for sharing the highlights and lowlights of your trip to New York with Todd. I'm sorry the weather didn't hold up and that you were cold and wet much of the time. I went to NYC twice in my life, once in June and once in August, and the stifling heat I endured on those visits was probably just as unpleasant as the cold you guys encountered. The few negative aspects of your New York adventure were more than offset by numerous fun and exciting activities. You witnessed another great Rockettes show, which was the main reason for going. I'm so glad Todd had a great time at Radio City Music Hall. In addition to that you had a couple of great meals, did some shopping, saw the Harley shop and toured some of the famous and historic places in the city. Most importantly you shared those experiences with the love of your life. You don't know how lucky you are just to be able to make that statement because many people are alone during the holidays and many others are unhappily struggling through bad relationships.

    As I read your account I pictured everything in my mind. If you can get those pictures published it will be icing on the cake. I am very thankful that you collected happy memories in New York and returned home to your dogs safely. Now it's time for you to start putting more dimes in that Crown Royal bottle and planning your next adventure.

    Holli, I am deeply grateful to have you as one of my closest friends as 2016 comes to an end and we get ready to start a new year. Thank you for your ongoing loyal friendship and support, dear Holliwood N. Vine! :) Merry Christmas to you and Todd, your mother, and your bow-wows!

    1. Shady, i love your comments!! I am sorry in my delay to responding.
      Yes, i had to pinch myself while in New York with my husband. I have come a long way and so glad that my life is with Todd. Marriage isnt always easy but its worth the fights and the tears that it sometimes brings. Times like NY really strengthened our bond and its what we needed! The dime collection has begun. My mom even sends me dimes during the year. I love it!!
      Your friendship and support is equally special and important to me Shadester!!!

    2. Thank you for expressing all this, dear friend Holli. Happy new year to you. That bottle will be filled with dimes before you know it and you and Todd can leave town and enjoy another exciting adventure. I hope 2017 is the greatest year ever for you guys! :)

  2. Can tell you're a Texican. Imagine- 23 degrees "bitter cold", lol!

  3. I LOVE NEW YORK CITY I am going again in May for 2 weeks
    a friend lives out on Long Island
    I never have gone during December due to flight cancellations etc due to bad weather.
    You could probably give me some hints on where else to go in the city.
    I'll be watching for your pictures

    Merry Christmas


    1. Hi Janice, Thanks so much for your stopping by and my apologies for the long delay in responding. I would be happy to give you any pointers! I have a friend that lives in NY and he passed on a lot of great tips for us that i am happy to share.
      I have never been to Long Island. So exciting that you have that trip to look forward to. I would love to go again in the summer so that we can do a few more things like walk through Central Park. Some things are better for warmer weather. Happy New Year!

  4. Sounds like a very fun adventure. Good for you, and I'm glad you were together to keep each other warm.

    Happy Hollidays! =)

    1. Hey there sweet Robyn!! Yeppers, it was an amazing time and especially with my love to keep me warm. Its just we needed at a perfect time.
      Hope your holidays were joyous. Happy New year!

  5. You just reminded me that I haven't written my NY post since we were there in August. I must get that done this year!!! Mark had used a ton of his Marriott points to get us at the J.W. across from Central Park with a view. I already had the dangle Statue of Liberty on my Pandora bracelet with hopes of getting there someday, which I did. Following you on Facebook was a great joy for me and your trip, along with what you did in such a short period of time was amazing. I'm so happy you got to go and I think my favorite thing was your Rockettes souvenir. Mark had been there for business a few times but it was my first visit. Happy New Year!!

    1. Oh i need to go read your posts. I used all my hilton points but it was worth it! I got the small apple for my Pandora bracelet. We bought it while we were there. So fun!

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you and yours had a wonderful day!

    Hope you still had a good time here in NYC even though the weather was nasty. I ran a 5K that Sunday morning in the rain and wind. That was a horrible weather weekend. Today it was 60 and sunny. Go figure.

    1. I didnt mind the cold at all but i could have done without the rain. It changed our plans a bit but it all worked out. Cant believe you ran a 5k that day we left. Hope you did well!! Thanks again for your emails with suggestions of places to go. Next time, we need to meet up for coffee or a drink. Happy New Year my friend!


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