Friday, June 30, 2017

Concerts, life, death and chaos

Hey yall, its been hectic lately and a few weeks since my last post. Its easier to just list the events and happenings of my last few weeks:

Todd is still recovering but returned back to work- his catheter was removed which made him much happier as you can imagine. He’s a stubborn goat but who am I to say anything because I am also a terrible patient!

Todd and I went to see Iron Maiden with 2 friends from church. It was so much fun and Todd did well hanging in there until the end.

The weekend after Todd’s surgery, some very dear friends of our Mark and Debbie, came over to our house and cooked us dinner. I cried . It was the best gesture someone could do. Hindsight, I should have asked for casseroles so that I wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping when Todd was asleep and then prepare dinner when I am totally frazzled.

My boss was in from out of state this week for work .Always added pressure when that happens.

My bestie  ( Kimi) had her 50th birthday and we had party a few weeks ago for her. We didn’t stay long because Todd loses his steam in the evenings but we stayed long enough and had a blast.
About the same time Todd was diagnosed with prostate cancer,his cousin Mark was diagnosed with lung cancer. Mark lives in Utah and his sister Kimberly lives 10 minutes up the road in the next town over from us. Their parents Karen and Larry, live in Houston. Mark has been on a cross country roadtrip with his son Eric and they were supposed to be at Kimberly’s tomorrow and we were going to have lunch with them on Monday.Sadly, Larry passed away last night. He has had some rough years previously with his health but he always seem to manage and pull out of the dire moments.Unfortunately, this means we wont be seeing Mark and that makes Todd sad and disappointed but completely understandable. Mark is a few years younger than Todd and they grew up close friends.

Yesterday , Mom called and said Nanny was back in hospital with congestive heart failure. Apparently,Nanny did not take a single pill from her list of medications in over a week.That’s not good! She is diabetic and has high blood pressure and many other ailments she takes medication for.So far, they have removed 5 liters of fluid off her heart.

Tomorrow, my uncle James is hosting his annual grand party for July 4th. He lives on the lake and there are fireworks, BBQ, and the whole shindig. Specifically, this year we are having a combined July 4th party and a surprise birthday party for Nanny. She will be 90 towards the end
of the month of July but cousins will be in from out of state and it’s a perfect
time to celebrate. The hospital feels that they should be able to get her stabilized and ready to go home tonight or tomorrow morning if all goes well.
For Mother’s Day, I wrote Nanny a letter telling her how much she meant to me and recounted some fun memories I have. My uncle is “stealing”the idea and asked all the family members to do the same and add pictures and we’re putting in a scrap book for her tomorrow. I had to come up with another letter for her and I based it around the food she makes and how there’s nothing else like hers. I was bawling silently at my desk as a I tried to put how much I love her to pen and paper knowing she was in hospital and I was scared to think of it being life or death serious.

My mom’s husband Randy was diagnosed with lung cancer 2weeks ago ( seriously I cant make this up). He went in this week to do biopsy and they went in from his back and punctured his lung in process.The day was much longer as expected but they sent him home with a chest tube and he got it removed today.

A close friend works for Brighton and they do a ginormous shoe drive and they send all to Haiti so she asked me to ask my coworkers forshoes. My backseat looked like Sanford and Son and had over 50 pairs of shoes to hand off to her this past Wednesday. Its always fun to help with a good cause.

The same week Todd had his surgery, my cousin Monya and her family –husband Scott and daughters Mari and Emma moved into a rent house less than a mile from me.I have really enjoyed them being so close. The girls love that I have a swimming pool and have already been over many times which I enjoy.
 Last night was a series of crazy events though. Todd was in Chicago on business meeting and Scott was working late shift at his job . Monya, the girls and I went and ate dinner at Red Robin and on way home the girls dropped me and Monya off at my house and they were going toswing by and pick up their swim suits and then circle around to join us. As Monya and I were sitting in the pool, she happens to look over at our piece of the fence that got damaged and fell during big storm a few months ago.The fence had pulled away again and there was large gap that my dog Lila can get through.We all jumped into action because Lila is a runner. She runs and runs and will not come back until you catch her.Mari picked her up, put her in the house and Monya and I jumped out of pool looking for a solution. I grabbed hammer and nails and she saw a 2x4piece of wood I had in the garage that I use for my junk shows.We hammered that into the middle of the 2pieces of fence that are separated and filled in the gap. It totally looks redneck but it got the job done! Lila isn’t getting out in that area. I literally am so grateful she noticed becauseI would have been besides myself if I let Lila out at 2:30 am ( seems to me the magic hour) and she got out- I would have never known until too late. So then once we got the fence stable, it was time for the all of them to head home. As they went to Mari’s car that was parked in my driveway next to me, they noticed that the tire was flat. Not just a little flat yall but like pancake flat.None of us knew how to change the tire. I happen to live across the street from a large Frisbee golf park so I sent the 2 girls to ask some guys if they could help us. Two nice young men agreed and they walked over, however none of us had a jack so they weren’t able to help us after all. Monya found a can of fix a flat and has an electric tire charger and it took a while but it got aired up enough for them to follow me to the closest tire repair store. We left it overnight and they had it fixed with a replaced used tire by 10 am today.  I mean the night was exhausting !!! Note to self- buy a jack, an electric charger and learn how to change tire.

I am looking forward to a 4-day weekend. We get Monday and Tuesday off so it will be nice to have a short week next week.I bought Willie Nelson tickets for myself and bestie Kimi for her birthday and the concert is this Sunday.So east Texas party tomorrow, Willie on Sunday-laziness the next 2 weeks.HA!

My life is seems to be nothing but chaos mixed with good and bad and really bad.I don’t know what to think of it. I’ve been asking God a lot about his plan for me.

Have a wonderful holiday and be safe yall!


  1. First I hadda laugh with "Iron Maiden" and "Church" being used in the same sentence!

    Next your family and friend group is sure taking a beating. Praying that things settle down soon.

    Third, nice fixup job! God was with you on that one.

    Finally, the only thing hard about changing a tire is if the lugs are too tight. Unless, of course, you don't have a jack. How does that happen?

  2. Hi, Holli!

    I am so glad to learn that Todd got the cath removed. It's no fun being slowed down when you have things to do, places to go and people to meet, right? Tell him to hang in there and remember that Mrs. Shady is the patient from hell even though she is a healthcare professional.

    I envy you guys for going to an Iron Maiden show, and now you are looking forward to seeing Willie Nelson. Enjoy!

    What a sad series of developments - cousin Mark's cancer diagnosis and now the death of his dad last night. I am very sorry to learn of it and to realize how it impacts Todd during his recovery. It is a cruel coincidence that your mother's husband was also given a cancer diagnosis. Good grief! I am also saddened to learn that Nanny is hospitalized with CHF. Getting older folks to take their meds on time and as prescribed is a major challenge. Sometimes they forget and sometimes they hold off taking their pills in an effort to save money. I will pray for Nanny's speedy and full recovery. I hope she is discharged in time to attend her surprise birthday bash. I'm sure she will love the handwritten letters and the scrapbook filled with memories. Happy 90th birthday to her.

    I am proud of you for doing more than your fair share for the shoe drive. I am so glad your dog Lila didn't sniff her way to that gap in the fence and take off. That would have been a real calamity. Sorry about the hassles with the flat tire. You guys seem to go from one misadventure to the next, like the time you locked yourselves out of the house. :) No matter what chaos you are experiencing, though, you always look happy and radiant in the pictures you share. Todd looks great, too.

    I wish you and yours a wonderful 4th of July, dear friend Holli!

  3. Holli, you have been through so much. ((Hugs))
    Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  4. You look wonderful in the pictures. I don't think the fence looks red-neck at all. It seems the older we get the more we are faced with death. I guess it is the way God intended. Hurts like hell though! Good thoughts being sent your way!

  5. Loved the pics! Sorry to hear of so much sickness, but at least most are on the mend or holding their own. Hope your 4th and Nanny's party are awesome good times! I pay like $2 a month on my Verizon bill and get free assistance for any vehicle I am in up to three times a year.

  6. The Iron Maiden concert was awesome. So glad you all went and enjoyed it. Good to see a fellow metalhead here. Yeah, my gal's mom is still going through lung cancer chemo, and my gal herself just got shingles. She is not happy! Life really is all ups and downs.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about everyone's health. I hope things have gotten better. I see you haven't posted in over a month, so now I'm worried. Sending hugs and prayers!


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