Tuesday, August 28, 2018

More of my worktrip in Utah

I was sooooo crazy busy last week supporting the location in Salt Lake I actually could not find the time to make a post last week and I had been doing so good.  Oh well, maybe I can make it up somewhere.   I absolutely love it when I am so busy that time flies by and its already lunch time then you're running around and before you know it its almost time to leave.  The fast pace is what I enjoy! Yet, its also nice to be back at my desk  to breathe and get caught up on emails.
So last Saturday I ended up working from 7am to 2pm.  Todd had flown in to work as well in Salt Lake and so he hung out in the hotel and he worked a little, had breakfast at Ihop that was across the parking lot from hotel and then he met me at my location to see the Harley shop.
Once I got off work, we drove up to Park City to show Todd around. I had been there before years ago but I wanted him to see it. Its the coolest little ski town where also Olympics have taken place there.  It was a nice drive and we listened to some live bands performing off the main street. We got a frozen coffee drink and just walked up and down the town.  We also had to stop at the Walmart on the way out of Park City to buy a new pillow because the hotel pillows were awful!
When we arrived back in Salt Lake, we drove downtown and saw the Mormon Temple and all the buildings associated with Latter Day Saints.  Last time I was there , I also visited inside the Tabernacle Choir building and visitor center. It was very interesting.  Todd didn't want to get out of the car because of parking, etc so we just drove around.  We stopped to eat at a very very popular place called the Red Iguana.  They are 2 locations within just a few blocks of each other and it was a 45 minute wait for both locations.  I ordered a combo platter and when I got to my enchilada, I cut it open to eat the insides ( lol - I was full and just wanted to taste the meat inside) , and there was a small hair with food cooked on each end.  Honestly yall, I used to be a restaurant manager so I know it can easily be done. I cant think of anyone that would purposefully add a hair to food.  The heat will kill any germs so it doesn't gross me out.  I just calmly told the waiter and I told him that I didn't need to be comped for it. They did anyway but it wasn't necessary because I ate everything else on my plate.  
So speaking of food- Salt Lake has a local chain called Crown Burger that is a must! It started by a Greek family and they have a large variety of things to choose from.  The burger comes topped with a piece of pastrami and it was so yummy!  I subscribe to Cowboys and Indians magazine and there's actually an article specifically mentioning the Crown Burger.  Very Cool!!
What was really nice is that a work friend was also in Salt Lake supporting our larger location in Salt Lake. She lives in California and I got to know her very well many years ago when I did the Cali Conversion. We met up for dinner on Thursday in downtown Salt lake at Squatters Brewery before she headed to airport to fly home.
I flew home last Friday and I was so happy to be with my dogs and my bed and my husband.  No place like home! 

Park City bench

Mormon Temple

My crew I worked with last week in SLC

My work friend Genelle


  1. Hi, Holli!

    Mrs. Shady and I took a day trip to another city today and that is why I am a little late getting over here to see you. It's good to know you are home safe and sound from your own trip and happy to be back in your own bed and with your dogs again.

    Thanks for posting those pictures taken at landmarks in Salt Lake City and Park City. Think of how many other visitors and locals have posed for pictures on that Park City bench. :) The Mormon Temple is spectacular! It was generous of you not to raise a fuss about finding a hair in your enchilada at Red Iguana. The management did the right thing, too, by comping you, and you enjoyed the rest of the food on your plate, so everybody won. If we all tried a little harder to put ourselves in the other guy's shoes, we would have a better America. As always it's great to see the bright smile on your face, on Todd's and on the faces of your friends.

    Thank you for recapping the highlights of your worktrip in Utah, dear friend Holli, and enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. A trip to another city with the Mrs- i'm sure that was a fun day!! We love to explore. Agreed, people get way too upset over things that are just gonna happen now and then. I wasn't upset and I had one of the most amazing mojitos ever there so I just finished my drink and moved along. have a great week yourself my friend.

  2. I was wondering if y'all ever got in the Red I. I like what Shady said about the way the hair was handled. I would just tell myself, "At the rate they're falling out, it COULD be mine," and as long as I got it to go away on the first toss, I'd prolly just shut up and eat.

    1. Todd was so grateful that I'm not one of those gals who causes a scene. Apparently his ex would have had a meltdown and then been miserable the rest of the night. My taco was delicious and saw no reason to be upset. I shed hair like crazy but it was a much shorter one than mine . Oh well!

  3. I'm home almost everyday and I can't find time to write posts! The Temples are amazing as you drive through Utah. I'm glad you had a nice time, glad Todd joined you and we are definitely going to look for that burger joint the next time we drive through Salt Lake City.

    1. Its a must!!Crown Burger is very yummy.


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