Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Last week's musings

Last weekend I stopped at garage sale and got this awesome Frankenstein head and hands. Its perfect for my theme for Holliween this year which is Classic Halloween. I also got some orange lights and some furry spiders at the sale.  We got down all the Halloween tubs of decorations from attic also so I can start getting a lead on getting house ready.  I started way too late last year and was decorating up to the very day of the party and it was really stressful.
I do already have both Todd and my costumes so that's good.
Last Saturday after I went to garage sale , I got a hair cut ( got 4 inches cut off). I usually go twice a year for my fall cut and my spring cut.  Just before I went into hair salon, I  got call from Mom that Nanny was back in hospital.  I cried because I didn't have good feeling about this.
That evening, Todd and I went to concert with some friends and saw Alice in Chains.  We love them and saw them in 2016 the last time they were close.  The concert was great!! One of their old albums was titled Dirt and it was also 2 days after the news that Burt Reynolds had passed.  I thought this was funny- they had this on all the large screens at concert:

On Sunday , Lila disappeared for a short while which is not unusual because she's always prowling around the yard and under the bushes.  Here she comes trying to bring her find into the house. Fortunately I closed the door before she came in and todd grabbed a plastic bag. Then we let her just inside the door and took it from her.  She has to watch Todd go out the gate and throw it away or else she goes nuts and constantly looks for it.  She' just got one and brought in house 3 weeks ago and laid it out for us so proudly. LOL

So today is a somber day of course since is 9-11.  Today is also my 23rd work anniversary.  Its been a wild ride professionally for sure.
I saw this on Instagram and shared it as well:

Now for the bad news, we have to admit Nanny into a nursing home this week. She wont be able to go home from the hospital and we are a wreck!!! Its the right thing to do and she will be in good hands but the knowing that when she left her apartment not realizing that it would be the last time she would be there just kills me.  She has been falling more and more and she lives alone and its too scary to think about her getting hurt unattended.   I'm so glad my mom has been here for all this.  I am worried about her too though because all the stress has made her lupus flare up like crazy.  Please send prayers.  We will have the nursing home narrowed down tomorrow or Thursday and then we'll move Nanny.  This isn't easy. 


  1. Wow, I beat Shady...

    I think I had Dirt- is that the one with Rooster and Down In A Hole? That "cover" was hilarious!

    You and your family are on the permanent list. Keep this in mind- by the time my Dad got put in hospice, he was half out of his head and had about 4 days left. Keep her as close as you can...

    1. Our worst fear is that she "gives up" once she gets to the nursing home. She's not on hospice yet but I know it can be soon . I spoke to her last night on the phone and i'm going Friday night to see her.

    2. And thank you for putting us on the permanent prayer list. That means a lot to me and its so appreciated

  2. Hi, Holli!

    I surely do send prayers for Nanny, dear friend, and I am sad to learn that she needs to be placed in a nursing home. However, when an elderly person becomes susceptible to falls, it is time, because breaking a hip or other bone is a serious matter for old people. A break can take forever to heal while they remain bed ridden. I hope you can find a setting for Nanny that makes her feel at home. I also send prayers for your mother as she endures this latest round of stress.

    I have been to many yard sales and garage sales, but I never found anything as cool as Frankenstein's monster head and hands. I hope while you were up in the attic bringing down the Halloween decorations you went ahead and brought down the Christmas stuff, too, because it will soon be that time!

    Lucky you for attending an Alice in Chains show. I checked with my friends back home and learned that a few days ago, Sept. 7, Alice Cooper performed on the grandstand at the York Interstate Fair. I wish I had been there!

    I don't know what Lila brought home in her mouth and I am afraid to ask. I hope Jax is still doing AOK in the wake of his recent medical scare.

    Yessum, it is a sad week as we observe the grim anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks. We will always remember.

    I wish you the best during this difficult time providing care for your beloved Nanny, dear friend Holli. Take care of yourself first, because you need your rest and strength to be of service to others.

    1. Ooops I forgot to mention that its a rabbit that Lila caught. She has been getting rabbits ever since we moved into that neighborhood. She's the mighty rabbit hunter!
      Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. We need them!

  3. Hon, I'm sorry about all you're going through with Nanny. If it helps, know that you're gifting her by adding dignity, respect, and loving family to her final chapter.

    As far as the fun stuff, I wish I could celebrate Holliween with you. You do it right!

    1. Thanks Robyn, we know we're doing the right thing but dang its not easy. Its quite painful in fact. She's so very precious to me.
      Holliween is so fun to me and something I look forward to all year long which i'm sure you know from my fb posts. haha!
      Have a wonderful rest of your week my friend

  4. I'm praying for your Nanny. That is a very difficult time for you and your mom. It is hard to take them away from the life they lived at home. ((HUGS)) Love you Halloween finds. So far Skye hasn't caught a bunny but she certainly tries. I would not be able to deal with that well. I love bunnies. When we have bunnies that means that the coyotes have not been coming around and I like that. Glad you enjoyed your concert. Have a nice weekend.


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