Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween decorations

Happy Halloween week!!!!  I went to a few garage sales on Saturday and it was later in the day so most were already closed or nothing left. I found a few fun things that i'll post later but I still scored when I came across some fun decorations.  I love it when people go all out to decorate.   Here are a few that I drove past and also some more of my indoor decorations.


  1. Hi, Holli-ween!

    Thanks for playing show and tell again today as Halloween fast approaches!

    “Darkness falls across the land
    The midnight hour is close at hand
    Creatures crawl in search of blood
    To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood

    And whosoever shall be found
    Without the soul for getting down
    Must stand and face the hounds of hell
    And rot inside a corpse’s shell

    The foulest stench is in the air
    The funk of forty thousand years
    And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
    Are closing in to seal your doom

    And though you fight to stay alive
    Your body starts to shiver
    For no mere mortal can resist
    The evil of the thriller”

    The trend in decorations for all holidays seems to be jumbo size figures. Is that a dragon in your neighbor's yard? Just yesterday Mrs. Shady and I spotted some sort of huge monster guarding the entrance of a house decked out for Halloween. I swear that creature was at least ten feet tall!

    I love how you've transformed the interior of your home with the head of Frankenstein's monster, jack-o-lanterns, killer clown, witch hats and so much more.

    Have a fun and exciting Halloween, dear friend Holli!

    1. The dragons wings move up and down too!! I had a 12 ft inflatable that were pumpkins stacked on each other but it broke and has holes. We're not very good at the inflatables but we've got to get better. LOVE the words above to Thriller. Happy Halloween Shady!

  2. Wow, those are some awesome decorations!

    1. Arent they cool!!! I loved the witch on the roof. So clever!!

  3. I know what Shady means by that "foulest stench." I think something died in our closet...

  4. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! So pleased I snuck over here, what a TOTALLY AWESOME HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR DISPLAY! Well done, best I've seen... hope you have your candy ready to go 👏🥂

    1. Hey there, equally pleased to see you here as well. I'm kinda bummed that we're getting rain today so I may be stuck with lots of candy. Fortunately I buy the good kind for that reason! Happy Halloween

  5. Truly love this post! Thanks Holli! So much fun! I hope you had a great Halloween! Big Hugs!

  6. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with your mantel.


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