Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My FB garage sale find

Good morning! Have yall bought anything from the Facebook marketplace?  On my phone app. its the 3rd icon in the middle .  It shows you all the many things that people are selling.
Last Thursday, I came across a chair that i couldnt live without!!
It ended up being a huge pain in the neck to get the dang thing but i am happy with my purchase! I was supposed to meet the lady at a mcdonalds a few miles up the road off the highway after work. She conveniently forgot to meet me and said something came up after i was already there. So of course she tells me to come out to her house which is another 12 miles.  As i start in that direction, she finally messages me the address but it was too late because i had already missed the main turn for her road. She was out in the country and some roads didnt even have signs.  My GPS was even lost because it told me to turn right on a street that didnt even exist before it recalculated.  Once i finally got there, i noticed there was large tear or hole where the back was coming apart from the frame.
The lady asked me if i was just going to use for decorative purposes and put a plant on it?  I replied that i really wanted to use the chair as a chair and have people sit in it.  LOL!  So then she said that she had not noticed the hole until then but that her husband could fix it.
I ended up just leaving the chair so that he could repair it since he was a welder. She had volunteered him to come by my house but i really didnt want to bother so it was easier to leave. Then i was also supposed to meet her husband off the highway the following day but she didnt message me all day so i had no idea and had plans to see my stepdaughters soccer game an hour away.
Saturday morning, i drove back out there ( the direct way) and picked up the chair.  He fixed it as much as he could i guess but i'm happy! I have a bohemian theme in my backyard and patio and its perfect for that!!    The transaction was not easy but worth it.

So later on that day , i decided to sell our microwave that was sitting in the garage. I bought a brand new one for us during Christmas and its bigger and nicer.  I posted on the FB sites and got a few bites instantly. This one lady was pretty pushy and she said she would meet me the following morning at 9am .  That really wasnt a good time for me because i'm getting ready for church that day but whatever i was trying to be flexible.  I leave the house and get there a few minutes before 9 at the Aldi parking lot and i message her that i'm in a red toyota pickup.  Guess what- she was still in bed and was sick.   NOOOOO!!! I was so irritated that TWICE i was stood up in the last 3 days doing these stupid exchanges.  I ended up putting the microwave on my porch and messaged the next lady in line and told her my address and to leave money under the mat. 
It was 48 degrees and windy at outdoor soccer game

From now on, i am not meeting others again. If they want it- come and get it but you're coming to me!  Anyone else have any crazy exchanges ? I will say that its convenient to sell to an online audience and i've been buying a few things i didnt plan on. Its a little addicting.
Have a great day!!