Wednesday, July 25, 2018

LIVE and Counting Crows

So last night, Todd and I attended the 25th anniversary of Counting Crows and Live tour at the Toyota Pavilion in Irving. Its a new venue in DFW and was our first time there.  It has a covered section with seats and a lawn section that's more outdoors and you have to sit on the grass and bring a blanket.  Our backs are bad so I try not to get lawn seats even though they're cheaper.  Live is truly one of my favorite bands.  I loved every cd they released and saw them when they toured a few times.
I actually just saw Counting Crows last year with Rob Thomas and it was wonderful!!!
My main goal was to see Live.  A little history on them, as a band , they split up and it was kinda ugly for many years.  The lead singer Ed Kowalcyk went on to have his own solo career and I also saw him in concert.  They recently after 20 + years reunited which was huge and so nice to see them back together.
Live opened up first before the Crows. My area we sat in had a bunch of duds who were either not familiar with Live , don't care to dance and sing, or too tired after a work day.  Once Live came out, I was on my feet and I danced and sang the whole time.  There was a girl next to me and a girl in front of me that also stood which was fun.  The man next to Todd even commented once the Counting Crows came on and said " Live must be HER band! She knows every word to every song!! We have been watching her."   LOL.   I love music so much and I love hearing the bands sing my favorite songs. That's why I go to concerts a lot.
We actually had to leave the concert after 7 songs of the Crows because it was already after 10pm and I had to train all day today and had to be on my A game.  Ironically, I didn't sleep very well at all so I should have just stayed for the whole concert.  If I had not recently seen the Crows last year, I wouldn't even considered leaving early.  Adam Duritz told a lot of stories and history about his songs that he wrote and I really enjoyed that aspect.  Such a great night!! To top things off, we only had 100 degrees with a slight breeze and it wasn't miserably hot like 109 over the weekend.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

You say-

I am right in the middle of a crazy busy schedule with work that started last week. I am training every day - all day until 2central and then I have to catch up on emails and other parts of my job.  Didn't NOT want to post so here is one of my fave songs right now on the Christian charts.
Also, thank you for your prayers. It was 2 loooong weeks plus a few days but Jax is finally back to himself.  We are so relieved!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

God Bless America

Hey yall, so today is exactly a week that my boy dog Jax was sick and he's not better. In fact , I think its got a little worse.  Our worry is still off the charts and we have another vet appointment today . I appreciate your continued prayers for him and for us.  Its been a rough week!! Lots of laundry every single day from his messes. He looks at us with his precious sad eyes and you can tell he doesn't feel good.
Does anyone have big holiday plans for this week? As for me, I have to work every day but tomorrow so we cant really do a big shindig.  Its supposed to be cooler for us tomorrow around the 90's so most likely i'll be in the pool most of the day.  Isnt that funny that we get so excited for temps in the 90's because we're just SO OVER the triple digits?!!
Normally we would be entertaining a small party get together but we're exhausted and still worried about Jax so its a non exciting event for us.  My uncle is a having his annual July 4th party this Saturday so we'll be attending that and will see our share of fireworks and have BBQ.

Whatever you do or wherever you go- please stay cool and be safe!!