Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winner of the BOTB - more of Ziggy and Deftones

Good morning y'all.  I am so grateful for the participation I had in last week's battle of the bands.  The battle was between the Deftones and Ziggy Marley doing cover song of Drive originally by The Cars.  The  winner is the Deftones with score 11 to 5.   I didn't vote , I normally never do on my battles but I really like the Deftones.   So I am happy with the outcome.  Ziggy Marley does some great songs though and I like his touch he adds to songs.

I really like his Love is my religion

One of my favorite Deftones song is old from 2003 but I just really connect to it.
Its called Minerva: This version is the acoustic I found on youtube.

Now to get in Christmas spirit- I don't think I've mentioned Christmas at all on my blog.  I'm not feeling it but i'm trying. I decorated a little bit but nothing like I normally do.  I didn't even put up my Grinch table that I've done for years and it gives me Joy but I just cant. Especially now that Christmas is this week.    Oh well.  One of my favorite Christmas songs is Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby and David Bowie.  I came across the parody of Will Ferrell being David Bowie and John C Reilly as Bing.  They actually sound really good and its so funny at the same time.   Have yall seen this?
If I don't blog again this week which is most likely the case- Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless you and the New Year!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BOTB - Drive

Good morning y'all! Happy Tuesday to all of you.  It's that time again for the Battle of the Bands. I've missed the last 3 but I'm back today!! As always I feel the need to always start with my disclaimer , I have no doubt that my battle hasn't already been done .
OK so the song I'm using today is Drive originally sung by The Cars. This single came off the album Heartbeat City in 1984.  The whole album is awesome.
Here's the original :
The Battle begins with a band called the Deftones.
I think I may have posted them before a while ago but not in a battle. They're a band from California back in the late 80's. Their music is more alternative metal.  The lead singer is Chino and I like his voice.
Here is their version :

The next is the reggae version sung by Ziggy Marley. If you've ever seen the movie 50 First Dates, then you might have heard this song towards the end of movie.
It's a different sound but I like it a lot!
So here's this one:

So the Battle is between Deftones or Ziggy. Which one do you like best?

Go check out the others and vote on their battles.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

My newest favorite song of the week

If we're friends on Facebook that you already know what I'm posting.  Are you familiar with the band Disturbed? They're most popular song is Down with the Sickness and that was a long time ago. Well they released their new album in August of this year. One of the tracks is a cover of Simon and Garfunkels song Sound of Silence. Y'all I can't get enough of this song!!! It's so dark,haunting ,chilling, powerful but still respectful to the original.
I love it and hope y'all enjoy it too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meeting me in 3's

Hey there,
My friend Laura at We Really Got This (www.wereallygotthis.com) posted on her blog a fun idea. Its getting to know each other in Three’s.
What the heck.  I welcome any idea on posts since my brain is not cooperating with me lately.

1.       HolliAnn
2.       Holli-girl
3.       My bestie calls me Hollikins. Lol

1.       California
2.       Florida
3.       Texas

1.       Wal-mart( my first job in high school)
2.       Harley Davidson ( my fave job ever)
3.       Hooters ( all through college and 2 years after)

1.       Waves or water ripples ( I zone out when I’m at bodies of water)
2.       Todd playing drums at church
3.       Jax and Lila playing

1.       Canada ( all over from Vancouver to Quebec)
2.       Mexico ( Tijuana, Juarez, and Playa De Carmen)
3.       New York City

1.       Mexican Food ( seriously I could eat tacos everyday)
2.       Cheese
3.       French fries

1.       Having the week after Christmas off from work
2.       Hopefully getting Mom in from Montana during February
3.       My head and heart to be evened out

You can reply in comments with your lists or you can do your own post but let me know so I can visit.

Speaking of visiting, I have just down right sucked at visiting any of your blogs . I have stopped by a few sporadically here and there but not like I used to.  I have also read many but didn’t have energy to comment.  Sorry.  

Monday, December 7, 2015

Another one gone

So if you were a fan of the band Stone Temple Pilots (STP) , Velvet Revolver, or recently the Wildabouts, then you've heard that the lead singer Scott Weiland died just a few days ago on December 3.   Scott had just recently turned 48 in October.  He's only 5 months older than me.  Unfortunately he had such a tumultuous past and struggles with drugs that his death came as no surprise.  When I first read the news, I think either on Facebook or Twitter, surprise or shock was not the word but just huge sadness.  His wife swears that he had been clean and sober and that's not what killed him.  He died from cardiac arrest.  I read that his brother actually died a few years ago at age of 40 due to heart attack.  Whether he had taken drugs the night of his death or not, ultimately its what weakened his heart and still caused the damage. 
STP was in my constant collection in the 90's and early 2000's then he left the band and joined Velvet Revolver . I LOVED Velvet Revolver.  I played their CD's nonstop and knew every song from beginning to end.   Scott was with VR from 2003 to 2008.  He went back to STP for a few more years when he left in 2013 ( got fired) and started the Wildabouts.  He even did a Christmas CD a few years ago and I bought it on iTunes. Its not the best but its not the worst. haha!
Stone Temple Pilots has huge hits like Creep, Plush, Sex type Thing, Vasoline, Interstate Love Song,and  Big Empty.  I guarantee you know the songs even if you're not familiar with the titles. 
Scott was married 3 times and his last wife had only been with him the last 4 years.  He has 2 kids.
He was crazy talented and I saw many interviews he did over the years and he idolized David Bowie. Scott liked David's fashion and his creativity.
I know this sounds crazy but I have felt pretty sad about his passing.  I guess it would be different if he was the lead singer of a band that I wasn't very familiar with.  I just happened to really follow the works of Scott Weiland and loved his voice.   The good news is that he is no longer dealing with his demons anymore. He died in his sleep on his tour bus in Minnesota.  A pretty peaceful way to do if you ask me. Just sucks that he wasn't with his family. 
Here are a few of my favorites. Its hard to choose from so many though.
This is Fall to Pieces with Velvet Revolver.  His songs he wrote was from his many times in rehab and getting clean.  Lots of his struggles are in his songs.  You can totally tell that Slash is the lead guitarist in this band.  Duff is also in the band and he and Slash were both in Guns n Roses.
Here's a song called Sour Girl. The actress Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in the official video but I couldn't find it.
This is Plush
So.  In other news, i'm trying to get in spirit and decorate the house for Christmas.  I am barely skimming the surface from what I do for Halloween and what I did for Christmas last year.  I'm into it but then i'm not.  I just do a little every night after work.   Have a great week!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

There's a light

Good news, I have an appointment next week with a counselor. I have never in my life seeked professional counseling before. I'm actually looking forward to it though. It will be nice to have someone to talk to that is removed from friends and family. They don't have license to prescribe medication but as mentioned before, I'm OK with that. Maybe I just need to cry my eyes out and spill all things on my heart and in head and that will be enough. We shall see. 
Here are some motivation quotes I grabbed from Pinterest. I really liked them all and it does help to read them.  

Loved that one!! 

Have a great day y'all!