Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've been a blogger slacker

I haven’t blogged in over a week. I’ve been so crazy busy lately.  I moved 2 Friday’s ago and it was a terrible day. It was the first time for me to hire professional hires and I can say I won’t do it again. They were an hour late to start off with. It was 106 degrees that day and it was brutal. The worst thing that happened is that they RUINED my couch. I don’t have pics with me but I have to say that I cried.  Let me tell you about my couch. I actually had my couch custom made in Wichita ,Kansas but a guy who specializes in furnishing private planes. My couch is red leather and leopard print and it has a hideaway bed.  I was working 2 jobs then and  I saved my money for this luxury. I was so proud of my couch and I can’t believe how they rubbed 3 huge bald spots on the back of my couch when it was moved.  SO, I have to find an upholstery service to be quoted on repair.
I only had 2 days to unpack until I had to leave for Winnipeg, Canada for work.  My project for my job is the Canada conversion and there’s lots of meetings right now before it gets started.  The last time I traveled to Winnipeg, it was in February and it was -40 below. I have never been so cold in my life. Winnipeg in July was a great time to be there. I enjoyed my visit much more last week.  We went on a 30 minute river tour and learned a lot about the history. It was pretty cool to be outside after work every night and walk around.  We ate at a restaurant called Salisbury House that is a chain only in Winnipeg. There is a neat bridge that has one of the restaurants right on it and the tour guide said we should go. It’s actually owned by a member of the rock group Guess Who.  The chain is actually more like a Perkins/Denny’s kind of diner. Nothing to get excited about. While we were in the restaurant, I totally saw Chaz Bono.  You know how you just KNOW?! I looked right at him and I knew right away. Later that evening when we were at the hotel bar I mentioned it to our waitress and sure enough, she said that Chaz is in a movie being filmed in Canada.  I obviously couldn’t take a picture but he was in shorts , t-shirt and a blue bandana on his head.
Airport Winnipeg\

Railroad bridge-very active

Bridge over river-Salisbury House resturant

Parliament Bldg- on river tour boat

I flew back early to Dallas because I had a CMA women’s retreat out in East Texas (Jefferson) that’s 3 hours away. There was 4 of us riding together and we left around 8 am.  Jefferson is one of my favorite antiques town. The square has lots of fun little shops and antiques stores to shop in.  Friday was so flippin hot though it was hard to be too excited to walk around the square.  There is a yummy fudge shop that we all stopped at after lunch. I bought some maple nut fudge and put it in my purse to save for later but it melted while I was shopping so it was one blob.  Delicious though!!
The women’s retreat was Friday thru Sunday but there were a chain of events that prompted my group to decide on leaving early. One of the reasons was the air conditioner going out in the main hall where are meetings were. I actually wanted to go home because I was put on a top bunk and my back was killing me.  We left on Saturday around 3pm and stopped a few hours later for some Mexican food dinner and I was home by 7pm. I was so happy to be in my own bed and I was able to go to my church on Sunday.  I got a lot of unpacking done on Sunday and pictures hung on the wall. I felt much better when leaving yesterday that my new place isn’t all still in boxes.
I’m in Toronto this week to continue the meetings from last week and most of the my team is here with me.  That means dinner every night after work and most likely no blogging time. I didn’t log in at all last week.  BTW, Sunday is my one year anniversary for my blog. YAY!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday's link up ( It's already Thursday ?dang)

that I am super late on posting for today’s topic.

this is a super quick post

I sold 2 bags of books and magazines to Half Price Bookstore (HPB) and got 6 dollars for all.

I left HPB and went straight to Chick-Fil-A for lunch with that 6 $.

I have tomorrow off to move out of my place. Movers are scheduled for 7:30 am.

I’m excited to actually use movers this time and to save my back.

I am blessed to have a friend (Wendy)that has helped me pack EVERY night this week after work and we have kicked butt on getting tons done.

I am born and bred a Texan but I flippin HATE summers here.

I am taking 2 showers a day (am and pm) because of my sweatiness.

I’m going through some menopausal symptoms like heat flashes and they’re killing me!!

I have to unpack as much of my home that I can this weekend before I leave for Winnipeg, Canada on Monday and that makes me super stressed.

It’s OK that I stopped in the middle of unpacking last night and went to eat Mexican food with my honey. It totally recharged me.

I have had more sweet tea today than I normally do and have made frequent stops to the bathrooms. (TMI)

I got to run and wrap up some things on my desk now before I leave the office.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free the Girls- Bra Drive

One my favorite sweet blogger friends Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl came across another blog called Mrs. Pates who is sponsoring a Bra Drive for a wonderful charity called Free the Girls . Danielle has a side business making jewelry and is giving away a prize to the person who sends in most bras. I really wanted to participate in this cause so I sent her a package of 5 of my own bras to say that I was in. I had no idea i was going to become such a cheerleader for this.
What I didn’t expect was my competitive streak in me to make a large appearance. Last Friday I was running errands and came across a garage sale. I actually got out of my truck and told the woman that I was looking for something very specific and Do they have any bras to sell? I explained that I was helping a charity called Free the Girls and told her about it. She went into her house and came out with 4 bras and said just to take them since they were for a charity. As I drove away I thought Holy cow that was easy! Unfortunately I got very busy the rest of the day and that was the only garage sale I came across.  I also sent an email to my female coworkers asking them for their bras. Awkward but they know me.  I really want to win a prize from Danielle!
I woke up Saturday morning pretty early and decided to head out to a few more garage sales. I kinda froze at the first 2 sales and didn’t ask for the bras. I think it was because they were surrounded with people and I didn’t want to distract them with my charity speech. I quickly got over it though and I went to 6 garage sales in total.  There were 2 ladies that stood firm and sold their bras for a dollar, one lady sold me 6 bras for 2$, and 2 ladies donated them free for the charity, one sale didn’t have any bras at all.  All in all it was a success for finding bras. One of the women who donated her bras was very excited to be donating to charity. She had explained that she was a transplant from Katrina and that she had huge understanding for helping out others. She and her husband were very sweet and said that they had to have help from many charities when they left New Orleans. She stopped what she was doing ( her husband kept watch) and went inside her house to dig for some bras.  It was just a really nice moment exchanged between 2 strangers wanting to do good. We even hugged. J
I have 19 bras to get in the mail which will make 24 total that I’m sending to Danielle. From there, Danielle will send all the bras she’s collected by July 28.
What is this charity all about? Well, here is what I found off their website:  Free the Girls is a non-profit organization that provides job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking. 100% of public donations directly fund job creation projects.  Why Bras? Second hand clothing is a profitable market in many countries around the world. Bras are usually sought after items. Some of the girls in this program make more than minimum wages in their community by selling the bras.
If you have any bras that you’re willing to part with- go to Danielle’s blog and send them to her Po Box.  If you don’t have any, one of the most satisfying feelings I got was finding out how much women are willing to help each other out. Go this weekend to garage sales and don’t be afraid to ask. I had to pay for a few but not much. Complete strangers handed me their bras and was happy to do it!
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its Ok…….

That I opened up spam email yesterday and caused virus to go out to several work contacts.  My IT dept just loves me today!

That I went to bank to transfer from one account to another to make monthly payment- and come to find out, that transaction was already set up to go automatically. I just like driving to the bank and going inside for the heck of it I guess.

That I’ve been eating fruit every day this week for breakfast and snack but ate at cheesy burger combo today for lunch.

My coworker has baby raccoons in her backyard that she feeds and I gave her all my French fries to give to the critters.

I am excited to see friend tonight that is married to my EX’s best friend.  It’s nice when you can maintain friendships after painful breakups.

My friend tonight owns her own embroidery machine and  she’s monogramming a towel for me as replacement to the one I ruined that belonged to my Sister-n-law Sarah.

That the above sentence was a total run-on sentence and any English teacher reading this is cringing.

I accidentally used Sarah’s fave towel to wrap my hair after she just helped me color my hairs to disguise my gray. Hey, I’m replacing it.

That I’m moving next month and I get so overwhelmed after work every night to pack.

 I get distracted when I come across something I haven’t seen lately in my apartment.

My cousin Lauren and her hubby Chris are moving from Atlanta to Dallas and they’re in town this week looking for place to live. I’m so excited I cant see straight!

I’ve set a goal to have 100 followers by end of 2012 and I’m at 78 as of today. Please show some love and have your friends follow me too. J

I have so much to learn on this blogging business like how to link up, blog hop, fancy stuff but Dang I’m trying.

It’s Ok that my TV is an old fashioned huge tube box that I may just be taking to dumpster instead of moving it.

I would rather listen to music any time of the day than watch TV.  I don’t have cable but my honey does so watching is done at his(about to be ours) place

I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday and I’m meeting Lauren and Chris for dinner.

It’s Ok to wish all of you a Fabulous weekend even though it’s only Thursday

Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun with Family weekend

This past Saturday was my uncles annual 4th of July BBQ at his place. Uncle James lives in Quitman, Texas that is where Sissy Spacek is from. She's an actress that was the star of Carrie , Coal Miner's Daughter, and many more. It's about 2 hours away from Dallas and my grandmother (Nanny) lives a few miles away from Uncle James. My family (brother Jeremy, sister in law Sarah, and my nieces Maci and Brynna) drove down from Oklahoma to attend. Many of my cousins and old family friends came and we had so much fun. Uncle James has a ton of land and we spent most all day and night outside.  There's a big pond to fish out of, a small boat to go out in pond (we had to use to get retrieve the volleyball that went in ), volleyball/bad minton net, horse shoes, a mule (like a four wheeler but safer), tons of stuff to stay busy. Yucky part was the snakes -woods and water equals snakes-but cousin Shane shot them!

Took pic while at Sonic getting ice
The BBQ was Incredible!! Uncle James really outdoes it with his smoker and cooker. We had smoked sausage, brisket, hot dogs (smoked on the grill), chopped beef, and chicken wings. Everyone brought sides and desserts and i ate way too much! I brought blue cheese pecan dip from Trader Joe's and pita chips and large foam cups. Oh and a bag of chocolate toffee covered popcorn also from TJ's. My cousin Monya brought 2 desserts that she got off Pinterest and they were perfect.  One was Bugles dipped in chocolate. I love the salty sweet combination. She also made the strawberry shortcake kabobs. Whipped cream was provided too if you wanted it. She forgot to put the blueberries on it to make it red white and blue. It was still delicious! Someone else brought a yummy dessert that were eagles but i dont know where she got the idea. It was the huge marshmallows rolled in coconut, cashews for the beak, and icing for the eyes.
Delicious dipped bugles

strawberry shortcake kabobs

marshmallow eagles

We had a great night of fireworks and lots of them. I was more than happy for this display of fireworks since i had missed them on July 4th in person.  One thing i wanted to mention was on my way to Quitman, i stopped at a place in Quinlan (sidenote:where i graduated high school ) that sold antiques. I found the most rusted out vintage metal lawn chair and bought it for 20$. I'll take a picture for you this week.  Now i have 2 to repaint and i'm so excited to get started! I gotta run, i have killer headache and i'm posting this on my break at work.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays ( linking up with others)

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok - that i still am not the best at linking up but i want to get better at it

I watched my local fireworks last night from the televised special

First time in years that i missed fireworks watching them in person but had killer headache that wouldnt budge

My honey and I hung out at friends pool being so lazy and it was wonderful

I finally went to Trader Joe's in Ft Worth yesterday. They were the 1st store to open. Dallas is next-yay!

I got my 1$ large sweet tea from McDonald's this morning and no breakfast.

That i am so excited to work from home tomorrow and not come into the office at 7am like i've been doing lately.

I'm also excited for this weekend's continuation of July 4th celebration at my uncle's house. He lives near my Nanny that is 2 hrs one way in the country. My brother and family are coming down. WooHOO.

It's Ok that i dont post to my blog everyday but i enjoy finding new blogs to follow.

I am addicted to a new blogger group of just Texans.

That this happens often but i'm not so talkative today

Monday, July 2, 2012

DANG!!! It’s Africa hot here in Texas. I heard that phrase a few weeks ago and it made me laugh. I haven’t really been to Africa to know if that’s a true statement though.  I left off last week about to go to a concert to see Tesla and the Scorpions. They were sooooo awesome! I stood and danced and sang through all of Tesla. I started losing my voice and was getting a headache after all the screaming so I was more tame by Scorpions came around.  I have been a serious concert girl lately but why cant the bands come on a weekend night? I am not dealing so good on early Thursday mornings following a late night. I’m sad that I just cant stay out like I used to and not feel it bad the next day. I love my 80’s bands and so excited that I’ve seen some of my favorites this year. A girlfriend just asked yesterday if I wanted to go this Sunday to see Great White and Faster Pussycat but I declined. Unfortunately, I have a very early class I have to train at 8 on Monday and I didn’t want to be dragging all day.


This past weekend was all fun and games let me tell you. I helped my honey (T) move all weekend. He moved into a larger apartment in the same complex he was already living at so it wasn’t too hard distance wise. I’ve never been able to afford movers whenever I had to move but he has a moving company that he’s used several times so he hired them for this move. Well, they were supposed to meet us at the apartment at 7 am and had a 2 hr minimum. If things worked out smoothly, they would be gone by 9 and we could get busy unpacking and getting tons accomplished by that afternoon . NOPE, they finally showed up at 12:45 – 5.5 hours late!!!  What was aggravating was that they wouldn’t give us straight answers. They said “in an hour” every time we called on the hour.  We had plans Saturday evening to watch his daughter play her soccer game and then take both kids for dinner afterwards so we got as much done as we could. After church yesterday, we were able to get a lot more done but he’ll have to unpack a little every day.

One thing I did manage to do for fun was catch a matinee on Friday with a girlfriend to see Magic Mike. Girls, girls, girls- go see it right now! It’s horribly terrific. The movie is so cheesy and very predictable ending but I can barely remember the plot while I’m seeing visions of hunky men dancing half naked.  Channing Tatum is fricking awesome, Matthew McHotty doesn’t disappoint and my new crush is Joe Manganiello (from True Blood). Joe doesn’t have many lines but he sure looked pretty!  I had so much fun watching this movie and not having to think about anything but how yummy they are. It’s nice to relax and not think during a movie. Right?!

My cousin Cody and his wife Christie had their beautiful baby boy this past Saturday. His name is Cove and was born 7 lbs, 14 oz, and 19 in long. Cove was born with a cleft lip and palate and will have to have his first  surgery in 90 days. He is healthy and perfect in every other way.  I’ll be asking for prayers when that surgery comes around.

I don’t have any particular plans for the 4th this week but I’m hoping to see Daddy for a quick visit. He’s been sick and worn out since he returned home from his treatment. Dad said this is normal and he should feel better in a couple of days.  My uncle has always had a huge BBQ and fireworks out at his place around this weekend so we’ll be going out there this Saturday. I am so excited because my brother, Sarah and the girls will be coming down also. I know I just saw them last weekend in OK but I cant ever get enough of my sweet nieces!!
Stay safe out there and stay cool! Have fun too.