Sunday, August 30, 2015

My wedding anniversary

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.  It really does seem like yesterday and the last 2 years have literally flown by!  2013 was such a crazy wonderful chaotic stressful year.  My dad had been so ill and went through his transplant just a month before the wedding.  In fact, i had put the wedding on hold until i knew any type of prognosis for my dad.  I couldnt bare the thought of getting married without my parents being there. They waited a looooooong time to see me marry.  HAHA!
The wedding was at a winery called Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine, TX.  They were so super strict on what we could and couldnt do and when it had to happen and to be out , etc.  It was a gorgeous venue but not sure if i had to do it all over again i would have it there.
The day ended up being the most hottest day of the whole year. SERIOUSLY!! I SWEAR ON MY DOGS!  It was miserable outside. Some guests left  soon after the ceremony because they didnt feel well that they chalked up to heat exhaustion. Todd's car broke down 3 hours before the wedding and was stranded on the side of the road.  He had his brother Kevin and the kids with him.  Of all things, my friends who were coming early to do my makeup saw his car and gave them all a ride back to the apartment.  The car had to be towed and my brother n law took Todd to the wedding.  It was a crazy chain of events that took place that day but WE DID IT!!!
Todd and i have been together for 4 years and married for two of those.  I love him so much!
I love being married. I love saying " my husband....".  I love knowing that we committed to each other in front of all our loved ones and took an oath under GOD to honor and love each other to death do us part.  It hasnt all been a picnic of course. We have had some major disagreements where we have yelled and cried and we wanted to kill each other.   During those fights though i never once worried if it would be "the end" for us.  That is so comforting and different than when you're only dating.
According to the wedding guides out there, the gift for year 2 is : the traditional is cotton and the modern is china.  I didnt get Todd either one of those!! We are having dinner at the fancy steakhouse that Todd proposed to me at. We celebrate our anniversaries there now.  I am sooo excited!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Missing ol' Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughn

Happy Thursday y'all!!!   So its no secret i'm obsessed with Johnny Cash. I loved him and i am so bummed i never got to see him in concert.  I have a dozen tshirts with his name on it, my screensaver on laptop is Walk the Line, and i have his CD in constant rotation.
I am also equally obsessed with Willie Nelson.  I have seen him in concert a dozen times and i love every single time.  I recently saw Willie and Merle Haggard in concert a few months ago.   They released an album together called Django and Jimmie earlier this year.  One of the songs on the album is titled Missing Ol' Johnny Cash.  Its such a cute song! The two of them sing about Johnny and share some memories of him.
This is good ol classic country!!  Willie and Merle are country royalty.

25 years ago today , Stevie Ray Vaughn died in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin.   My mom was a HUGE fan of SRV.  He was a Texan and got his stardom playing in bars and clubs in Austin. He was born and raised in Dallas and started playing guitar when he was 7.  I was in college and was a waitress in downtown Dallas when i heard the news he had died.  It was a big deal in Dallas and all the radio stations played his music.  I got to see him in concert at Billy Bobs in Ft Worth the year before he had died.

Have a wonderful day everyone

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When I drive i sometimes get road rage

Its already Wednesday Y'all!! Seriously the last 2 days have flown by.  How about you? fast for you too?  So speaking about fast.... I drive really fast.  I always have and probably always will.  All my friends and family joke that i must have been a race car driver in another life.  Or i'm Holli ANDRETTI.   ha!  When my friend and i go to lunch at work to a place a little further out, i drive. We only have an hour for lunch so i want to get there quick.   I'm a good driver though. I am a defensive driver and i'm always aware of my surroundings.   One friend used to pay me to take him to airport and he always complimented my driving.  Coming from a man- i took the compliment!
I think a lot of my driving fast was because when i got my license, i lived out in the country.  Everything was so spread out and i took longer to get to. If i get there sooner, i would have more time to visit before i had to allow enough time to get home without being late.   I've also had my share of speeding tickets over the years.  I have NEVER once tried to talk myself out of a ticket. I know i'm guilty.
I also tend to have a bit of road rage. If you're on your phone and you're the first person at the stop light with several cars behind you, put down your flippin phone!!!  Because you sat there too long and didnt go when it turned green,  not everyone made the light and that will tick me off!  I am a honker.  If you see me waiting to go and then you turn right next to me without using your signal and i could have gone much sooner, You will get honked at!  Every so often, i flip the bird.  Its not my finest moment peeps and i am not proud of the situation.  I'm telling you this trigger goes off and i get so mad i cant help it. The finger comes out before i even know whats happening.  Its so strange that so many makes and models of cars now dont have signals.  Hmmm.  Oh and if the lanes merge and your time is more important than mine to get in line and you have to cut in- No i am not letting you in!
When i was Catholic, i even gave up road rage for lent one year. I had to make a conscious effort to calm down on my way to work and not get worked up.  It really did help and after that year, i didnt flip anyone off for another year after.  Then it started happening again.  My biggest fear is that i will end up honking or flipping off or doing both in my town around church.  I just know i'm going to end up knowing the person from church that i just flipped off.  There are just so many stupid drivers now. Ugh!!  Oh well, right now my commute from home to work is super easy and not much traffic.  Unfortunately thats changing due to our company merger. I will be driving much further again and i can bet my road rage comes back too.
Stay calm and take it easy out there!! Have a great day.

Road Rage

Stay Away From This Guy
Road rage  - funny pictures #funnypictures
Road rage? No. But if you change lanes in the middle of a turn, I have a intense moral obligation to run you off the road.
Very true. Except i spend 90% of the time belting out songs horribly and 10% of the time yelling at other drivers.

Road rage on! more funny pics on facebook:
For real!!

They do it every day too.

Monday, August 24, 2015

And the winner of the BOTB is......

The winner of last week's Battle of the Band goes to Imagine Dragons.  They got 11 votes.  311 got 4 votes and if Adele was in the running she had 5 votes where people commented.
The 311 version gets played quite a bit on the radio which reminded me of the battle.  Sometimes you have to turn the radio up and listen closely to see if its The Cure or 311.  They sound so similar and that was in the comments that they didnt really try to make it their own.  
Thanks so much for your comments- votes!!  We will have our next battle in a week on September 1.

I will leave you today with the Imagine Dragon song that rose them to stardom. Radioactive. I love this song.

Have a nice day yall!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday to the 80's

How's everyone's week been so far? My week has flown by.  Last night was so nice because it got down to 80 degrees and i actually sat outside on my patio.  I had bought a new cushion and pillows for my patio loveseat and its been so flipping hot- i sat on them for the first time last night.  I am soooo happy its not triple digits. Fingers crossed it stays this way.  I am leaving for my Montana trip in a few weeks and i cant wait!

I listen to iHeart radio in the mornings because its nonstop music with no commercials. You can pick almost anyone you want to hear and then it will play other songs similar or from same time period.  I listen to The Cure station.  It plays a lot of  great 80's bands such as Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths, Modern English,  Echo and the Bunnymen and Siouxsie and the Banshees.  I used to LOVE listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees!
This song makes me happy and i want to break into dance.   This is titled: Kiss them for me

It glittered and it gleamed
For the arriving beauty queen
A ring and a car
Now you're the prettiest by far
No party she'd not attend
No invitation she wouldn't send
Transfixed by the inner sound
Of your promise to be found, oh
Nothing or no-one will ever
Make me let you down
Kiss them for me, I may be delayed
Kiss them for me, if I am delayed
It's Divoon, oh it's Serene
In the fountains pink champagne
Someone carving their devotion
In the heart shaped pool of fame, oh
Nothing or no-one will ever
Make me let you down
Kiss them for me, I may be delayed
Kiss them for me, I may find myself delayed
On the road to New Orleans
A spray of stars hit the screen
As the 10th impact shimmered
The forbidden candles beamed
Kiss them for me, I may be delayed
Kiss them for me, I may find myself delayed
Kiss them for me, kiss them for me
Kiss them for me, I may find myself delayed
Kiss them for me
Kiss them for me

My favorite song from Echo and the Bunnymen is Lips like Sugar

She floats like a swan, grace on the water
Lips like sugar, lips like sugar
Just when you think you've caught her, she glides across the water
She calls for you tonight to share the moonlight
You'll flow in her river
She'll ask and you'll give her
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
She knows what she knows, I know what she's thinking
Sugar kisses, sugar kisses
Just when you think she's yours, she's flown to other shores
To laugh at how you break and melt into this lake
You'll flow in her river
She'll ask you and you'll give her
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
She'll be my mirror, reflect what I am
A loser and a winner the king of Siam I am and my Siamese twin
Alone on the river
Amazing river, amazing river
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
Lips like sugar, sugar kisses
Lips like sug-sug-sugar, sugar kisses

The funny thing is that after watching both videos - they both have a touch of India(n) influence.  The first one for sure with the Bolly dancing. The second video has 2 Indian women.  Cool!  The lead singer for Echo has beautiful lips- i'm not gonna lie.

Its almost Friday y'all- one more day!!  Make it a good one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My awesome treasures

Good morning!!  Last Saturday I was out running some errands with my cousin J because her car has been broken down and is in repair.  She asked me if I would drive her downtown to a place she needed to go.  I didn't have any plans and I knew I could stop at some garage sales on the way to her place.  I stopped at a few garage sales but didn't see anything of interest. Then my last one I stopped at a few blocks away from J's, I scored!! I bought a beautiful glass cake stand and the glass dome lid for 5$! I really only needed the lid and they've been going for 20$ or more.  
After we were done with downtown and we were making our way back, we stopped at 3 estate sales. I felt like goldilocks. The first one was asking full retail prices and with no discounts. Usually on Saturdays there is always a discount. The second one didn't have anything left- it was all picked over. The last one I scored again!!  I spotted 4 vintage dolls baby doll size and 3 little vintage dolls that were size of my hand. 
The lady gave a great deal plus 25% off of those prices. I want the dolls for my Holliween party. There was a man a few people ahead of me in the checkout line and he saw me buying all the dolls.  She only charged me 1$ each on the little bitty dolls.  He grabbed one and said that it was worth 25$ and that it was made in the  U.S.  The lady seemed upset then that she quoted me a dollar but she stood with the price. After I paid her for everything, I was waiting for J to pay for her things. That man came up to me and offered me 25$ for all my dolls including the life size ones.  I said " no thanks I'm buying them because I need them and have been looking for them".  Dang nosy man!!   I also bought a gorgeous embroidered table cloth. The tag came off when I got home but I kept it. It's in a different language and it looks Greek or Russian maybe. It's really big and meant for a long formal table.  It was too pretty  to pass up. Not sure what I'll do with it. 
The legs came off one doll before I made it home. I had no part in that! 
The dolls are kinda creepy don't you think? 
Oh and I bought this deer head wine bottle holder. I'm obsessed with deer heads lately. 

Lastly, I stopped at one more garage sale before I got home. I picked up a stool for 3$ and an old vintage doctors scale (that still works) for 5$!!!!  I was so happy with all the deals I got that day! Nothing very big this time and all of it fit in 2 bags.  
It was a fun couple of hours and all that was before noon.  
Have you voted on my BOTB? If not, it's the post before this one.  
Have a great day! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Battle of the bands- Love Song

Um Hm, i bet you thought i forgot didnt you! The Battles are always on the 1st and the 15th.  I have been out all day long enjoying my weekend.  Todd is grilling dinner and i am making my post.  Hey, better that late never right?
Anywho, I will say this now- this is only my 3rd time to be in the battle.  Its been going on for years and many people are in the battle. I will most likely almost definitely be posting a duplicate of an early battle.

My battle this time is the Love Song originally by The Cure.  The Cure was very popular in the 80's and were considered an alternative rock band with goth added in.  I love them! I wore their cassettes out when i was in high school and college.
Here is the original:

The battle is between another rock band that was more around in the late 90's and early 2000's. The band is 311 ( pronounced three eleven  NOT three one one).   They released their cover of this back in 2009.

Another popular band called Imagine Dragons did a cover for a publicity appearance on the Biz.

This song is not part of the battle well unless you insist on voting on it but it was also covered by the popular Adele.

There have been quite a few bands who have done the song but these are the ones that have stood out to me.  So vote between 311 and Imagine Dragons.  I will post the winner on the 6th or 7th.   Hope you're having a great day yall!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Its Friday!! Take Flight......

I hope yall have a fabulous day and and a fantastic weekend!!  I have to make this short and sweet because i'm training some early classes today.

I am leaving yall with a song today by Lifehouse.  Its called Flight . It came out at the end of last year and i really like it.

I've lost my balance
I fell from the trapeze
This act isn't easy
I've been under water
This storm has been raging
These nights are not sleeping
My dreams are now strangers to me

And I need you now
There's too many miles on my bones
I can't carry the weight of the world
No, not on my own

Your eyes are like lightning
Your voice is like water
This place is a desert

I've been walking in circles
I'm screaming for answers
I might fall into pieces
Or maybe I'm finally breaking through

I need you now
There's too many miles on my bones
I can't carry the weight of the world
No, not on my own

No more running, no more hiding
No more hurting, no more crying
No more trouble, no more sighing
No more falling, no more striving
No more heartache, no more fighting
No more fears, only flying 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cowboy spirit

I just had to share this with yall!! Last weekend I went to my friend Holly's house to visit and take her to lunch.  I passed her house so that I could turn around and go the other direction and that's when I saw this house on the corner.  I laughed out loud and had to take pics with my phone. The house is painted and decorated with Dallas Cowboys theme.  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Boyz!  My spirit can't touch this though.
I got spirit yes I do, we got spirit how Bout you? 
Even the car has team spirit! 

Who else is so excited about football season?  I can't wait!!
Till the day I die.. Straight up!

dallas cowboys funny pictures

It's MNF and he still expects me to cook dinner. Doesn't he understand the Cowboys are playing tonight? ORDER A DAMN PIZZA!
For Life
And You Know This, Man!!!!Never keep calm!! We dem BOY'S☆

dallas cowboys images - Google Search

Have a great Thursday yall!!! Woohoo!!