Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Cara Box Reveal

I came across a few blogs last month that were posting about their blog swaps brought together by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals .
Each month has a theme to use as gifts to your swap partner. This month had to be stuff connected to the first letter of your first name.  My swaps were with Holly and Heidi.
 Holly's blog is Curious Sprinkles  and she was paired with me as my sender. I was paired with Heidi  who's blog is Heidi's Wanderings that i was to send  to.

I received my creative package from Holly last weekend.  Isnt this cute?
I have some pencils that look Homemade, Hershey's bar, colored Hemp, a bag of Hunter mix, and some Hankies.  As y'all know i am collecting hankies for my upcoming wedding and i was too excited to get them.

I really enjoyed getting to know Heidi and i loved that she had a common interest in vintage. I was able to find some fun stuff for her at one my favorite antique stores. 
Here's a pic of what i sent to Heidi.

Swaps are fun but at the end of the day i enjoy meeting 2 new bloggers that i will continue to follow. Sweet sweet girls!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Stand for what I believe

Photo: SUPREME COURT hearing arguments TODAY on Prop 8 and TOMORROW on DOMA. Please SHOW YOUR SUPPORT by changing your profile picture to this pic representing EQUALITY, or by CLICKING 'LIKE' to spread the word.

LIVE: Listen to the oral arguments now:

READ the transcript here:

Please support Marriage Equality.  Thanks! Diane-Joy Eisnitz

Have you seen this? Many people are sharing it and or making this their profile picture. This symbol is for equality in marriage.  My post today is not to persuade you to think the same way I think. In fact I respect your opinion or difference of opinion regardless. I also understand that I could lose a follower or 2 for what I believe in. I’m OK with that as well!!  Do I consider myself a BELIEVER in JESUS and GOD? Yes, as a matter of fact I DO!!!   I also believe that to judge others is not up to me and that I don’t need to concern myself with who can marry who. We will all find out who is accepted or not by GOD when we meet HIM at the Pearly Gates.  I was raised catholic and attended Catholic schools up into high school.  I lived in California during my middle school years and my mom’s boss (Bev) at the time happened to be gay.  At 12 I don’t know a whole lot or understand anything about sexuality but what I did know is that my parents trusted Bev and Bev’s girlfriend to babysit me one weekend when they had to travel out of town on business trip for the weekend.  I was treated like a princess and I loved it with moms company would have company parties. I was always invited and Bev always included me in any holiday gifts. Hey , when you’re 12 , you’re always all about the gifts!  We even invited Bev and her partner to my confirmation which was a big deal and only had 4 tickets per family. We didn’t have any other family around us ( they were here in Dallas) and so they were there.  I remember one night having a serious discussion with my Mom and crying because I was so confused. I wanted to love Bev and wanted to make sure it was OK because of my strict religious beliefs being taught. My mother has always been a very liberal loving soul. She taught me  right then that she is trying to raise me to be a woman who will make my own wise decisions with no judgement and to follow my heart. She would not tolerate any Hate or bullying from me and that I need to love the person regardless of what any religious organization tells me.
Today I have so many gay friends in my life that I honestly know my life would shine much less brighter if they weren’t in it. In fact 2 of my closest friends are gay and both of them and their partners will be at my wedding.  My one friend Michael has been so supportive and loving and the perfect friend for many years. He gave me a free airline ticket one year  (before I traveled and earned points) to fly my Mother in from Montana when we both couldn’t afford it. He understands the importance of family and the need for my mom. Michael was raised in a loving ,church going family in the South and his parents have accepted his choice many years ago. Just like the ol joke goes, show me a family now that doesn’t have a gay and mine would be no exception. My sweet cousin Layne is gay and he came out to his right after high school graduation.  He moved to London where his partner (Clive) is from 5 years ago and they are legally married there. My cousin deserves to live somewhere where he can hold hands with his husband as they walk into the grocery store and not be judged or even worse threatened.  Can you imagine growing up in Red Neck East Texas and being gay. He literally is scared to walk with Clive inside walmart  in fear of being hurt. Yes this still happens. Do you need reminded of  Matthew Shepard in Montana?  There are countless hate crimes where gay men and women were beaten and killed . For what?!  Layne and Clive have been together for 10 years, Michael and his partner have been together for 15, my friend Kevin and his partner have been together for 10, and my friend Fred and his partner have been together 28 years people! Do you see that LOVE is LOVE and their relationships is what I’ve seen as a model for long lasting commitment and love. Its because I’ve seen them work like any other couple I know to make things last.
I cant NOT love my friends and my cousin because they are Gay. I  just won’t let anyone tell me that they are any less a person with rights as I am.  The symbol above is truly a gesture on Facebook that has already made the Global news for the support of equality. Little things can make great things happen!
Have a lovely Wednesday Y’all!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes


I'm really enjoying this song on the radio when i need some heavy metal rock. This is a Danish band called Volbeat and this song is called Warriors Call.  Its about a Danish boxer. I think this song should be played now during sporting events.

The Foo Fighters is one of my most favorite rock bands ever and i never get tired of listening to their Cd's! Dave Grohl has come a long way since being the drummer in Nirvana.

Happy Tuesday Y'all! Grab our new button and link up.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

A sneak peek of our engagement pics....

I still am just not myself this week and I have not had the energy to blog.  I had to take a minute though and tell y’all that I finally got my engagement pics take last weekend.  Todd and I have been so crazy busy, then trying to have a weekend with decent weather, both of us feeling well, etc. 
  My lovely cousin Lauren is our photographer and she of course did an AMAZING job!
I will give you guys a small sneak peek of some of our favorites….

Have a great weekend y'all!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes

Holli's Hoots and Hollers
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Join us today for Tuesday's Tunes.
Here are my choices that were on my mind today:
This first one has been around a while and its used A Lot in commercials. Its AWOLNation and the song is Sail.

This next one is Imagine Dragons and the song is RadioActive. This video is kinda weird but i love it. I had the biggest crush on Lou Diamond Phillips in the 80's and he plays the bad guy in this video.

I havent blogged since last Tuesday but i felt like DOO-DOO the whole week! I'm feeling much better this week but still have a slight cold. It hangs on.
Have a great day Y'all!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Me and 100's of others - Join me on BlogLovin

Hey y'all, like the rest of the blogging world who uses Google Reader- we're having to jump on the Bloglovin ship. So here: follow me please.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tunes on Tuesday

Hello Y'all! I have some great news for our Tuesday Tunes coming up. I happened to stumble on another blogger's page who also hosted a Tuesday Tunes with same idea in mind as ours. Lauren and I reached out to her and we are going to combine forces. Her name is Leslyn and she blogs at Leslyn's Lovely Life. We're all so excited!! We're in process of coming up with new button and our names on it and we hope that more people will join our hop. Until then lets talk about music.
I spent the weekend with my sweet grandma Nanny and she's a huge country music fan. She watched country videos all day and i get caught up on the most popular songs in the countdown. Some of the songs i saw videos are what i'm sharing with you today.
Grab your tissues for this first song because it really tore at my heart. The song : I drive your truck by Lee Brice is so sweet. Its about 2 best friends but one dies while serving our country.

This next one is so awesome because Don Williams is a country crooner from way back. His voice is so sweet and he has so many great hits. He joined up with cutie pie Keith Urban in this song and i cant get enough of it. The song is Imagine That.

My last choice for today is a duet with a really fun group Train and country girl Ashley Monroe. Train is typically more rock and pop so i love the diversity. This song is called Bruises.
So there you have it today my friends. Please link up:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend in the country

Hello there y'all! I would normally say Happy Monday but today i'm working from home with a bad cold. I feel like doodoo but you know the saying- Show must go on!
The other night i was on my back patio chatting on the phone when i noticed my watering can was filled with grass and sticks. I thought that was the darnedest thing but assumed the apartment landscapers blew the leaves and they landed there. The next morning i just happened to be looking out on the patio from inside when i saw a little bird fly to the can with a twig in its mouth (beak , whatever) . It looked around and then dove into the can and under all that grass. That explains how the grass got there and it makes me happy they made a home on our patio. Now the funny part is that we have a really nice tall wooden bird house on our patio. Todd said i cant believe the stupid bird isnt using the real bird house, and i replied that they're from the poor side of town and assumed the fancy house would cost too much rent. They're happier in the water can.  hahaha! The bird looks like the brown bird on my pillow- do you think it looked real to them?
I've met 2 people from Craigslist to buy wedding stuff and have totally scored with some good deals. The first major score was 80 wine bottles for free. I have 20 in my bathtub now soaking to remove the labels.
The next purchase was 25 silver sashes that i'm using to tie around the wine bottles. I cant aggravated at the nerve of people asking retail price on their used stuff on craigslist. If i wanted to but your vases for 5$ a piece, i'll but them new myself!

Saturday i drove out to the country to big town of Quitman where my grandmother Nanny lives. She's about 2 hours away and i try to see her once a month for sure. I stopped at a great garage sale on the way and bought 6 vintage hankies for 3.00$ (.50 cents a piece). I'm giving them away at my wedding so i was too excited about these. I picked up Nanny and we drove about 12 miles up the road to Mineola where they have great antique stores. I bought 20 more hankies and didnt pay more than 1.50 for each one. If any of y'all are thrifters or stop at garage sales- i need a lot more hankies please.

While i was on my way to Nanny's i noticed a man in the middle of the highway stopping traffic. He was just a little farmer with no obvious clothing or signs but i see this all the time in the country. He was stopping traffic so 4 tractors (that i saw) could all cross at the same time. I was thinking maybe it was the end of a parade or something. It had to be at least 30 minutes later after arriving at Nanny's and we decided to go to Mineola, we noticed about 10 tractors parked in the field next to Dairy Queen. I had just gor through explaining to Nanny why i was a few minutes late because of the tractors crossing the highway. Too funny! It looks like they also had a tractor hayride with lots of people in the back.  I love Country living as much as i love being a city girl.

Mineola has a new bakery that just opened up and they hired Cookie Monster to stir up some customers.  My younger brother Jeremy LOVED Cookie Monty when he was a little boy  and had the stuffed toy and poster on his wall of Cookie Monty. I had to take his picture! I bought 2 pairs of old vintage earrings that i'm going to use in my bouquet and Nanny gave me a few brooches. I loved these old rock posters i saw at the antique store. I'm big fan of INXS!

Saturday i had a wedding that wasnt very far from Quitman so i had stayed the night with Nanny. It had a been a long time since i spent the night and we stayed up so late like high school girls. I love my grandmother more than anything. My high school friend Samantha got married to a man that we also went to high school with. The wedding was outdoors and it turned out to be very cold and windy yesterday. I have a feeling it contributed greatly to my cold i have today. Seeing her wedding just makes me so excited for mine coming up. I have so much still to do.  Anyone want to take some cases home with you and soak labels? No,i dont blame you.  So there you have it- my weekend in the country. Stay tuned for tomorrows post on Tunes for Tuesday.
Be well my friends!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Products I LOOOOVE!

So in my relaxing time at night before i go to bed  my guilty pleasure is Pinterest. Oh how i'm so sucked into this pinning world.  I am just going to share with you some of the items in my Products I Love board from Pinterest. Are you following me on Pinterest? You can if you want, I dont mind at all.
Click HERE.

Here are some of the many things that i have added to my list of things to save for:
must be mine soon- chanel phone cover

His and hers birthstones ring

Instagram Polaroid camera

iphone printer

instagram pillow

Skull ring of greatness

post-it notes for wrists

Most awesome chair ever
Happy Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Day in Gruene,TX

Linking up today with Jay at Crafty Spices for Wordless Wednesday. These are my pics of our day in Gruene, Texas.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday TUNES with ME and Lauren

Happy Tuesday y'all!  So have you though about what song is in your heart today? I'm still in my Hill Country frame of mind so i'm going to share some Texas singers that i'm kinda partial too.
One of my most favorite performers whom i've seen in concert a dozen times is Robert Earl Keen.
He's a Texas boy through and through and sings at Billy Bob's in Ft Worth at least a couple times a year. This song is called Road Goes on Forever and its his anthem. Everyone sings along when he starts playing it. So fun!

Next is Pat Green and his song Take me Out to a Dancehall. Pat is a San Antonio boy and has done very well for himself in the country bar scene and a few songs made it famous on the radio. We went to Gruene, Texas and had a drink in Gruene Hall which is Texas' oldest Dance Hall. So thats why i picked this song.

Last but not least the Kings of Texas Country : Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.  I grew up listening to all their albums on my parents house and my grandparents house. They are legends and i never get tired of listening to them. Willie is still alive and performing here and there around the state. I saw him last year in Dallas. This song is  Momma's Dont let your Babies grow up to be Cowboys
 So tap your toes today and maybe wear some boots to get you in the 2stepping mood.

We had some technical difficulties with the linky tool today so just leave your comments and i'll still hop over to see what your choices were. Thanks so much for playing!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Girl loves some BBQ

Hey Y'all how was your weekend? My Honey and I took Friday off to get away for the weekend. We drove to Wimberley which is in "Hill Country".  Hill Country is around Austin and its filled with the cutest little towns with so much history AND wineries!!! On our way down we stopped at one my most favorite Bar B Que restuarants that is amazing. There is a small local chain around Austin and its suburbs with only 3 locations called the Salt Lick. The big one is in Dripping Springs and it also has a small winery next to the restuarant. Remember 2 years ago my friend Lesley from Chicago flew down and we did the Texas Trail of wineries. We stopped at this location then.
I love me some beef brisket and some pork ribs so i had the combo. I didnt eat even half of it because i wanted to save room for the peach cobbler dessert (splitting with Honey) and needed to wine taste next door. I will have to split up my weekend over the next few days so beware of lots of pics.

I had so much fun and besides the cost of meals and gas ( and my wine), its an inexpensive weekend getaway!  See ya tomorrow with some Tunes for the link up.