Monday, December 26, 2016

NY pictures from Day 2

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  I'll blog about my holiday another day. I'm still wrapping up my trip to New York from last week.
These are from Saturday and we woke up to snow and then pouring rain.

We ate our breakfast at the diner both mornings- was directly across the street from hotel

giant christmas lights

Todd talking to officers at Rockefeller plaza. 

They were carrying AR's.  Serious!

My felt hat and wool coat were getting soaked! This was before we found the 5$ street umbrellas

Tree at Rockefeller in the morning

saks 5th svenue

Rockefeller ice skating rink

Giant chandelier inside radio city music hall


best sangria ever

Um so thats a giant cannoli on a building in Little Italy

times square

cookie monster and elmo out and about

My plastic bags i had to wear since my boots got soaked

Sunrise on way to airport down 8th avenue

I really had an amazing trip. Todd did too and glad it was such a gorgeous time for him to see it.
Have a great day and i'll talk to ya soon about Christmas.