Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

This week i have my coworker in town from Montreal, Canada and we are cooped up in testing and conference calls all week. I wanted songs that made me want to dance and smile. Here are my choices this week.
The B52's Rock Lobster

My next song is Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes

Monday, April 29, 2013

Texas Bloggers self interview and link up

So I’m linking up with the Texas Bloggers group that I’m a part of for a self-interview. The questions below are the same for everyone – I didn’t come up with these.

1. What part of the state do you call home? I live in Euless currently but its not what I consider home. I’ve only lived there for 9 months.
 2. How long have you been blogging? In August it will be 2 years that I’ve been blogging.
 3. Why did you start blogging? Well, my cousin Lauren had been blogging a while and I loved reading her blog. My Dad was diagnosed with a rare lung disease and I wasn’t processing it well. I needed an outlet to talk and to cry and to be myself without burdening my circle of friends. So I started my blog then as a release.
4. What do you hope to get out of the Texas Women Bloggers community? You said it- Community. I love having a circle of bloggers that can relate to my posts when I talk about places and towns in the Texas. I have met a few gals face to face and I am so blessed to call them friends.
 5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hmmm, I will be 50 (gulp! That hurt to type just then . LOL). I hope to still be working at a job that I love and to be experiencing my 5yr wedding anniversary. Hopefully be owning a home and to be thinner. :)
 6. If you could choose an actress to play you in your life, who would you choose and why? I would love to have Salma Hayek play me. She’s gorgeous and a spit fire and i think she would stay try to MY life and character.
 7. Name 5 things on your Bucket List that you hope you’ll check off before you die? I want to travel to Paris and London, I want to ride in a hot air balloon, I want to have a picnic in middle of some vines in a winery in Italy, I want to swim with those cute little pink pigs in Mexico, and I want to go whale watching in Alaska
 8. If you could be known for one thing, what would it be and why? I want to be known that I remained true and real to everyone and myself. I’d like to think that I act the same way at work, at home, with my family, friends, and coworkers.
 9. Describe one “wow” moment in your life. The summer after high school , my best friend was due to have her baby. She was living with her cousin and cousins husband and they had convinced her to give baby up for adoption. My friend and I spent all summer together and when she went into labor I was at hospital with her all day. My mom came after work and we both got to be in the delivery room with My friend when the baby was born. I saw everything and it was a beautiful wonderful experience. I feel that it was an early gift from GOD to witness that because I was never able to have my own children. When she saw her baby, she knew then she couldn’t give her up and decided to keep her. Get this people- her cousins had SOLD her baby black market and was Pissed! They said she couldn’t come home to their house from the hospital so Mom and I went across the street to Kmart- bought her and baby some clothes, a car seat and they came and lived with me that summer and semester while I went away to college.
 10. If you could be anything (no consequence, no fear) what would you “BE”? Oh, if I could dream and no consequences, I would be a Radio City Rockette. I had dance scholarship in college with a drillteam and I always wanted to go on and dance on the stage. Unfortunately, I was too short to even try out for their team.

 So there you have it. This past weekend I attended a fun event with a bunch of gals from this Texas Bloggers group and it was fun to meet new bloggers that live locally. I'll post more on that later...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

So last night i attended an fundraiser in Dallas at the Meyerson Symphony Center and the guest performer was Sarah McLachlan. Its so hard to even describe how simply amazing she was and to have the symphony play behind her. It was like a magical experience and i mean that.  Her voice is so fluid and she sings so effortlessly.  Sarah had a real cute personality when she would talk to us in between songs. She actually has had walking pneumonia for the last few weeks but you would not know it. She would cough and drink water after every song -bless her heart- but didnt waver one bit. The charity was for Vogel Alcove which is a childcare center that serves children from homeless families.  Sarah visited them yesterday afternoon and read to them and hung out.  Wonderful.
Today is no brainer for my songs: Hold On

Building a Mystery


Monday, April 22, 2013

My spirits have been lifted

Good times! I have a friend named Laura and she and  I were inseparable and did everything together back in our college days.  I moved to Ft Myers, Florida when I was 22 and then Laura moved to St.Petersburg a year later.  I was so excited and we would visit each other about once a month when we could. I eventually moved back to Dallas and we stayed in touch for a while. Laura came to Dallas a lot so we would connect then but after time for no other reason but Life, we drifted apart.  Neither one of us can remember the last time we saw each other but it was at least 10 years ago.  We had recently connected on Facebook this past December and I literally cried! I had been looking for her for a while and I missed her so much. We talk EVERY week on the phone and just picked up where we left off without missing a beat.  Laura flew in on Friday and we had dinner together and she met my fiancĂ© Todd. It was so much fun. She was going to stay the night but she has many friends here in Dallas and one of them had a day surgery and needed Laura to take care of her. She’s going to stay tomorrow night with us so I get more girl time. I cant believe it but we were so busy talking at dinner that neither of us thought to get our picture. Poo! Did I mention that my sweet cousin who is also my best friend moved away last Thursday to North Carolina?  I needed a good busy weekend to keep me occupied from crying every day. I miss her so much I cant stand it.
Saturday was a very busy day starting out. Ironically, I have another friend that currently lives out of state in Virginia and she and her husband were also visiting this weekend to find a house. Good news is that they’re moving back and I’m very happy about that.  Anyway, the plans were to meet Tammy and Alex for lunch but their realtor had other plans in mind. So I never did connect with them but I will have forever when they get here in June. My church was hosting a craft fair to raise funds for our building and so I went to that for a while to help and show my support.  Have you guys heard of Origami Owl? Well, that’s another post I’ll be detailed about on another day but I bought a necklace with marriage theme. I left the craft show and stopped at a garage sale and bought a vintage set of TV trays and a wooden ladder all for 5 dollars! 
I stopped at a friends house that was 2 blocks away from the garage sale because she had some brooches for me and dang- I hit the motherload! She gave me 8 brooches and one of them is shaped like grapes. That’s perfect for my winery theme.  Saturday evening we just stayed at home and relaxed and Todd made chicken fettuccini . yummy!

 Yesterday after church I stopped for lunch at Quaker Steak and Lube because they were having a biker fundraiser and 15% percent of money made off food and drinks are going to our city of West, Texas. I had a sandwich and a drink ( the drink was 8.99) and so I did my share plus made donation in the jug they had going.  My chapter has a band called the Passion Band ( get it, we’re the Passion Riders) and they were asked to be the band for the fundraiser which is so cool. Many of our chapter members were there  and several bikers from the community showed up. I hope  they made a lot of money for West!
self photo with my iphone.

As far as visitors, my sister Rachelle , her husband Henry, and my nieces Paloma and Ava are also here from Singapore. They actually got here last Wednesday and I saw them the night they arrived. My niece Ava is only 4 months old y’all so this is my first time to hold her and see her in person.  I’m so happy!  All 4 of my nieces bring me such JOY.  I went out to my Dad’s after lunch and stayed a few hours with the family and I didn’t want to put the baby down. Paloma is such a big girl and she got some new cowgirl boots to ride the horses. 
sweet punkin

Paloma , Ava (happiest baby) and stepmom Deb

She's a natural

  All in all, it was such a great weekend and I’m kinda tired from it all.  Come back and see me tomorrow  for Tuesday Tunes.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

West, Texas (that is in Central Texas and not out west)

I just dont have a lot to say right now about this week. The Boston Marathon bombings were enough to think about but with the explosion last night in West , i feel numb. My heart is so heavy with the sadness that goes out to all those injured, affected, and those who have lost someone to these tragedies.
West is just shy of a 100 miles south of Dallas and they have the best Kolache store around at the Little Czech Stop . I've stopped there dozens of times and they're  a  landmark for West.  My heart and soul is also swollen with pride of the amazing strength and love from our state during this time. There were so many people from all over Texas that immediately jumped in car heading for West, they are being turned away.  Texans dont play around and we are already seeing fund raisers and blood drives being put together.
If you are of the praying kind, please say  a prayer for this small town, Boston, and our Country.
 Hugs to all!!
I wanted to post a few Texas proud pics that i got from Facebook today.

My stepdad is a retired fireman and this one hurts

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Good morning y'all!  You know what today is.....
I'm starting today off with a great song called Joy sung by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and Bono from the awesome band U2.  I love this song and both of these guys are pretty incredible in the Rock N Roll world!

This next song is by one of my fave bands of the 80's Talking Heads. They had so many great hits it was hard to decide but i love this one Alot! And She Was

Have a great day everyone and big Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Fun Run

How was your weekend? We had the best weather this weekend in Dallas and especially perfect for riding weather! My CMA chapter was hosting our first “fun run(poker) fundraiser” this past weekend and it was ALL DAY.
There is a chain popping around the metroplex called Quaker Steak & Lube and they were one of our sponsors. We started our ride and registration at one of their locations and then ended the ride at another one of their locations a few miles down the road.  Unfortunately when its our deal we have to work it and not go on the planned routes for everyone else.  Todd and I were assigned the registration booths for both locations so we would be busy in spurts.  We had free donuts and coffee and goodie bags but all those who bought a ticket and wrist band were entered to win tons of prizes and money.
We had a fairly good turnout and we know now what we need to do differently next year.  Our event happened the same weekend as the Texas Motor Speedway races and one of the most  popular biker bars in Dallas was also having their Spring Hoorah. We still did good though and it was just fun hanging out with my group. Sunshine , Harleys. Chicken wings, and spending all day with Todd is priceless!

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting my little blog.
 Remember to join us tomorrow for Tuesday Tunes.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mother of the Bride dress- Anthropologie

I want to start by saying i am in NO way form or fashion being compensated by Anthropologie for what i'm about to write here. They have no clue who i am much but i just want everyone to know how happy i am with them. A week ago today when my phone fried and i had to go to Apple store, i got there before my appointment and Apple told me to leave and come back at my appointed time.  SO, 2 doors down was an Anthropologie store. The only good part that came from that night!  My sweet little Mom lives in very remote Montana and there are seriously no stores but Walmart and Three Bears grocery store.  Dallas has the best shopping so i told her i would be on the lookout for a dress to wear to my wedding. My wedding is in August so we all  know its going to be brutally hot. My goal was to find something sleek and elegant but also comfortable and cool.
I was in the store ot 5 minutes when i saw THE DRESS! My colors for the wedding are Orange and Silver so i was looking at anything in the Coral or Gray family but really anything that caught my attention. I find this nice very pale gray accordion dress that is tea-length and has built in slip. Its that perfect dress that you can really dress up or even slap on some cute sandals and dress down.
 My true concern though is the return policy.  Mom lives on the base of a mountain with no real address so UPS is out of the question. She has a PO BoX that i have to send postal. I was talking out loud when i saw this dress- like OMG this is perfect! I was holding it up and when the sales girl came by asked if i wanted to try it on and if i needed any help. I asked what their return policy was and almost fell over when she told me. The return policy is so AMAZINGLY flexible. They have a store member club card called the Anthro club. Once you sign up for that, you get a little card for your keychain. The best part is that every purchase is recorded under your club number and its on file in case you lose your receipt. WHAT?! How cool!
To be able to send to my mom in Montana , let her try it on and have her send back to me is so refreshing that there's no rush end date.  Now the best part is that i sent to Mom priority and she got it on Tuesday of this week. It fits her perfect and she absolutely loves it so i need not worry about any return policy.  She is so cute because when she called me to tell me she received the dress, she said "i've tried it on 3 times already because it makes me feel beautiful".  She said it fits like it was tailor made by her.  Now all that is left to complete her outfit is some shoes and some cute accessories. I'm thinking one of those trendy bib necklaces that is so popular right now. We shall see.
Here is the dress off the website but it is so much prettier in person.

I just really enjoy shopping where there is great customer service.  I am so relieved to have one more thing checked off my list of wedding to-do's. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Tunes

Good morning everyone! Today is my favorite day to blog because i love all things music.

Today's first song is one that i'm really enjoying hearing on the radion. I am huge fan of P!nk and this is a duo with the lead singer from the band Fun.  Her husband Corey is in this video and its pretty hot!!
The song is Just give me a reason

This next song is by Nirvana and i have always loved it. Funny thing is that my little 6 yr old niece can sing most all the words to this. I smile now every time i hear this song because i hear her singing it.  The song is Lake of Fire which is a cover they did. Its originally sung by the Meat Puppets.

For whatever reason my HTML button is hosed and so i cant post the blog hop.  Please leave me a comment and i will come to your blog and check out what you posted. I have to get this fixed!!!
Stay tuned.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Back that thing up!!

So how was everyone’s weekend? I needed this past weekend to be a nice relaxing one because I had a rough week. Let me just say now- stop what you’re doing this very second and back your phone up. 
My phone was doing an update while plugged into my laptop and in the last 30 seconds my laptop had a hiccup which caused my iphone to freeze. I took it to Sprint (where I bought it) and they  looked at it for 3 minutes and said I had to go to Apple store and there was nothing they could do. What?!! You would think if they are going to sell Apple products, they need to learn how to deal with them. So I had to rush over to nearest Apple store and long story short- I lost EVERYTHING and had to get a new refurbished phone. For whatever reason , the Cloud didn’t even capture my stuff. I had half of my contacts and that’s it.  I literally broke down and cried at the Apple store because I had over 300 pictures. Many of them were pictures of the sweet texts sent to me by my Dad or the well wishes when we announced our engagement. I hate remembering a picture here and there that I no longer have.  The good part is that I have apple care on my plan so it was all free.
Yesterday I went to Lauren’s house so we could spray paint my wine bottles. I’m using them for my wedding centerpieces and I have over 80 to paint. I've spent weeks with them soaking in my bathtubs. Lauren also soaked some bottles for me too.  We started with the orange ones and then painted the silver ones last. The funny part is that we were both barefoot and the paint would fall all around the sheets and then we were walking on it.  My feet were coated in paint and they were sticking to my gas pedals on the way home and I stained my bathtub scrubbing them. LOL. Next time, must wear yucky socks so I can just throw them away.

Another reason why last week was so rough is that I got the news that Lauren and her husband Chris are definitely leaving Texas and pretty quickly. I’m so sad that my junkin partner and best friend is moving farther away from me. I know that we can still Skype and talk everyday ( we do this) but I’m just going to miss her so much it hurts! She will still be my wedding photographer and will be here for that.  She cant get out of that!
I am so proud of her and Chris though and they are an example of true followers of Christ. 
Anyhoo, hope your week will be a good one.  Come join me tomorrow for Tuesday’s Tunes!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Some of my favorites from the 80's today.
When the Safety Dance came on, my friends knew it was MY song. I loved dancing to it and the video is so cheesy and funny.  Oh and it will for sure be played at my wedding.  Here are the Men without Hats.

I was glued to MTV in the 80's and  i knew every video there was. So whats funny is when i hear a song from back then,i want to imitate the dance they used in video. No better song explains that , then when i hear Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar.

  You have to shimmy shimmy when you hear this song!
Let's all shimmy together and have a great Tuesday! Dont forget to link up and tell everyone about this fun music party we have every Tuesday.

My HTML is broken and it wont let me use the linky tool soooo- hop on over to Lauren's page or Leslyn's page to link up. Sorry for the technical difficulties.

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