Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zinnia's and Zinfandel

Today is it! Done! Kaput! Last day of the A to Z challenge.  I cant even begin to tell you the stress and anxiety I had leading up to day 1 (letter A).  I do good just to sometimes even post once a week maybe 3 times MAX! It was the Monday, Friday, Saturday posts that scared me.  I even had to travel to California for a week and I was worried about that too.  BUT I did it. I survived and man I'm glad I did! I have earned a few more followers and more blogs that I'm following to my list.  Some sweet , creative and fun people.  I looked at the sign up list yesterday and there was actually 1,544 people signed up. I was number 385 on the list.
I need to tell everyone that comments on my blog- I reply back via my phone or email. Every single comment.  More than half of my commenters are NOREPLYbloggers.  I am willing to bet you money that you don't realize you are.  This means that you're not getting my responses back.  That makes me sad. I don't want you think I am ignoring and that I don't comment back.  I rarely reply back to your comment in my blog because I have a corporate job and my laptop doesn't allow me on Blogger, FB, etc. and its easier to comment from my phone. My cousin had to tell me when I was a no -reply blogger because I didn't realize I was.

Now back to the letter Z.   When I was first branching out wanting to drink wine, I started drinking white Zinfandel.  I liked the sweetness of it and it made me feel grown up. LOL.  Then fast forward 15 years and I spent a lot of time at wineries in California when I was there working. I went to never drinking red wines to ONLY drinking red wines now. I will drink a chardonnay occasionally during the summer but I do prefer reds.  If you're not real familiar with the many kinds of wines like Cabernets, Merlots, Chablis, Pinot Noirs or Grigios, etc, you may not know that there is also a Red Zinfandel too.  Zinfandels tend to be fruity and a little spicy at same time.  The fruits are more like a cherry or raspberry fruits.  They are delicious but they are not sweet. Not anything like its sister white zinfandels.  I do prefer Cabernets and blends overall. 
This one is my favorite:

It is yummy!!

Right now as I drive thru neighborhoods, I am so enjoying peoples gorgeous gardens that are blooming. I don't garden but I love looking at all the flowers.  Zinnias are so pretty to me.  My very favorite flower is Tulips.  What is your favorite flower? Do you garden? I like to buy a bunch of tulips for my table from my grocery store.

Y'all have a super Thursday will ya!! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Y- YOU are my Sunshine

Its been raining A LOT here lately in Dallas. We've had some crazy thunder and lightning storms and today it didn't get over 60 degrees.  That's unheard of in Dallas at this time of year.  Now I am not complaining in the least bit. I hate- yes I said hate- our summers! They are brutal and way too hot to have fun in the summer. I like that our lakes are filling up and the grass is green and not brown and crunchy.  However, with all this rain I need some sunshine to brighten my days.

Because there isn't anything better than Johnny Cash singing You are my Sunshine to June Carter.

You are my Sunshine PrintableHope yall have a sunshiny day!!! One more day of the A to Z challenge.  Cant believe it. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter X- is 10 in Roman numerals

 It is really hard to think of a post on the letter X.   The symbol “X” means 10 in Roman numerology. So I am going to write about 10 things I am really happy about.

  I went to an estate sale this past weekend and really scored some fun stuff at great prices.  I stopped by on Friday on my lunch hour and only spent a few minutes there. On Saturday , they lowered the prices to 50% off everything.  Woohoo!

  1. I got this bag of vintage clothes pins for only 1.00$.  I bought a small bag that had 3 in them from an antique store around Christmas and paid close to 5$.   So this purchase made me really happy!

2. I bought this beautiful ( to me) handmade full size quilt that I’m in love with.  I love the bright colors and it has orange in it. For those who don’t know, Orange is my all time favorite color!  I have an old wood ladder in my hallway that has quilts draped over the rungs.  I like being able to grab one and curl up on the couch with.

 3. I bought a wooden wine box that had pretty spools of various lace all for 5$.
I bought a lovely vintage lamp for only 10$.  I have seen these same lamps go for close to 50$.  And the sockets all work

    I bought a box of fun vintage buttons , and some spools of thread and some bias tape ribbon all for 2$.  You pay a dollar now just for one or 2 of the button sets at junk shows and antique stores. 

  2. I got to celebrate my 2nd cousin’s 40th wedding anniversary. Dad and Deb were there and we had a fun evening.

  3. I got a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s which really makes me happy. I rarely get those. They had a sale on house slippers where you buy one pair – get the 2nd pair for one penny.  My dogs ate my new pair I got for Christmas so I grabbed some for me and mom.  I bought Mom a few other fun things and wrapped her package last night. I just need to go to post office and mail it to arrive by Mother’s Day. 
  4. I started my rule again where if I buy a new shirt- I donate a shirt out of my closet.  I have a coworker that has 2 boys and her husband cant work. She is on very tight budget and never buys for herself. She loves getting my shirts and I picked out 3 for her that I think she will like.   One of them is a new one but I took the tags off and she doesn’t know.   She would get mad if she knew I bought it FOR HER so its what I do.  I love it!!
  5. While going through some clothes last night, I also have 2 bags of clothes to donate to a charity I support: Genesis Womens Shelter .  It supports abused women who flee from their homes with nothing, and they also help provide resources for employment, and other support to them.
  6. This Friday will be May 1.  My birthday is in May and several other friends and family celebrate in May.  I am getting older and that is a blessing! Every day to wake up and be alive is a true gift.  I celebrate my birthday all month. 

So my numbers got totally messed up. haha!!  I cant seem to fix it either.  Don't try this at home kids. 
We need to make a point to think of at least one thing a day that makes us happy. It's very easy to list the irritations.  

Happy Tuesday yall!! 


Happy Monday y'all!!  I've got a very busy day .  Taking an easy way to post with a song from Matchbox Twenty

Friday, April 24, 2015

V- songs or singers with V

Its Saturday y'all!! Here are some hard rock songs to wake you up and get ya going.

Godsmack: Voodoo

Chevelle- Vitamin R


Have a great day and stay dry and safe! We've been having some serious weather with tornados, high winds, crazy rain, etc......

Thursday, April 23, 2015

U2 and Unicorns

Its Friday and I am so happy for that!!  It's supposed to be rainy this weekend so it will be an indoor kind of weekend.
Unicorns are just fun. They are a magical creature that resembles a horse with a long pointed horn in middle of their heads.  Way back in the 60's and 70's, my aunt used to collect unicorns so I knew what they were from a young age. At that time it was something unique to collect because you didn't see them everywhere. Then sometime in the 80's - unicorns exploded and were seen everywhere.  Don't you hate when something used to be fun and a challenge and then soon after you can find it at the local dollar store?!
I have a tshirt with a unicorn and a funny saying and of course I cant think of what it says at this very moment.   Here are some pretty pictures and some funny ones I got off Pinterest.
KEEP TRYING PONY!!!! YOU WILL SUCCEED IN BECOMING A UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns: A Response From A Unicorn
I'm a Unicorn 12x18 Art Print
Well, of course they are real. How else would one get photographs??

U2 is a band that I like a lot! I am really hoping they do another tour and come to Dallas.  I've always wanted to see them perform live.  I know that they're not for everyone and that some people are not a fan of  lead singer Bono.  I just really like their songs and the lyrics. 
The latest huge hubbub was last year they gave everyone their album for free on iTunes. I for one was happy about it.  Why complain about a free gift? Don't want it? Delete it. Oh well.  I am enjoying the newer album and I like this song: The Miracle of Joey Ramone.

I also really like this one. Its very positive!
 Here's one of their classics:

I hope yall have a fabulous weekend!! My least favorite thing about this A to Z challenge is that I have to post on Saturday. Who does that? Do you normally post on a Saturday? I'm just wondering because for me, i'm too  busy to be at my laptop blogging and reading other blogs. That's just me....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

T is for Transplant

I want to talk about transplants today.  As in donating an organ and saving a life. Specifically My fathers life. This is our story.   Pull up a chair, this may be my longest post I’ve ever written.  Almost 2 years ago in July, my dad underwent a double lung transplant.  When he was first diagnosed with his rare lung disease, I was devastated and that’s  exactly when I began this blog.  I needed an outlet. I felt so lost because I was so scared I was going to lose him.  The disease progressed quickly and he was soon in a wheelchair , on high amounts of oxygen.  Dad traveled to Santa Domingo 3 times to try the stem cell option.   Stem cell treatment is not 100% legal in the US and is only used right now in the US if you have cancer.  It seemed to be working and we were so optimistic.  Then we waited for this specific process that took a long time to get just right and when that day finally came and Dad traveled out of the country to get the treatment, it didn’t work.

That’s when I saw the light go out of Dad.

Dad had been dealing with a team of doctors at one hospital in Dallas that will remain nameless. They  told Dad that he did not fit the criteria to be a candidate for the donor list.  These are tough words to hear when you’re in early 60’s.  So basically Dad gave up knowing that there was nothing else that could be done for him. I struggled and became very angry. I questioned my faith. I cried until I thought I surely would go dry of tears.  Daddy was declining by the week and all he could was get up and sit in his lazy-boy and either watch TV or play games on his ipad.   He started slowly getting rid of his prize possessions.  Dad played guitar and had an amazing collection.  I noticed those were disappearing.  Then he mentioned he was selling the Harley.  That’s when I woke up like someone slapped me and realized what he was doing. I was so torn- I thought he was giving up.  What else could he do though? Without any hesitation I told Daddy that I would be buying the Harley!!   God is good! You see, just a few months before Dad mentioned his bike, Todd sold his.  We were starting to combine households and prepare for the wedding , and financially it was a good decision because of his payments.  It didn’t take long for Todd to get antsy and regret his decision and it was funny because I kept telling him to “hold on, there will be a bike for us soon”.   Of course I never would have imagined it would be my own Dad’s!

My cousin Dusty happened to do some volunteer work at another hospital in Dallas called UT Southwestern. It’s a teaching hospital and that makes all the difference in the world! Literally.  So its kind of crazy how it all started but Dusty was in line in cafeteria and struck up conversation about Daddy. She figured what could she lose by asking?  That person said to go talk to another person and that then of course that person put her in touch with a lady who listened and called Dad the very next day.  I cant make this up.  She called on a Wednesday and by Friday he had appointment to go meet her and other staff members.  He “failed” their test so to speak but not without another chance. They gave him a list of things for him to work on such as walking more around the house, using the treadmill, etc.  He needed to build up more stamina than he had.   Remember , Dad had given up by now and so he was not trying to improve his stamina and I don’t think he thought he could.   Two weeks later, he went back and passed their criteria. He officially became eligible to go on the donor transplant list.  Now the wait began.   It was a joyous celebration and I saw a light flicker in Daddy’s eyes again.  Hope . That’s all he needed was hope again. 

So we waited and waited.  A few months later after being on the list  we got “THE CALL”.   Dad and my stepmom Deb rushed to the hospital and all the many preparations began.  The process takes hours to prepare before the actual surgery begins.  We also had to wait on the lungs that were being Careflighted in.  So they took Daddy back and intubated him and he was prepped to go.  When it was all said and done- the donor lungs were a NO-GO.  They found the slightest pocket of fluid on one of them and the Dr’s voted no transplant.  Now, in meantime Dad was unconscious and to make a very very longer story short, Dad died on the table.  The surgeons of course saved him within seconds but it now opened a whole new can of worms .

The false transplant process really did a number on Daddy. He was so weak and he had to stay on tubes for days.  The doctors needed  to basically start over on the game plan and the next set of actions for a transplant.  It was the hardest thing to tell Dad when he woke up the next day – that he DID NOT have new lungs.   He was in ICU , hooked up to all these machines and to know that he had to continue struggling with his bad lungs.   Oh my , this is so hard to type out right now. I’m crying again.   It was determined that when and if the next match comes up, it had to be perfect and no more false starts again.  He wouldn’t make it.

The good news is that through all that, the factors that had to be matched up got changed. Example:  the first donor had to be of a certain height and the lungs a certain size- that changed to different criteria.  Nothing can be easy with Daddy ( or me for that matter).  Daddy had a heart surgery 5 years ago. The unnamed hospital I mentioned above totally botched some parts.  They didn’t patch him up correctly and caused some internal scar tissue.  Its little things like that that can cause a lot of heart ache down the road for the surgeons.  The surgeons actually had to come up a whole new plan and approach that had never been done before.  Being with this teaching hospital was so amazing. The doctors are old and seasoned and wise and young and new and innovative!

Fast forward another few months, Daddy never left the hospital after the “false alarm transplant” and was getting more weak by the week.  Deb and I were taking shifts – she the daytime and evenings were mine.  Todd would come up often too and we took turns staying the night with him.  It all became very scary because Daddy got very anxious and didn’t want to be alone. He used to never be like that but we didn’t want him stressing out because it was too exhausting for him.  By now, he couldn’t even eat solid foods because it took too much energy to chew.  Can you imagine that?  I had been so lucky with my job because I wasn’t traveling much at all which allowed me to be at hospital every night.  BUT, my luck ran out. I was being sent to train a large class in Jacksonville, Florida soon for the whole week.  It was the week before I had to travel and I kept telling Daddy that we better get “the call” that day or the day after or one day that week. I said it would be my luck that the one week I’m gone, he would get the transplant.  It was one night that I cant get out of my head. Todd joined me at the hospital that evening and Daddy told both of us that if there wasn’t a match soon, he wanted to go home.   He was tired of living at the hospital for the last several weeks.

I understood but I couldn’t accept it. I stepped out of the room and broke down.  Todd told me to not be angry and that Daddy lived a good life and that he was tired of fighting.  At this time, Daddy’s quality of life was just above zero.  He was on the highest level of oxygen and he could still barely talk, breathe or move.

It was a Friday night in July and I was going home first to have dinner with Todd before I headed to the hospital.  I never did that but it seemed like it was ages since I had really seen much of Todd since I was at hospital every night.  What I haven’t mentioned yet was that we were also supposed to be planning our wedding and had set a date for August 31 of that year.  We bumped the date up so that I could have both parents at my wedding.  Originally we wanted to wait another year for financial reasons.  Todd understood the urgency and so he didn’t hesitate when I asked if we could marry sooner.  It was looking as if that date would still be too late.  So back to the Friday night… I got home and my phone rang and it was Deb.  She called me every day on her way home to give me update on Dad’s day and I called her every night on way home with updates on his evening, nurses, etc.   I was in the other room from my phone and Todd said your phone is ringing. I said oh its just Deb calling me with the lowdown of Dad’s day.  Hahaha!  I called Deb back within minutes and it was the best call ever.  TONIGHTS THE NIGHT! WE ARE GETTING NEW LUNGS!!!
The surgery wasn't going to happen until much later that night. Deb was going home to grab a few things and Todd and I still went to dinner. We all met up at the hospital around 8pm and they took him back around 9. I was able to kiss him and tell him that i'd see him in the morning with new lungs. My Aunt Brenda who is dad's oldest sister came too and we were in a private waiting room.
The surgery took almost 7 hours and it started a little before midnight.  A horrible thing was that there was another family in the waiting room with us and their person didn't make it.  It was gut wrenching and it added to the stress and emotions we were going through.  We played cards and talked and cried and prayed and they all tried to nap but I couldn't.  The nurses would call every hour or so to give us an update and then they said the surgeon would come out when it was over.
Around 6:30 am the surgeon came out to talk to us.  The good news is that Daddy had new lungs. The bad news is he was bleeding to death and the surgeons couldn't stop it.  They said they did everything they could do and that it was up to him and God to pull through.  I was so upset. My stepmom Deb was a rock! She calmly said then we got this because GOD didn't bring us this far not to make it now. Sure enough 24 hours later, they were closing his chest up and taking out the tubes.  I was able to visit him Saturday and Sunday and then I had to go out of town for work.  The hardest part was behind us and I was OK to leave for 5 days.  Then the best part is that 6 weeks later- a very thin, fragile Daddy with a mask and his walker- walked me down the aisle and gave me away at my wedding. 
There was so much more that happened during his recovery like a blood clot that went to his heart and he died again on the floor which they promptly resuscitated him again.  Great crazy stuff like that but I will save that for another post. Ordinarily, I would break up a post like this 3 different days but it also felt good to get it all out one long post. Thanks for those who hung in to the end. 
I am so blessed to have Dad not too far away who is alive and well!!
Please consider being an organ donor.  It just takes a second at the DMV to check the option.  Transplants are life changing and saved my Dad.  Oh and in the south, we always say Daddy no matter how old we are!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

S for Songs

Happy Wednesday yall!!  To my faithful followers that I've been with me for ages- can you believe that I've made it this far in the A to Z challenge? Me either!!  I will admit that i'm glad I did because I've met some really nice people along the way.
I have a serious post for Thursday ( letter T) so I am taking it easy with today's post and i'm posting songs again.  If you're not familiar with this challenge, some people (most) choose a topic for the all the posts. Many have chosen songs or artists for their theme so I'm not really cheating at all.  In fact , I wish I would have thought of that idea when I started the challenge.  Maybe next time.  SO.... with the letter S, I have way way way too many bands to choose from and I want to include a little bit of different styles today.
I am going to start with Santana.  They've been around for quite some time and I enjoy their music. This song is a collaboration with one of my favorites Rob Thomas.  Matter of fact, I heard rumors that Rob met his wife Marisol while doing this video with Santana.  Another fact about Carlos Santana, did you know he also designed a shoe line? Very cool and fun sexy shoes. I have 2 pairs!

Now this next band is called Selah and they are a Christian contemporary group.  I really like their music and this song really got me through the passing of my step-dad a few months ago in January.

Next is Stevie Nicks. She is one of my all time faves! She is also part of the popular band Fleetwood Mac. 

If you like country- Sara Evans is a popular singer and this song helped me when I broke it off from a toxic 8 year relationship. I was in love or so I thought and I knew I was doing the right thing but it sure hurt at the time.  Cool fact - I worked with her brother Matt Evans. We were great friends and he left to be her bassist in the band. I got to see her backstage and hung out with Matt but we lost touch over the years.


This guy was from Dallas, Texas and my mom was HUGE fan of him.   Stevie Ray Vaughn.
And lastly- a newer pop singer that is taking the awards by storm is Sam Smith.
He has such a great voice and I like almost every song I've heard so far.
Hope y'all have a super day!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

R for Rock n Roll

I love music- i'm kinda obsessed with music- I have to listen to music everyday!!

Here are some songs from bands starting with R:

Rolling Stones.  I've seen them 3 times already in concert and they were amazing. They are actually coming back to Dallas in June and Todd cant decide if he wants to go or not. 


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Rob Thomas (lead singer of Matchbox Twenty and solo artist)

 The Ramones

There are so many like REO Speedwagon, Rise Against, Rob Zombie but yall get the idea.
I'm closing with 2 more:

Todd's favorite band ever  RUSH. He's seen them in concert countless times and has all their music.  I saw them a few years ago for the first time in Houston.

and lastly I cant NOT mention Robert Plant ( lead singer of Led Zeppelin).  He's too cool!
Some of the songs are kinda mellow but their rock all the same.
Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Q is for Quick

Today is Monday. Never a fan of Monday's but I'm not traveling this week so that's good.
It's kind of hard to think of posts around the letter Q so I'm creating a list of things I'm quick to do.
I'm quick hit my snooze button once after my alarm goes off. 
I'm quick to turn on my I Heart radio app from my phone to listen to music while putting my makeup on.
I'm quick to change my clothes at last twice before I leave for work.
I'm quick to have my $2.17 ready every Monday at the McDonald's  drive thru for a sausage mcmuffin and large sweet tea.
I'm quick to take off my heels at  my desk while sitting during conference calls.
I'm quick to put my hair up in a big clip every morning when I get to my desk.
I'm quick to pull out my prescription glasses that I have to have when in front of my laptop.
I'm quick to ask my friend Wendy if she has lunch plans but this week she is traveling.
I'm quick to respond to all my work emails from the previous day ( I lost a whole day on Friday for travel).
I'm quick to plug in my earphones so I can listen to my iTunes from laptop.
I'm quick to ask everyone how their weekend was but not until they all have logged in and have their coffee in hand.
I'm quick to look for a snack around 10:30 somewhere in my desk or my coworkers desk.
I'm quick to drive home as soon as possible once I'm off work so I can free my doggies from their kennels.
I'm not so quick to figure out what the dinner plans will be for that evening and to call Todd to discuss.
I'm quick to turn on TV to channel 5 to watch The Voice on Monday evenings.
I'm quick to go take my shower usually between 9 or 9:30ish to take my shower before winding down for the night.
I'm quick to pull up the sheets so the dogs can run underneath because that's where they like to sleep.
I'm quick to get up at any hour of the night or morning when one of the dogs or both need to get up and go outside.  

And unrelated- Jax got a new Harley work shirt this weekend and he's so dang cute! I'm quick to tell you how awesome my dogs are. 

Very boring post but its the best thing I can come up with at this time. HAHA! Have a wonderful day and evening.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

P for Probably.....

So it's already 11:30am and I'm just now posting.  I'm so not used to blogging on Saturdays.  
If it's Saturday- I'm probably having breakfast across the street at yummy cafe called Cafe Brazil. Todd and I walk over there and they have the best coffee. 
I'm probably going to do laundry and grocery shopping. 
I'm probably NOT going to bathe the dogs today because it's going to rain later. 
I'm probably NOT going to mop the floor for the same reason above. 
I'm probably going to take a Harley ride with Todd today because it's gorgeous outside right now. 
I'm probably going to take at least 5 pictures today of Jax and Lila because I put their new shirts on them. 
Todd is probably (already) is wearing his new Harley shirt I bought him from California. 
I'm probably going to color my hair at some point today ( my grays are out of control and it's been a year since I touched them up).  Thank goodness for good ol Clairol in a box! 
I'm probably not going to cook dinner tonight either.  
I'm probably going to bed early tonight because I didn't sleep well last night. 

Yall have a super weekend!! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

O for oceans and on the road again

Last night was my last night to stay in California.  After work, I drove to Venice Beach where I was meeting my friend Julie.  As I was on my way I saw a nice Harley shop so of course I had to pull in. I grabbed a shirt for my hubs and myself and was out in 15 minutes. I met Julie at a hotel that has a rooftop bar that faces the ocean so you can see the sunsets.  It was so fun! It was packed and we never did get seated but that was ok. Julie invited 2 of her friends to join us and they were so cool.  They were so sweet and acted as if they knew me forever. 
We stayed at hotel bar for a few hours and I was starving. Julie wanted to show me another one of her favorite places to eat and it was so good! It was called Scopas.  I had one of the best pasta dishes ever.  I only had one drink yesterday and it was at the rooftop. A delicious mojito. 
Julie took Uber to the hotel so that she could ride back with me to her house in Pacific Palisades. I stayed the night and got to see her husband Tony and 2 of her kids Henry and Gracie. I love them so much! 
If I was thinking clearly while booking my flights, I should have stayed over the weekend so I could have played more and gone to the beach. I didn't want to leave but I do miss Todd and my sweet dogs.  The only bad part of California is the flight home.  It's a 3 .5 hour flight and then I lose 2 hours with time difference.  I'm basically traveling the whole day. 
I'm actually typing this post from my phone so it's not posting until late today. 
And now for some pics: 
Have a great Friday yall!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for No dieting while traveling

So as you know I'm working in California this week in business. I've been training large classes to our sales reps here on an  application.  I have many dear friends here that I love to hang out with and have dinner after work.  When we travel, we do have a specific allowance allotted for each meal. It's enough to eat well but also reigned in enough from going too crazy.  I've had dinner every night with friends and having great meals. I posted a little yesterday's post.
Last night I ate the cheapest and it was totally junk food. I had dinner with friend Rosa and we always eat at one of our favorite places The Hat.  It's soooo good and it's been around for 60 years.  They have burgers and fries but they also have  roast beef and pastrami.  We actually get chili cheese fries with pastrami on top.  Good grief it's so yummy!! I also very seldom drink sodas. I usually drink sweet tea or water. When you're eating at The Hat- you have to have a cherry coke. 
I've been eating later in the evenings too so I am going to bed on a very full stomach.  It's so hard to eat healthy and have a diet of any kind when you travel. At least it is for me!! 
I am having dinner tonight at Venice Beach but not sure where. Julie always knows the fun places so I'm excited!! 
I love not being stuck in a hotel by myself while out of town and enjoying my friends! 
Have a great day yall. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M - making memories and music

Hey yall - happy Wednesday! I'm working this week in Southern California south of LA. I absolutely love being here! California is one my most favorite happy places.  I used to live in Cali when I was in junior high.  To think I could have been a surfer girl..... 
I have a good number of friends that I love to hang out with and visit when I come here.  I actually feel bad that I'm not able to spend more time with a few of my friends this week.  My college roommate and best friend Julie lives here specifically in Pacific Palisades that's a little more than an hour to get to from where I'm at.  We had dinner tonight and I'm spending the night with her Thursday night.  I'm so excited to see the kids and hang out like old times.  

I had dinner with great friends last night with Brandon and Ben.  They are so much fun and we go to the coolest restaurants.  We ate last night at a place called Phlights.  It was a tapas place and it was amazing!! We shared meatballs, bacon wrapped dates , a pork taco with bean sauce , a cheeseburger and I had sangria.  SOOOO delicious! 

Tomorrow night  visiting my friend Rosa and I can't wait for that.   Truth is, I was very close to moving in with Rosa and being roommates with her. I had broken up with my ex- boyfriend and really wanted to move to Cali. Todd came along and changed those plans. Lol!  I don't regret my decision for a minute but I do miss California.  I love my job and I love seeing my good friends that I don't get to see too often. To me, that's making memories while also working hard.  
I was going to post some songs too but my laptop is being fussy.  I was going to post a song by Matchbox 20 which I love! 
The lead singer is Rob Thomas and I just saw him in concert last month with my friend Theresa.  Made memories that night as well. 
Have a wonderful day yall! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

L is for Lupus

I HATE Lupus!! Its LIFE-changing and slowly wearing my mother down.  If you type in Lupus in Google you will see this:
Lupus: Also called: SLE, systemic lupus erythematosis

An inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues

That butterfly rash you see- its painful.  The rash can be on top of your head and inside your nose and places that are tender. 

I got the rest of this pictures from Pinterest.  There's a lot of information out there.
Systemic lupus erythematosus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSide Effects of Lupus
Photo by realhousewifebx #lupus
My mom has had some terrible seizures and her depression is like no other.  She used to never suffer from depression. The headaches are downright crippling. She cant get out of bed sometimes from her head hurting so bad.

I dont always get a disease but when I do there is no cure memePrintable: "Keep Calm and Fight Lupus" from Etsy shop WereLivingStrong
#lupus flare. Know the signs of a lupus flare

My dear friend and blogger Marla has Lupus and her posts have helped me tremendously on understanding what mom lives through.  Its called Luck Fupus and you will love her honesty.  Go visit her and tell her I sent Ya! 
Lupus is an autoimmune disease that damages cell and tissues. This infographic explains what an auto immune disease is and the symptoms of lupus