Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reasons to celebrate!

Hey everyone, how's everyone doing?  I am doing OK.  I can go 2 days in a row now without crying but I still cry on the other days.  I'm super busy at work and that has helped a lot! I like staying busy and occupying my time with distractions.
Last week, we celebrated my grandmother Mimi's 88th birthday. We had a nice little party at a restaurant that was centrally located between all of us.  We had a big long table in the back room and really had a nice evening.  Everyone was there and my stepmom Deb came too. I was so glad she came.  She also surprised along with Mimi,  my 2 aunts Brenda and Tammy and myself with a wonderful gift for us.  She had got a thumb print taken from  Dad before they took him away for cremation. There is a place that makes jewelry with the thumb print and on the other side a picture . I love it so much .  We all cried of course when we opened it.  I've worn it every day. 

I forgot if I mentioned to you also the place we were told about that makes jewelry from flowers? At Daddy's memorial, a cousin told us of this place that you send them a box of flowers used from the funeral, memorial, birthday's , etc.  They can make rosaries, earrings, belt buckles, a list of stuff.  I sent them a box a few weeks ago and it takes about 6 weeks for everything to be ready. My aunt, Mimi and Deb all wanted a rosary. I am getting a necklace and bracelet. I cant wait to show yall when I receive them.  If anyone is interested, leave me a comment and I can tell you the website.  Its a gal that does it out of Illinois.

Did I tell you that I bought a ticket for my mom to come visit from Montana last month? Well that time finally arrived and she got here this past Saturday.  Its sooo good to have her here.  Sometimes you just need your Mom and I don't want to even think about her leaving soon. I did book her ticket though to stay a month. Its been since my wedding that she's been here in Texas so she has family to visit.  The week after next I will have both my grandma Nanny and Mom here and that will be awesome too! My friend Kimi came by on Sunday to visit Mom and tonight my cousin Jadona and friend Di are coming over to visit. Mom makes an amazing spaghetti so dinner tonight is going to be yummy! Lots of visitors here and there but also she's had time for lots of rest.  Remember she has chronic Lupus and not in best health either. 

I am working from home this week so I can be with Mom and I am so very grateful to be able to do that. Its been raining and storming the last few days so good lazy days around the house.
I ran out of the sessions that was given to me from EAP for my counseling.  I then called our insurance through Todd's job and I got 3 more free sessions.  I need to book those soon.  I really do enjoy the counseling and not ready to be done just yet. I will admit that they haven't called me ( the counseling office) and were supposed to check through my insurance and call me back and never did.  I think I fell through the cracks but I wont blow them off just yet.

So that's it for now. I know my blogging has been sporadic. I want to get back in the groove. I will.  Don't give up on me. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

January can suck it! Its good to be back (kinda) .....

So today is February 12th and Daddy passed on January 12th. Its been a month but it feels as if it was only an hour ago. Still very raw and hard and impossible to swallow.  I am going through the motions of getting up, getting dressed , going to work, feeding the dogs, etc but i feel like i'm in a fog.  I can just tell you that February couldn't get here quick enough.  For some of you that have been around my blog longer than a year , yall know that my stepdad Don passed away last year on January 4.  Now i have my lost both my dad's in January. How crazy is that?!!  I mentioned in my last post that i also was diagnosed with pneumonia.  I think its gone but honestly i haven't been back to the Dr to check.  A week after Dad's funeral, on a Friday,Todd started complaining of some pain in his stomach area. That next Sunday morning he woke me up groaning and moaning loudly in bed. I shot out of bed and i took him to emergency room. He had a blocked gallbladder. Fast forward to the next Friday , he had surgery to remove the gallbladder.  So i was at a hospital pretty much the month of January it felt to me. 
The first week of February, i had to fly into Ohio to work the week at one of our centers there to do some training.  That week was kinda hard being alone every night in the hotel. I cried every night and couldn't stop thinking about Daddy. The weather was weird that week in Loveland. We had snow flurries for a whole day but none of it stuck. I was so happy to see my first snow of the year since Texas didn't get any.
Lots of changes at work and i didn't feel any stress with the merger happening until lately.  I cant really talk about it now but i hate to worry about work and that adds more stress.
Daddy was a musician and he played everything from rock to country.  Surprisingly , many songs on the radio right now trigger a memory and i have to change the station.  What I've been listening to lately is Christian music. I know that Dad didn't listen to those channels.  There a few songs that i have to skip through like I can Only Imagine by MercyMe. Oh no way will i listen to that right now!
I came across a band that i had never heard before by the name of Needtobreathe.  One day i used Shazam on a song and it was Brother. The next week i Shazamed another song and it was the same band but different song Multiplied.  Then i fell in love with song Something Beautiful. So i am really excited that i found this band and there are so many great songs by them.  Their sound reminds me of a rock band Kings of Leon.  What do you think?
So i wanted to share these with you. 

I have missed my blogging friends and i have missed blogging.  Ironically , almost 5 years ago i created this blog when Daddy first got sick with his lung disease. I did it as an outlet. I'm glad i did because your sweet comments and support have meant the world to me.  I am going to try to get back into regular routing again.  Much love and have a great weekend y'all!!