Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday randomness

How happy are you that today is friday?!!
I'm soooo ready to sleep late until 7 am. Now if only Jax could sleep through the night. I swear it's like having a baby getting up on the hour taking him outside. I worked from home today and I love spending the day with Jax. He was in my lap most of the day. 

So yesterday on my lunch hour , I went to my closest government office and renewed my passport with new last name. Don't laugh but it was kinda a sad day for me. I should have my new one within 6 weeks. I needed to get it done pretty quickly in case I have to travel back to Canada for business. 

Todd and I went to a Vintage Flea market tonight that was in Grapevine Conventikn center. It was not very big but they had cool old stuff. I did good and only bought some vintage lace and an old keychain. I love love love the TV show American Pickers and we DVR it to watch when there's nothing else on. Anyways, the girl on there Danielle is the star guest. Unfortunately , she wasn't there tonight so we may go back to tomorrow. We won't have to pay again so there's that. She is the coolest gal and it would be fun to meet her. 
I think everyone in my family had a set of glass grapes in the 70's. This booth had tons of them. 

I'm excited for my Dads Super Bowl party and all the great food. I really don't care which team wins. I like both locations ( Denver and Seattle) but it's not the Cowboys so there. I'm still undecided on what I'm bringing but I better hurry up so I can buy all the ingredients tomorrow for whatever it is. 
What are y'all doing for the party? 

Have a great weekend y'all! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Puppy Love - Budweiser is Genius

So yesterday i posted this song from Passenger and then later on in the day this video was circulating around FB and the same song is used in background. I just had to share this because its sooo dang cute and i love the song. I love love the commercials during SuperBowl. Have y'all seen the ones with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Too funny! 
 What are yall doing this weekend? My dad has a party every year and so of course we will be going over there. I told Todd though that we are gonna have to DVR the game because some of Dad's friends are obnoxious and loud and talk during the commercials. 
I've  been checking out endless and endless recipes on Pinterest for Super bowl snacks. I cant decide which one's i'm gonna make. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just a song today

Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day. I've had a very busy week so far and yesterday my company announced a large merger that will be taking place. I cant really go into detail with legalities and all but its a big deal. Hopefully I can fill yall in a little later on this and how it will directly affect me. I pray that you guys are staying warm and safe. My heart goes out to all those affected in these crazy winter storms. Its been very cold in Dallas and the winds could blow us to Kansas but we can at least still drive on the roads without ice. I am really enjoying this song by Passenger called Let Her Go. I think his voice is so unique and reminds me a little of Cat Stevens. For those 40 and younger you may not know who that is.

Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yo what up!

I had every intention of posting last week but time was very limited. With being in St. Louis the week before, I was slammed when I got back to my office. I'm not complaining because my week literally flew by but sadly the blog took backseat. I'm kicked back on couch watching the Grammys so I figured I got a few hours to reply to personal emails and even get this post out. 
How was your weekend? Mine has been so good. Friday I worked from home and got to have Jax in my lap pretty much the whole day. Then we had 2 couples come over and we played the card game - Cards against humanity and we had so much fun! We laughed until we cried and moments like that are awesome. I really don't drink much and when I do I normally ONLY have one drink . Well, I had Smirnoff marshmallow fluff vodka mixed with cranberry pomegranate juice and oh my did it sneak up on me! It tastes like kool aid and very refreshing. Until the next morning....... Which caused me to wake up with a slight headache and lazy couch potato. We did go see a early movie "American hustle" and we ate at Chili's with a gift card we got for Christmas . Great evening even though I had dozens of things I needed to get done. Oh well, I rarely get some of those open lazy days. 
Today was our first day for Todd and I teaching Sunday school at church.  Our children's program is really needing more teachers and volunteers so we were asked if we would be willing to help. The schedule is made every 3 months and so we said we would give it a whirl but to check with us when March comes around. I got to say that children's ministry is not my calling and never has been. I'm sure it's mostly because I could never have children of my own. I sorta put this guard around my heart not to be baby crazy and to look away when there were lots of kids. Now don't get me wrong , I absolutely believe that my nieces hung the moon and my friend Wendy's boys even call me aunt Holli so I like the kids that I know well. I'm sure this doesn't make much sense to most of you and I can't explain it well. Anyway, I was nervous but it turned out to be pretty fun. Oh there were tears and a little brattiness but not from me.  There was one little girl that I found out who parents are going through a divorce, and she was my shadow. She sat in my lap every time she could and I kinda liked it. So we shall see but Todd was a natural and the kiddos liked him. 
I wanted to show y'all my fun boot cuffs I've been making from sweaters that I mentioned last week. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold so I'm excited to wear one of these with my boots. 
So here are some photos and I can't go without posting pics of my baby Jax. 

Have a great day y'all!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ol' St Louie

Hey y'all, happy Friday! For those who follow my Instagram or FB , you already know that I had to work this week in our St. Louis office. I haven't traveled since last July and I wasn't married yet. I lost my traveling mojo and it was kinda weird for me. It took me twice as long to pack than it used to, I forgot my GPS ( luckily I know my way around here but it's nice to have ) and I forgot my car phone charger.   I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed my new puppy Jax and my honey. Jax literally grew longer and taller in just a week. Todd was so awesome though because he would text me pics and videos everyday of them. 
The plus side is that I really enjoy the employees/coworkers in this location and one my good friends that travels a lot was also here this week with me. I stayed so crazy busy this week and the days flew by so that was nice. Oh and we got snow yesterday and today and it was the pretty fluffy snow and not the ugly slippery ice crap. I love love cold weather so it was nice having a touch of winter unlike Dallas. 
Earlier in the week I had mentioned this yummy dessert that I used to get from a hotel here and said it was worth staying at that hotel just for that dish. Well, the next day a group brought me that dessert but from a wonderful local bakery. Oh my how sweet was that! Have y'all heard of Ooey gooey butter cake? I think its a popular dessert for this area. 
I have some fave places I like to eat at when I work where and I was able to go to most all of them. When I landed for lunch, I went with some gals to the Pasta House off Delmar street. I always get their pasta carbonara and it never disappoints. Hello creamy goodness with bacon!  Then for dinner I went to my fave BBQ place called Bandanas. Their original sauce has a mustard base and it's so delish. 
Tuesday night, my friends and I went to The Hill. It's basically St Louis' little Italy. There are several little quaint restaurants and market deli's where you can buy sausages, pepperoni, and yummy stuff. Last time I was here I bought a huge roll of salami and packed it in suitcase. I served it with cheese at the Super Bowl party.  Anyway, we had dinner at this tavern that had both Italian and Greek food. Soooo awesome! I had dolma's (dolmathes) which are stuffed grape leaves with beef, lamb, and rice. The girls had chicken parmigiana and a pizza  and we had fried toasted raviolis and artichokes for appetizers.  The toasted raviolis is on every menu in St Louis and I was not huge fan of them but these win me over! The tavern was actually on episode of Diners, drive ins and dives and this was my 6th place that I've been to from the show. 
The other nights we went to chain restaurants but still so good. We went to Cheesecake Factory and had salads and appetizers and yes a slice of cheesecake for the hotel. Last night was BlackFinn. We had wine and apps and for 3 people it was 50$. Must do that again for sure! 
Ok so that was all about food. LOL! 
Last few times I traveled here I found some good thrift stores that was close to the office. One of them was closed for  remodeling but I went in lunch hour and bought 10 sweaters for my latest craft projects.  What on earth am I doing buying sweaters you ask- we'll let me explain.  I saw this on Pinterest and I'm hooked! Boot socks or boot cuffs are the IN thing right now and I'm loving it. You buy a sweater in color or pattern you like and then you cut the sleeves off. That's it. Pull the ribbed finished end up where it peeks out from boot and the cut part is tucked in. I have all colors now. I laugh when I think of the hotel maid finding a bag with 10 sweaters with all the sleeves cut off and missing.  I want to sew the ends on some so they won't ravel. 
I'm toying this post now while sitting at the airport. My flight leaves in an hour and I can't wait to be home and sleep in my comfy bed with hubby and puppy. 
Included is precious pic of Jax wear in his sweater and laying in Todd's lap. 
Have a great weekend y'all!! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Just a good ol rainy day

I love rain. It's so badly needed in Texas where everything is so dry and our lakes are so low.  My hair is crazy frizzy but that's what huge hair clips are for. 
Todd had a nice dress shirt on and had appointment today when our little guy Jax added some muddy paw prints to his  shirt. Oops! 
Total unrelated topic, I had very bad strangest dream last night where I lost my diamond wedding ring. I had my band but not the diamond ring. Anyway I leaped out of bed this morning and checked my jewelry drawer where I put it  every night before bed. I was relieved that it was there.  Has anyone else acted on a dream where you know it couldn't have happened? Then , I was putting on one of my diamond hoops in my ear this morning and it wouldn't stay in and I was running a few minutes later than I should. So I put my earring in my pocket and thought I will mess with it once I get to work.  Today at lunch I was fiddling with my ear when I realized the hoop was missing. A few minutes later I remembered that I had it in my pocket and began to panic because it was no longer in my pocket .  When I got back to my desk, I had an email to me and other ladies asking if we lost an earring. I said YES a diamond hoop! Thank goodness someone found it in ladies room and turned it in to manager.  I have already lost the mate to it a while back.  I'm telling you, days like today I wish I didn't have any nice jewelry to keep up with! 
My dream kinda jinxed me. I'm ready to have another dream with no missing valuables.  
Happy Thursday 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This and That

Happy Tuesday y'all! Hope all of you are staying warm and safe. As for us here in Dallas , the temps have been below freezing but totally operating. I am so hot natured and I am truly loving every cold day we have.  I've said it time and time again how much I HATE our summers in Texas. I love being able to wear my boots. I love wearing my sweaters. I love my scarves. I can't wear any of these but a short window of time.  I do feel bad for those who are being hammered with snow and ice.  Our city just doesn't do well in ice and we rarely get the pretty snowflakes. 
Last month we did receive out annual ice storm and it was crazy! We called it Iceageddon and we shut down for a 3 days. All Dallas does is use sand trucks and we don't have many to cover the whole metroplex. We had to call in for help from our neighbors in Oklahoma to send their trucks too. I'm very lucky that what I do can be done from my laptop and a phone so I still had to work buy from my couch.  I get serious cabin fever and it's the whole part of I REALLY want to go to store now that I can't. 
My pickup is the worst for driving on Ice because it's not 4wheel drive. I used to have to put a big tire in the bed if truck to weigh it down so it wouldn't be so light and swerve easier. My husbands little car actually had great traction and we got out of the house a few times. We even went to the movies which was great because it wasn't crowded. It took us a long time getting home though because it was dark when we got out and temps refroze the roads. 
In my boredom I got crafty. I painted, decoupaged , hot glued - you name it. I decoupaged a TV tray with pics of Todd and I , made grinch faces on green balls, mod podged 28 bottles with candy and ribbon for coworkers and or church building, decorated sweaters for ugly sweater party, and I'm sure a few more things I can't remember right now . I love doing crafty things and I wish I had more time to do so . I decided to MAKE the time to do more things I enjoy. 
I actually made a New Years Eve resolution this year which is not a practice I do often. I am "unplugging" now in the evenings after 8pm and reading my books. I have 2 bookshelves that are stuffed with dozens of books that I want to put a dent in. I love to read so much and I get mad that I waste hours getting sucked into my iPad on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  I still do all of those now but in smaller doses. I'm currently on my third book already and I love it! Books are something that I can't stop buying even though I have a hundred and home. 
Having Jax is good for me too because it gets me off the couch on the hour to go outside and walk him. Y'all I have become one of "those" new dog moms. I swear every move Jax makes is photo or video worthy. Maybe it's because I don't have kids of my own and he's so dang excited to see me when I get home. I can't wait for work to be done so I can get home to him. Todd jokes that he remembers the days when he was number one. Lol! 
Anywho, today's post is a lot of nothingness but there ya go! Have a great day y'all!