Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gone Junkin 2 wks in a row! Yeehaw

Last weekend my cuz Lauren and I went to Antique Alley out in Grandview. We got an early start and got out there around 8:30 in the morning. I had an exact address from Ann who also has a blog and Facebook page called Duct Tape and Denim. She lives in California but has a sister who lives in Texas. Ann makes the cutest jewelry and crafts and I was so excited to meet her in person. I actually had an order for some rings and a bracelet that she brought to me instead of having to ship it.  They had a booth set up in field called Faith Meadows and once i put the exact address in GPS, it was smooth sailing getting there.
Lauren and I both had so much fun and you should have seen my truck. Insert music to the theme of Sanford and Son and that's what you would be humming when you saw it. I bought a couple of really big picture frames that i want to use down the road for some pictures at my Dad's ranch. They were only 10$ a piece which i thought was good. I grabbed a nice, heavy window frame with all the glass intact. I cant wait to clean it up. I think i'm going to put pictures behind the panes and hang it in the hallway. I got lots of little odds and ends like some lids to mason jars that you can put a straw in, some paper straws ( to go with my lids), i bought some painted wood pieces for a 1$each, an oversize wine glass for my centerpiece, a vintage metal chair, some jewelry, an iron pig soapstand (dont judge), a few laptop covers that i love, but my one PRIZE that was my icing to the junk cake was the most enormous birdcage i've ever seen. Y'ALL, i think i need counseling for my birdcage addiction. I cant stop buying them. I am so excited for my new one but it needs some cleaning and painting before i bring it inside. It's currently sitting on my back patio. I must admit that i was a little nervous when i had to break the news to my honey that Yes i am bringing home another birdcage. LOL. He took it very gently but i have to slow down on them.
Lauren got some AMAZING deals like a vintage bed frame for : 20$. Yep, you read that correct. Crazy cheap and the lady was super nice that sold it. She said it was her grandmother's old bed. I love meeting the people and hearing the stories. Click on Lauren's name above to read her post on Antique Alley. She posted about it much sooner than i did (obviously). We found this litlle hole in the wall trailer that was turned into a burger shack. Oh my, y'all it was so delish! The burgers were mouth watering and they were hand rolled. It was nice to sit down and eat with some homemade sweet tea and get break from the heat. It got to be near 100 degrees and i was a sweaty mess. A funny part of day was that i found a big and gaudy wood Texas necklace that i bought for Lauren for .50cents. I told her she had to wear it all day and she did. Such a great sport!
Fast forward a week to yesterday and now that means it's First Monday in Canton weekend. Lauren has never been there before since she's new from Georgia but I grew up just a few towns away in high school and college. Heck, my dorm room was decorated by trips to Canton. LOL.  The temps were nothing like last weekend because we're currently having rain storms nonstop. Lauren called to ask if we were still going and i said "oh yes we are"! There are several covered pavilions to walk through out there so i wasnt too worried. The only kicker of the day was that Lauren had plans for later and had to leave Canton by 1pm. That meant we had 4 hours to conquer what we could. Now we still had to go in the rain to go from one covered area to the next. We ended up being drowned rats yesterday but it didnt slow us down. I jumped in every puddle and my feet were pruned by the time i got home. This time we didnt go home with a full truck load but we got a few fun things.  I grabbed the cutest bib for my friends son in Boston. I got some license plate signs for 5$ a piece, a Halloween banner for 7$, some fancy 10$ sunglasses, some old ribbon, and a great carry bag from one of my favorite vendors that also has a cute blog at Girls Gone Junkin.  I LOVE their stuff and have so much fun there. Lauren bought one of their decorated windows from them. I bought my big cross window from them last year and i get tons of compliments. They had a junk clearance cart and i got some fake plastic greenery with a birdnest and bird in it. Hmmm, what birdcage will get that?  There's still so much ground to cover next time we get out to Canton so hopefully it wont be pouring down rain like this weekend. I'll see if i can post some more pics from my garage sale at the Doc's but dont start your timer....
Have a blessed week my friends. Talk to ya soon.

Ann from duct tape and denim, lauren, me (wearing my skull ring)

Cute booths at AA

My awesome birdcage as tall as me

vintage Coca Cola chair i got for 10$

The sweetest pitbull baby for sale but i couldnt buy her

Lauren wearing her Texas necklace that she had to wear ALL day

My truck loaded down and not even the final result

Anyone want to buy a carriage?

My Canton goodies

awesome shirt i wanted to buy but no big enough sizes

Another funny shirt that i saw at same place but small sizes

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still moving on from loss of dear friends

Ok, so you know all about the great loss that happened a month ago when my mom’s best friend and his wife died in a house fire. I don’t know how to link up to my past posts or I would. Well, last Friday 2 of his kids (Amy and Kurt) had a garage sale with all the items that weren’t damaged in the fire. I thought that it would be nice if I could grab a few things that would be sentimental to send to mom.  I drove over there during my lunch hour to look around. You guys, I really had no idea how emotional I was going to get.  It took me by surprise when I was looking through some of the stuff, I burst into tears. I kinda thought it would be sad but nothing like how it was. Our families were so entwined over the years and I just cant imagine the grief that these kids are going through.  I don’t have any pictures of the things I bought but I can post some later. I have already sent a few things this week to Montana because Mom’s birthday is this Sunday and I included them in her gift package. I had called Mom on my way home and told her about the house, the sale, how everyone asked about her, and the items I was able to get for her. We both had a good cry on my way home. Kurt gave me something very special that he wanted Mom to have. The Doc collected all things with wolves and someone had made him a little pillow with a wolf print on it. Kurt said that his dad sat with it every night in his chair behind his back. I also found a wolf collector’s plate, a baseball cap, and a winter cap from UT Austin that I know Mom will like to have. Doc graduated from there was a HUGE Longhorn fan. Mom and the Doc used to also go every year to the Indian Art Show’s when they came to Dallas. Indian stuff was also an interest of Doc so I managed to find a picture of an Indian that seems to be a needle point and framed. That’s too big to send to mom but I told her about it. I’ll get it to her somehow (hopefully in person).
I was very surprised when Kurt handed me a flashlight and unlocked the door to let me have a walk inside the house. I think this where I had my biggest breakdown. I couldn’t help but cry while looking at the devastation and thinking of the utter terror of trying to escape the house. I took a few pics with my phone but it was very dark inside. This house is in a great neighborhood in Dallas and they lived there more than 30 years. I felt honored that Kurt let me in. It's been locked and closed off to everyone (mostly to prevent looters).
I know this isn’t the happiest post but it’s what’s on my heart.  Even though it was tough to see the house and strangers going through my friends belongings, I am appreciative of the things I bought and was able to donate more money to Kurt and Amy.
One angle of the kitchen where fire started

Fire damage

One side of kitchen

Hallway smoked out

The fridge in center had melted metal

Glasses in the cupboard-burned

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A link party on Wednesdays and my solution to hot day on the Harley

I found a new link party that takes on Wednesday’s so I thought I would play along. It’s called Follow me Wednesday.

It’s hosted by 3 ladies at  All my love for all my days, Let them Eat cake, and The Domisticated Princess.  You have to follow all the hostesses mentioned to link up.
I’ve already stumbled upon a few  more new blogs that I like.

I cant believe I haven’t told you about all the great finds I came across this past weekend. I’ve been so busy to post about it but I have SO much to tell you.I need to take pictures of some of my goodies.  On Sunday, my honey and I joined some friends of ours and spent all day on the Harley. We rode out to Stephenville to eat at Hard Eight BBQ and it was so yummy. They’re one of my fave places for BBQ and we have one much closer but it’s fun to ride far to eat. Although it’s Fall, we hit high hot temps over the weekend. I wore my favorite Johnny Cash t-shirt and the sleeves felt so heavy and hot on  the ride. We stopped to cool down at another place a few hours later from lunch and I was going to buy one of their tank tops. Unfortunately , they only had mediums and they were “small” mediums. I knew I had a few more hours to go before we made it home and I was having hot flashes off and on too. I asked the waitress if they had any scissors I could borrow and they did. I cut the sleeves off and then used the scraps to tie the end of sleeve through the neck hole to make it more of a tank. I hated cutting up my Johnny shirt but I seriously felt so much better in the blazing heat. I’ll figure out some way to repair when I have some time.
Yum-o BBQ

I'm cooler with no sleeves

Monday, September 24, 2012

A fun swap with sweet gal- Pen Pal Exchange

Yep-Another swap. Up until a few weeks ago I had never participated in a blogger swap. I now have been involved in 2 of them back to back. I signed up for a Pen Pal exchange swap that I found out about from a friend blogger. My swap partner was Janel from Nellie Bellie out of Wisconsin and she is just too cute! Janel is a friendly bubbly gal and I enjoy her blog so much. I love finding new blogs to follow and to also hopefully gain a new follower too.
When we were joining the swap, there was a question we had to answer regarding what 80’s style do we hope never comes back. I replied the banana clip and Janel said scrunchies in the hair. There were plenty more that I could have added like stirrup pants and shoulder pants. Remember those? yikes!
I got a black and red trivet made from checkers with an "H" painted on it and an apron that were homemade. SO CUTE and It doesn’t get better than that. Receiving packages is so fun and especially from a sweet new friend!  I sent some cute notecards, a magnet notepad for the fridge, a wine cork keychain( I made it), and a package of red decorated Kleenex.
I love my gifts. Cute and functional!

Stay tuned, i have to fill you in on my fun weekend but I'll save for a post tomorrow.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Farewell Summer, Hello Fall Linkup

Today is a record for me I think. This is the most i've posted in one week since i started my blog a year ago. I wouldnt have posted today accept that it's my day for all those who participated in the swap, we're supposed to post what we got.

I got paired with Casey who blogs over at Project Girl Get Fit from Chicago.  The swap was to send something you're going to miss about the summer but look forward to the fall. I sent Casey a scarve in her favorite color, a starbucks card for a latte, some nail polish, some Halloween socks, and a pencil box that had owls on it because she loves owls. There might have been a few other small things but i didnt take a picture of all that i sent.

I received from her a pie crust, and can of pumpkin filling, a jar of apple butter, some grill seasoning, a small football, a Halloween bag, some note cards, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, green nail polish, a bag of cotton candy, some apple cider packets and a candle.  Casey is great regarding her blog logo. She sent a keychain and her notecard had her logo on it and i really like that idea. Also, her mailing label was her blog logo too.  I should look into that!

If you live in Texas, have you heard of Antique Alley? My cousin Lauren and our honey's are going there tomorrow and I am so excited. It's 25 miles of crafts, antiques, garage sales, food vendors, etc in 2 different counties (Johnson and Ellis). It's about an hour away from me but we're going to get an early start. Yay! I'll try to take some pics and tell you all about it after the weekend.

What I received from fall swap.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I am linking up today to the Sunshine Project. I follow Kimberly’s Korner and read about the Link up from her. The Sunshine Project is a post about anything that brought you sunshine this week ( a song, your family, a picture, anything).
I haven’t exactly felt my best this week. I’ve been struggling with sinus headaches every day and I hate having headaches! One thing that makes me feel better and that I make sure I have on my desk all day with me is Sweet Tea. There’s a chicken chain around our metroplex  called Raising Cane’s and they make the best sweet tea!  My boss also loves the tea so we bought a gallon of it on Monday and keep it in our fridge that we have back in our office.  So the tea has brought me sunshine all week.

Yesterday I was running errands and grabbing some lunch from a drive-thru during my lunch hour. My boss surprised me when I came back because she went to our other favorite place that makes the most awesome desserts – specifically  the yummiest strawberry cupcakes. That cupcake hit the spot and it made my day. Definitely some sunshine to my week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me,Myself, and I Linky Party

This months questions:
1) When you're feeling down, what do you do to pick yourself up?
Typically I like to hunker down with a magazine or book and listen to my ipod (at same time). Music relaxes me.

2)  If you had to live in a different time period which would you prefer
? I would go back to the late 60’s early 70’s (like when I was born). I would be a groupie for Janis Joplin and follow her to all her concerts. Peace out peeps!

3)  What is the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn? I mentioned this before but when I was younger, my mom decorated me to replicate one of Dolly Parton’s album cover. I had the wig, big boobs, freckle on lip, high heels, the red bandana shirt, everything. I won the contest and it was so fun. ( I think the fake boobs jinxed me because I now I wouldn’t have to fake them).

4)  Five weird things about you we wouldn't know without being told?
*I HATE all things banana. No banana nut bread, candy, smoothie, nothing!!
*My bottom teeth are crooked again from not wearing my bottom retainer and I wore braces for 4 years. I’m so mad at myself.
*I had a breast reduction 13 years ago and the darn things grew back. Its just fatty tissue people.
* I wont eat eggs without mustard. Period.
*I am super picky and I don’t eat many vegetable but I love escargot and calamari.

5)  What would you tell your 16-year-old self? Please start understanding that there will be people that just wont like you no matter what. Quit trying to make everyone like you and learn to like yourself more. Don’t be so hard on your mom. She will be your rock when you’re older and you need to cherish every moment with her. You don’t know this yet but you’ll never have a baby and be married at a young age but you will have a full life.

Happy Tuesday- 2 posts in one week back to back- something must be in the air. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy but fun weekend.

My weekend was so lazy but with a lot of fun mixed with it.  I stopped at Goodwill on Friday afternoon during lunch hour and I grabbed 4 clear plastic wineglasses for only .50 cents each. I am going to paint them for my Halloween party. I grabbed 2 cereal bowls for also .50cents because one of ours broke the other day. I found a dancing skeleton for 4$ but I didn’t grab a pic of it. Its in my garage at the moment. Later that evening, my honey and I joined another couple for dinner in Ft Worth at a sports bar called Flip’s.  Their food is ok but nothing to brag about. We were there for the company anyway and not the food. Saturday , I got up early to head to Walmart because our curtain rod broke in the spare bathroom. We had the kids this weekend so we kinda needed the curtain rod quick. On my way i only spotted one garage sale so I stopped. I got the cutest Halloween chip and dip dish for 1 whole dollar. They had 2$ on the box but I asked them if they would take 1$ and they did. My friend Kimi would be so proud of me! I usually never ask to come down on prices.
Garage sale 1$

I got home from the garage sale just a few minutes before Honey came by with the kids to pick me up.  Have you guys heard of TravelZoo? It’s like Groupon and other sites like that.  I had not heard of TravelZoo until a coworker sent me a great deal in email. It was a special that included 2 hours bowling, with shoes for up to 5 people, 2 pizzas and 2 pitchers of soda all for 40$. I bought that quick because I thought we might use that with the kids. We drove to Plano which is also where Honey’s parents live so we called them to join us and hang out with the grandkids for a while.  I didn’t get any pics of us while bowling. I  only managed to remember to grab our scores with my phone camera.  I also ran into the same friends that sent me the email on the deal there. They had all their grandkids that day so that kept them busy for a while too.  We played 2 games and I came in last both times. The funny thing is that I ended both games with same score of 36. Honey won both games and the kids took turns in coming in 2nd and 3rd place.  I was the most terrible player but still had fun.  Honey looked right at me and said” Wow, you’re really bad at this”!  Oh well, bowling is not my thing.
Last place

I'm consistent!

I also become a furniture broker over the weekend. Haha! On Friday I stopped to talk to my neighbors on my way back from taking the trash out and asked if they were moving. I was sad to see them leave because their sons were so sweet. A few weeks ago, Honey locked us out of our garage and it  was past midnight. The boys grabbed their knives, coat hangers, anything they could to help us get in and they were great! We bought them some gift cards to say thanks and I told the neighbors that my boyfriend  had them and we hadn’t seen the boys to  hand them to.  We continued to talk about the neighborhood, etc and then they mentioned that they had some furniture that they didn’t want to move and did I want their armoire and table.  They have a ginormous wood armoire that looks almost exactly like mine but just not as tall.  I told them that I already had one very similar and I didn’t have the space but that I would ask my friends if anyone was interested. I took  a pic of it with my phone and of the tables to send out. My cousin Lauren immediately claimed a table right then. I walked back down and Daryl (neighbor guy) helped me carry both of the tables to my garage.  A few hours later my friend Panda replied that she wanted the armoire but they had already left for the day and were at their new home. So Saturday, when I got home from Walmart/garage sale, I saw my neighbors reloading and told them I had a taker. They were very happy because they didn’t even want to load it to drop off at Goodwill.  My honey stopped at our storage to borrow a large dolly so we could get it from their garage into ours. So now we have all this furniture and none of it is for us. My poor boyfriend cant even park in the garage until the armoire is gone. Panda was going to come by last night but it rained or sprinkled pretty much all day so she’s coming tonight. Oh did I mention all the furniture was free?!!
2 free table- my truck is a tad close i know

Huge armoire on its side taking up garage space

I did get a few of my crafty projects started with spray paint. I bought 2 old metal lawn chairs this summer ( I blogged about them) and I really wanted to get them painted since it wasn’t blazing HOT.  I got one of them primed and I painted 2 of my birdcages. I didn’t get the before pics of my birdcages  before I painted them. The short one was a faded yellow and the big one was a very old faded green. I like them much more now. Again, because of the rain I didn’t get to finish painting my chair yesterday. I cant wait to get them done. 
Really rusty beat up chair

Nice and primed ready to be painted (green chair in pic is next to be painted)

Like new bird cages- not everything in my house can be orange

I cant remember the last time I stayed at home ALL day without leaving once but it happened yesterday. I stayed at home to get started on packing for Canada while Honey took the kids home.  When he got back he made us homemade Cannelloni and Dang it was good! I packed, did some laundry, puttered around the house, read a magazine and watched football ( Cowboys lost). It was awesome!!
 I was supposed to be flying to Canada today but a personal thing happened with my boss and she couldn’t go.  I was traveling with her so now I don’t have to go either. My company also has an annual travel freeze for the rest of the year so it looks like I’m home for a while. Yippee!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Go see me over at Emily's blog

Happy Wednesday folks! Click here and see my post as a guest blogger at Emily's blog Insanity Rules with 3 little boys . I met Emily through my Texas Bloggers group. I am excited because this is my 2nd time ever to be someone's guest. I blogged about my fave holiday coming up: HALLOWEEN!! Woohoo!

Oh and real quick mention, so did any of you watch the Season Premiers of Sons of Anarchy last night?! Holy Cow, it was frickin awesome and this season will not disappoint. Jax Teller is too yummy for words and my honey knows i have a Holliwood crush on him. :)
Go now and click on Emily's link.....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today’s post is about my get together with some of the Texas Bloggers gals I’ve met through Facebook. Last Saturday , my cousin Lauren drove to my place from Rockwall and then I drove us to Ft. Worth where the shindig was taking place. We went to a fun place called A Piece of Work. It’s where they provide a piece of canvas, the paints, and an instructor to help you through the process. Three of our girls who was hosting the party provided yummy appetizers and lots of yummy wines. Julie from A Beautiful Day brought a shiner bock cheese dip that I can’t get out of my mind!! I seriously may have to make the dip this weekend. I saw the recipe online today so go get it!

I consider myself crafty in many ways but painting has always intimidated me. I can’t color in the lines very well and I can barely draw a good stick figure. If it wasn’t for the instructor giving step by step direction on where to start and which paintbrush to use, it would have been a disaster for me. I had so much fun but I’m going to be honest and tell you that I don’t know if I would do it again. The event was very affordable and I would have spent the same amount on food and wine had it not been provided. It’s just that I am stuck now with a hideous painting that I feel guilty even donating to Goodwill. Part of this concept is that everyone paints the exact same thing. There were 2 artistic girls that went all rebel and painted their own thing and they both came out fantastic!! The rest of us painted a country setting with a house in a field of bluebonnets. I was WAY out of my league with this group. All of the other’s did such a great job and I would even consider putting one of their paintings in my house. My house looks dilapidated and should be abandoned in the field for sure. A funny part was when I was painting the windows I wanted to give it that barn look with the “x’s. I was using this mustard looking color and when I was done it looked like I had police crime scene tape across the window’s. We got a good laugh on that and that I filled it in with black paint. When I first got started, I wanted to paint a hidden word and so I painted Todd on my canvas. You know like a subliminal message or Where’s Waldo. After I brought it home, Todd was able to find his name once I told him to look for it. That was fun! Nicole is busty like myself and had the great idea to use 2 aprons and so i did too. I had coverage across the girls and i made it home spotless on my clothes. My bracelet and my hands didnt get off so lucky.

The night for me was not about the painting (obviously). It was more about getting to meet this wonderful group of gals in person. All of the gals were just like you’d expect from reading their blogs. All of us are so different from each other but yet there is a great bond and connection between us. Blogging is this virtual world that many of us get pretty personal with. I felt like I’ve known some of these girls forever. I can truly say that I can call many of them friends and isn’t that a blessing!

My hidden word


Wine goes so well with painting

Nicole and me (love her!!) Check out the 2 aprons on us in these pics

My cuz and me holding our end results

I think my paint tray was as pretty as my painting


which brush do i use now?

Lovely Texas Bloggers
 Cheers to a night with fun gals, good wine, and lots of belly laughs!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Brought to you Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue

If you’ve been following me then you might have noticed that I’ve been a concert goin’ fool  this year. I guess I’m making up for the last few years that  I didn’t make it to any. Well, I get to add last night to the mix. I was supposed to be going to  C’s ( my honey’s son) freshman football away game but I got an offer to see Toby Keith in Dallas with my friend Panda.  Panda’s friend had bought 4 tickets but got called into work and so this all happened very last minute. This is where I get to mention what a lucky girl I am to have the most awesome boyfriend ever.  You see, Panda’s friend still had his tickets and he was at work in Grand Prairie. ( I know this may not make sense if you’re not from Dallas).  I was at work in Carrollton and Panda works near downtown Dallas and also had her son that she needed to get home to Garland. My honey drove to Grand Prairie to pick and up and pay for the tickets, then he came home to deliver them to me so that I would have them, then he had to drive an hour east in traffic to the football game. If he had not done that, we would have never made it to the concert on time with driving all over the city during rush hour.
I got to the concert around 7 and had a slice of pizza and a bottle of water while I waited on Panda to get there. The concert was held at Gexa Energy Pavilion which is an outdoor arena where you bring a blanket and sit on the lawn or there is also a covered seated area which is where we were. We had row M which is 13 rows from the stage and dead center. Seriously the best seats! I just have to tell you that the temp’s yesterday was 108 degrees and humid to add. I jump at every chance I get to wear my cowboy boots and I’ve been fine so far because the other venues I’ve been to was indoors with air conditioning. I totally regret not wearing my flip flops! I was such a sweaty hot mess and not in a good way. They were giving out fans and that provided a nanosecond of comfort but I was fanning myself at such a high speed that I was working up a sweat more.
There was 2 openers before Toby and I didn’t get the name of the first one. He performed before we were seated . Once Panda arrived we had to get in the food and drink lines and make a quick stop to the girls room before the fun began. The next performer was Brantley Gilbert and he was GREAT! I was familiar with many of his songs but I never knew it was him that sung them. I listen to country a lot but I have a habit of changing the station before I hear the DJ announce the singers. Brantley is a cutie-patootie!! Holy cow , his arms were muscular and tattooed all over. His t-shirt (that I did not buy) had him on  a back of a motorcycle and it was HOT in the sexy way not temperature although it was scorching that way too. I have been buying far too many concert shirts and I liked him but not 30$ worth. Some of the songs you might be familiar with by Brantley is Country must be Country Wide ( my fave), My Kind of Crazy, You don’t know her like I do, and Kick it in the Sticks. I am glad I got to see him even though I wasn’t sure who it was at first.
The lights didnt capture Brantley so well ...

Super hot during Brantley

Toby Keith was such a great entertainer. Like he doesn’t pull any punches with his concerts. Ford is one of his sponsors which helped I’m sure in his elaborate light shows and videos. They inserted a Ford truck in EVERY one of his videos. It was pretty funny how they did it some of his old videos. Anyway, he sang nonstop and his band was excellent too. It was amusing because like most concerts, he made his exit but I knew he would come back on.  Toby had not performed his patriotic songs and he’s all about that.  Several military people in their uniform and not came and stood with him on the stage. One guy was in a wheelchair and had a prosthetic leg. Another guy was using one of those walkers that also has the bench to sit on. There was a military dog with someone that was so cool. Then he started singing An American Soldier.  Several of the audience had American flags with them and I loved seeing all the flags waving during the song. I am not embarrassed to tell you that I get a little emotional and cried. The camera man stayed on all the military and to be reminded of what they sacrificed for us and seeing the disabled guys was too much. Yes I was sober.  His last song was Brought to you Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue. TK let some of the soldiers sing the last part of the song “cuz we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way”.  The crowds went wild. There was this little old man in front of us and he sat most of all the concert. It was very very uncomfortably hot and I understand his sitting. When Toby started singing these 2 patriotic songs, he stood up and even moved his hiney a little like dancing. He was too cute! After the last song, Toby let all of the soldiers walk the edges of the stage and shake everyone’s hands. The guy rolling his wheelchair was very moving and to see people appreciate him was awesome.
Beer for my horses-Willie appeared via his video

Red Solo Cup- Let's have a party


On break between Brantley and TK-getting water

My ever so handy fan during 108 degrees

Military next to Toby

Guy in wheelchair shaking hands

I had so much fun singing to every song and hanging with my friend Panda. I couldn’t believe how gritty and sweaty I was when I got to my truck. Thank you Lord for air conditioning!  Oh and i grabbed a bootleg Toby concert shirt in the parking lot for 10$. Score! After i paid him I was walking to my truck  and i saw an officer carrying a huge armload of the shirts. Yikes. 
When I got home I actually took a cold shower before I went to bed.  It sucks going thru hot flashes, it takes so long to get cooled back down.  I’ve been so busy all day today that I’m just now posting . Have I mentioned that tomorrow I have a blogging event with the Texas Blogging Gals? I’m so excited. There’s several girls in the Dallas-Ft Worth area and we’re going to a place called A Piece Of Work.  We all get to paint and drink wine at the same time. I’m hoping the wine will improve my painting skills.  My cousin Lauren is coming with me.  Stay tuned.