Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stuff to do

I'm working the first half of the week at my Dallas office because i'm leaving Thursday for Montana. Can I just tell you how crazy excited i am?! My sweet little Momma lives there and I havent seen her in 2 years. Yikes, i tear up just saying that outloud. You see, Montana isnt exactly the easiest state to get in and out of and its very seasonal with their snowstorms,etc. Normally, I get my mom to Texas so that she can see all of us (grandmother, brother, uncle,etc) but mom has had a real rough year with her health. Truthfully, this heat wave we're having would have been the worst for her! Hell, it's been hard on the healthier people around here. I have absolutely no idea if i will have internet connection once i get there. I have a mifi but we're talking podunk small town in the mountain Montana (Basin to be exact).  I'm really looking forward to wearing jeans, boots, long sleeves, possibly a jacket, wood fires, home cookin, laughing and crying with mom, silence, streams, forests, her sweet dogs, and more.
Last night on the news i saw the stats on our heat wave. We had 69 days in 1980 and we're at 63 as of yesterday. BRUTAL!! So with that it leads me to 3 nights ago (Saturday). I was gone most of the day at a CMA event and got home around 8 pm. It was stuffy inside but i thought well maybe i put the thermostat too high before i left. I took cold shower , tinkered around, then dozed off a little past 11 pm. I woke up at Midnight realizing that i was still not cooling down. I got up and grabbed 2 ice packs to sleep with -one between my knees and one on my neck. I fell back to sleep and then woke up at 2am realizing i was soaking wet with sweat. That was it. I couldnt sleep anymore. I got up and called the emergency line for maintenance. They called back and first said there was nothing they could do because it was too dark to get on roof and check the AC. Then at 3:30am  the maintenance showed up with a window unit air conditioner. I was so physically and mentally exhausted, i literally broke down crying (not my finer moment again) and said i was leaving and not coming back until it was fixed. That window unit was going to take long time for it to cool anything down! I called my very close friend that lives near by and explained that i was coming over for a small nap. I had to get up at 7 to go to church. My church is so very special because its at a nursing home with the most sweetest neatest residents ever! It makes their day that we come just for them on Sundays and i jsut couldnt stay at home knowing that some of them dont get visitors during the week.  After church, i had lunch with my Dad,Deb, Aunt Brenda and my grandmother Mimi who lives in an assisted living center very close to where i was.  Aunt Brenda and i were talking about movies and i mentioned i wanted to see  The Help and so did she.I really didnt want to go home yet either. It was 110 degrees. It was kinda cool because we decided to go right then and we've never done anything like that together.  i love spontaneous decisions and making good memories with sweet family. The movie was awesome by the way! During the movie my phone was turned off and maintenance had called and said i had AC again- i can come home. Whew!
Right now i have so much to do to get ready for vacation. When i get back home it will be nonstop all over again.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Personal space invasion and stuff

This morning's flight was not a great one either. I had to be at airport for early flight to get bags checked in and my new hula hoop that i received this week. Drive was fine, check in was fine,security was fine. I even had plenty of time to get my venti Starbucks latte (my addiction for the record). It was when i got on the plane that began the yuckiness. The man next to me (he had center seat) literally kept his elbow in my space. I was so aggravated. There's that common understanding that we all have very little space and to be nice about it. I think he must have been mad to be in center seat (it does suck). He (Mr 11B)immediately claimed BOTH armrests and did not budge. When he fell asleep,his elbow slipped over onto my arm and he didnt move. I actually tried knocking his arm off with my elbow but he came right back with force. I finally poked him and woke him up and said PLEASE move your elbow back to your own side. Mr.11B  looked at me like i was a witch but i honestly did not care. I'm over here trying to hug the window so i can not touch his ugly hairy arm! I took a pic while he was sleeping , i was so ticked off!
Thats my pink tshirt and his elbow on my side.
Anyway, he moved his arm the most slightest bit so i sat with arms crossed almost the entire 3 hours. Couldn't get off the plane soon enough.  Then, I had to hunt my hula hoop down at a different baggage claim from my suitcase. There's a spot for all large items like golfclubs,skis, etc to come down.  I waited and waited and it never came. I was not leaving without it! I has to have the attendant look it up, etc and make some calls for it to show up. 20 minutes later after i got my suitcase my hula hoop came down and off i go to the parking shuttle.  What's the big deal about a hula hoop? Well, a lady at work (Cindy) had heard about the comeback recently of these hoops and wanted one for herself. She went online and found that the good ones ran around 35$ not including shipping. Like everyone else in this economy, money is tight and she's pretty crafty. Cindy went back online and found instructions on how to make your own. They are awesome! She's made various sizes depending on your height. I had so much fun playing with them this week and i wanted one. I actually had read not long ago about the weighted hula hoops and i came within a hair of buying one. So glad i didnt! 
My custom hulahoop next to my truck

I'll go backwards on my last evenings in California. I'm getting sad just realizing that I wont be going back anytime soon. Last night my friend Rosa came with me to drive down to Huntington Beach. I had visited Malibu and Seal beach but i had not made my stop there so it was time. It was so incredibly beautiful driving on PCH and seeing the ocean. I got so excited seeing all the surfers with those kites on their boards (i know there's an actual term for that but it escapes me). I pulled over twice and jumped out so i could take picture. TOTAL TOURIST move but thats me.
There's surfers below those kites-my zoom not working on phone

We found a great place to park near Main street and I wanted to eat out on the pier at Ruby's Diner. I've been there on several occasions but Rosa had never been. It's a really nice walk to the end of the pier and great place to people watch. There was this huge group of senior citizens playing ukelele's, fiddles, etc for the crowd. So cute!! That pic is on camera and i havent synced with it yet. On both sides of the pier are tons of surfers on their boards and i never get bored watching them.  At the diner i was able to sit facing the sun and i watched the entire sunset. I really wanted to just enjoy and watch without doing it injustice (is it IN or UN)by pics from phone. You cant go to Ruby's and not have a buttefinger shake. Really! Yep, there's a story to this too.  Many years ago, one of the hotel employees asked where i was headed. When i told him HB, his reply was to get the shake at Ruby's. I am not a fan of Butterfinger candybars and told him that. He replied that he didnt either but it was so good. SOOO, do what the locals do! I tried it- fell in love with it- and since has gotten all my teammates hooked on the shake as well. After dinner and shake, we still had time on our meter to walk down on beach near the water. I MUST get toes wet if at all possible.  Loved it so much. I was feeling the burn in my calves walking on the sand. Yay-work off that shake!

Rosa and I on pier

Rosa and I on beach
Wednesday night after work I drove up to see Julie and meet her at the club(BelAire bay Club). She plays on Bocce team and she had a game. I get a little starstuck y'all and there are so many people here at the club that are famous or semi-famous. To protect privacy,etc there are no cell phones allowed to take pics or make calls. You have to walk out to the sand or in parking lot to use your phone. I was out front near the main door waiting on Julie when Courtney Thorne Smith walked right by me and into the club. She is so tiny and pretty. When i was less than a mile away from the club, Bruce Jenner was behind me in traffic. So cool!
While Julie played, i walked over to the sand and water to take some pics with my phone.  Her team won and it was so funny to watch. Julie's team was laid back ,having fun, and drinking but other team was very competitive and serious. I am so excited to find a new fave drink that Julie introduced me to. My fave non-alcoholic drink i order most of the time is an Arnold Palmer (thats lemonade and sweet tea together). Well, now there is a sweet tea vodka and mix up with lemonade- you got yourself a MOST delish drink!!  I had so much fun this evening. After the Bocce game we ate dinner and visited with some teammates. One particular teammate had had way too much wine and was weaving as she walked.  I was really proud of Julie and the other guest that took the keys away from her. As it ended, Julie and one of the guests (Randy) drove the lady home and brought the other back to their car. The roads were safer that night for sure! I miss Julie already but I pray for another visit soon.

View from the water looking at club

Bocce at night

Julie and I on patio
Let's see what this weekend has in store.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More of me

I don't believe i mentioned yet that i'm an active member of the Christian Motorcycle Association. My local chapter is called The Passion Riders. I have been a member of the CMA for 10 years. I even had my own Harley for a while. I sold it a few years ago when i was traveling  way more than i am now. I almost bought another one this summer but then Dallas become Africa hot and i changed my mind for now.  I love my CMA chapters!  CMA is a non-demonination group of all religions that love Jesus and motorcycles. This past weekend there was a bike rally in our chapters area. It was held at a restuarant called Redneck Heaven. Not my kind of place really but what do ya do?! The MC club BACA (bikers against child abuse) was hosting the event. It was sooo brutally hot on Saturday. People dont want to be out on their bikes in a hot parking lot. We were there to pass out water, cookies, and do  a mass Bike blessing to all there. Since there was not a large crowd, we pushed the hours back to do the blessings and i ended up leaving. I was starting to get a headache again and needed to be in some air conditioning. I was there to support my group for a few hours so it was all good!
CMA booth (thats Chuck-a member)

Tonight , i had dinner at a new place with 2 coworker friends of mine Marie and Lisa. It was a cute old BBQ place that started in 1949 called Chris and Pitts. The menu had pictures of the dishes ( Dont see many of those.) I enjoy trying out new places to eat all the time. The meal was good but honestly tonight was bring your screaming children out to eat Tuesday. I know that sounds grumpy but at one point there was 3 different children in close proximity all crying at same time and it was a little difficult to have our own conversation. We left as soon as we were done and made things all better by driving to the beach. These girls are such good sports by letting me go out of the way. We walked down to the water and it was a perfect night!!

Picture menu-classic!

Marie,myself, Lisa

Our feet in sand. Lisa's tat is the pink ribbon w/wings in memory of her mom.

Working in our office is so fun when there's a birthday. These Cali girls can cook! Today everyone brought a potluck lunch for taco salads and everything was homemade. So awesome! There was refried beans, spanish rice, 2 types of chicken (spicy, medium, and plain) ,delicious shredded beef, and all of the fixins to go in salad. One of the girls bought the taco shell bowls from a local Mexican fast food place. What a great idea! I was so appreciative that they let me participate. I left for a few minutes and picked up some ice creams tubs from my most fave food store Trader Joe's for dessert. I buy my tasty snacks from them every chance i can when i travel. Dallas is supposed to be getting a Trader Joe's in the near future. I am so excited for that.
Let's see what tomorrow has in store.
Taco shells from Pollo Loco. They were perfect.

Homemade chicken and shredded beef

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh the Joys of Traveling

I have so much to talk/write about this past weekend but i have to start with today. Holy Cow was this the epitome of crappy Monday! I was  up very early this morning to catch my flight at 8:45am. I check my bag in when I come to Cali so i have to be there an hour before to get it checked in on plane. My shuttle at the airport is very unpredictable for pick up and it gets full very fast so i leave extra early to get parking every week. I was just getting into my truck this morning when i received 2 messages from  AA (american airlines). First message was that my flight had been cancelled-Second message was that they rolled me over to a 8:45 PM flight tonight. I called them and said that was not going to work for me and i needed there earlier. The agent put me on the 7:40 am flight which meant i needed to be checked in at airport by 6:40. I had 35 minutes to drive there, get parked and on shuttle, and checked in. I got there in plenty of time but the shuttle is whole other story! I was getting sooo aggravated waiting by my truck and no shuttle was my way. I literally had to stop a shuttle on the other lane and the driver came and got myself and 2 others on my row. I was worried about the time but i can assure you i was not rude in any way to the lady driver. I was not talking at all when she did NOT assist with my luggage or while she was writing my parking space stub for me. When I sat down, she announced loudly in front of everyone "someone has an attitude"! I was in shock. I said "well SOMEONE made us wait a long time"! I seriously cant believe she called me out this morning on top of my stress of the flight.  To make things worse is that she kept mouthing off to me. I totally ignored her or i would explode. I was so much in a hurry that i had zero time to get her name and bus number. 
Once i was inside the airport i checked in (with barely a minute to spare) and found out i was on the very last seat in the very last row 31F on the plane. The first agent said i had to check with the agent at my gate to move seats. I got through security  that took forever. I had 10 minutes to get by security before my plane began boarding and was 50 people deep. If you truly knew how much my internal guts were doing flips every time i turned around with these long crazy delays! When i got to the gate there was only 2 agents and with all the chaos of cancellations it was packed. One lady was taking up an agents time crying and throwing a fit so the other agent was having to scan all the tickets. Which means no one was able to check for another seat for me. UGH! The irony is that on my Friday flight home, I was upgraded to First class and now the very next flight has me on the worst seat a person could have.  On the positive side of this, my luggage was waiting for me by the time i finally walked off the plane and downstairs to baggage claim. I'm back in California for my last week and I'm so sad. I appreciate every extra minute here.
I had dinner tonight at such a yummy place that i fell in love with originally in Chicago. It's a fast food place but a nice one called Portillo's Hot Dogs. It opened up a few years ago in Buena Park and it was so exciting. Their menu is the exact same and taste just as good. I have no specific plans for tomorrow yet. I'll fill in later about the rest of weekend.
Portillos-a Chicagoland tradition

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Great week so far in Cali with friends and my fave restuarants

I just have to say that my heart sings and dances while in California. I seriously Heart it with all I got! I used to live in Cali during my junior high years in both San Jose for a while and San Diego (Imperial Beach) for a while. Long drama story that I wont get into right now but I think my abrupt move back to Texas didnt give me proper "closure" from California. That's my deep philosphy for my yearning need to be back to Cali.
Me and Julie
I'm so lucky to have 2 business locations in Southern Cal that requires my training at least once a year. I was in Commerce the last 2 weeks and now i'm in La Palma until next week.
 As mentioned in an earlier post, my bestie from college lives here and we try to make time for each other on my visits. Tuesday night we met half way from where we are at Houston's in Manhattan Beach.  It's one of my favorite restuarants for a chain. I literally crave their spinach artichoke dip. It's because of that dip almost 15 years ago that I started eating spinach. I had so much fun just talking with Julie for hours and remembering the old times we've had.

Seal beach
Pom-Fig martinis
 Last night I had dinner with one of my closest work friends Genelle. We drove to Seal beach at our regular spot we frequent called Walt's Wharf. They have the best pomegrante -fig martinis there. I'm normally not a big fan of martinins but this is my exception. Oh my goodness i had 2 and i could have another if i didnt have to drive to my hotel 20 miles away. I try to make a point to see the water and sandy beach at least once a week that I'm in Cali.  Last night I had to park at the beach but I didnt go in the sand this time.
Tonight i went with another close work friend Rosa to a famous place called The Hat. It's been around for several several years since 1951 and it's known for their pastrami sandwiches. We always split an order of their Chili Cheese fries topped with mounds of Pastrami. Sounds weird but its Delish!

I'm at the hotel now packing to go home tomorrow. It's going to be a busy weekend for sure.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy but Uneventful Day

Got up this morning fairly early as usual and had a few quiet moments outside with Tracey and her puppy Maggie. Maggie is growing so fast and shes going to be so big the next time i see her. Today was my last day in Amarillo and I really had nice visit. Tracey and I went to Donut Stop which Amarillo is very proud of. Honestly, these donuts ROCKED!! I'm not a big fan of cake donuts but their blueberry cake donut was awesome. We all got ready for church this morning and it was a real nice service. The pastor told us that we're all beautiful and God's children (he said much more but you got the hint). How great is that to start your day?! The church was huge and Tracey is the social director in her classes. So proud of her!
Originally my flight out today was supposed to leave at 5:30 but I checked the available seats and there were 5 for the 12:30 flight. Doti and Cassidy were booked on that flight for sure. Tracey's mom took us to airport after church . I ended up getting assigned seat without going standby for the 12:30-YAY! I really wanted to get home earlier so that I could squeeze in a quick visit with Daddy and get packed.
Dad seemed really good in spirits but he was pretty sore from this week. His leg /thigh area where they drew the bone marrow was sensitive and he said he hurt so bad during the process. Both Dad and Deb were not happy at all with American Airlines with this trip. Both flights were delayed for hours on each leg and they lost their luggage the day of arrival. I told him they would have to deal with AA again for when they have to go back to Miami . Because i travel with my job (primarily on AA), I have been blessed to have opportunity to acquire some miles. I volunteered all the miles I have to Dad to ease some of the expense. I gave Dad his Harley shirt I bought him yesterday and he loved it. I hoped it would.
I'm home now and am packed to head back to California in the morning. It's nice to be in my own bed for a few hours among my mess. Not enough time to really clean or straighten up but that's ok. I didnt want to mention something as menial as a headache but y'all- I've had one now for 4 days. I'm bummed because I dont want to feel bad again when I land in LA. Ok, I dont want to feel bad no matter where I'm at.
Can't wait to see this week has in store for me. Nite y'all.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hot day in Amarillo

Well, the cool weather was nice to wake up to but the sun came out today to stay. Very hot but the best news is that DFW area got rain this morning and it was so exciting. My facebook was one post after another about the rain in Dallas.  We all got a late start this morning and it was nice. No where we have to be at a given time. First on list of things to do was go to the infamous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. It's pretty cool actually to go. You can bring spray paint and paint on the cars all you want. We grabbed some at WalMart on the way. Cadillac Ranch is pretty iconic for the state so was happy to see it. It's a row of 10 Cadillac cars half buried in the sand-completely gutted.I didnt get a group shot of all of us with my camera so I have to wait for Tracey to send me. I got a few around the cars of myself and also with Doti.
After the Cadillac ranch,we stopped at Tripps Harley Davidson shop so i could get Dad a new t-shirt. Maybe that will cheer him up from such a hard work in Santa Domingo. I got me a shirt too. yay.
Another trip to Historic 6th street was what followed the Harley store and it was fun to go to a few of the many Antique stores and boutiques. I bought an old vintage cowboy boot that was turned into a fence mending holder. I wont be mending any fences in the near future so i thought it would be great in my place with the red and black cowboy boots.
Now for the rest of the day, I'm back at the house to relax, sit by pool and Mexican food is for dinner tonight! Woohoo!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Amarillo by morning,afternoon, and night

Really enjoying my day's off so far. My friend Tracey has the CUTEST house and is decorated so nicely. We've met her new boyfriend Johnathan (and we approve) and her new puppy Maggie is so precious.
Wendy and Steve were on my same flight yesterday, Doti and her niece Cassidy flew in from Chicago, and Tracey's niece Bailey is here to keep Cassidy company. Yesterday we had so much fun doing nothing. We made no plans and winged the day. Lunch was at Taco Villa and we stopped at Dairy Queen for the a blizzard. It just so happens that all blizzards bought yesterday, proceeds went to a childrens charity. Groceries were bought for a few meals, picked up some movies (child friendly) and baked some pizzas from Papa Murphy's. Now the end of my evening was watching the Justin Beiber movie with the girls that did not thrill me. What was entertaining was watching the girls watch the movie! They squealed and sung along to every song. So cute!!
Today my friend Melanie(lives in Lubbock) drove down and we had such a nice visit. We talked and talked and finally went to lunch at a great little local place called Cowboy Gelato on 6th street which is also on Route 66. I had a frito pie with pulled pork instead of the traditional chili. Yummy! And some mac and cheese(i shared) with green chili's. Melanie had to leave after lunch and the rest of us went to the pool with water slide. The pool is conveniently across the street where Tracey's mom lives and where I'm staying the night each night. I am soooo hot natured people and to top things off i am experiencing hot flashes. I needed a room with air conditioning and ceiling fan and those rooms are taken with those conditions here at Tracey's. Tonight we're hooking up a projector to the laptop outside and watching a movie outdoors. Good family fun! I miss my niece so much this weekend though. Both Tracey and Doti have their nieces with them and they're both around same age as Maci.  Which speaking of-Maci started school yesterday in Oklahoma and my little Brynna started kindergarten. I heart them with everything i got !! You will see and hear of them much.
Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow but I'm looking forward to being lazy and resting more.
I'm posting pics of Melanie and i at lunch and me splashing in the water from the slide.

Note: National Quarter Horse Association is here in Amarillo so there are painted horses all around the city.
I am going to take some pics when i can but only saw one so far close enough to take while driving.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I need to talk about Daddy

I have so much on my mind and heart right now and I wont be able to get it all covered in this post but I'll cover the bases. My dad got diagnosed with a VERY RARE lung disease back in March. Dad had trouble breathing but not bad for a while and then it just continued to get worse which triggered his Dr appointment.
He was told he had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fybrosis. The Dr's told him that there is no cure except for a double lung transplant. He began a very crazy schedule of tests after tests including one whole week straight at the hospital for tests, etc and more. A few months later, he received the call  from the hospital where the tests and Dr's were(that he was working with) and they told him he was denied to be on the donor list. Now friends, I dont have to tell you how hard that call must have been to receive! It knocked the wind out of his sails and I was livid! You see my Dad is very young at 61 (62  in November) and is a very active man with lots of life to live. My stepmom is so fricking amazing and that same day immediately called another hospital and said we want a do'over-second opinion. Then hospital #2 agreed to look at Dad and also discuss further treatments and options. Dad met with their Dr's etc, and of course they wanted to run more tests. In the meantime, a friend of my family mentioned to Deb (stepmom) that they knew of someone that had also been diagnosed with a lung disease and had turned to a Dr who performed Adult Stem Cell RestorativeTherapy.  Deb reached out to this Dr who offices out of Miami and does the procedures in Santa Domingo-Dominican Republic.   Fast forward a few weeks and they're a done deal! My parents left last Sunday and arrived that evening. His procedures and treatments were Tuesday, Wednesday, and not sure about today but they coming home today. He has to go to Miami in a few weeks  for them to take more bone marrow (ouch) and then back again to the DR in maybe 6 to 8 weeks.
Because of Dad going this direction with treatment, he is no longer eligible to ever be put on the donor list in the States. It's scary to know that all our eggs are in this one basket so to speak but at same time- there was never a guarantee that hospital #2 would have approved him for list, and if he was on list that someone would be a perfect match. Unfortunately y'all , people die every day while on the list waiting for an organ.
This has to work and it WILL! It just has too. Wanna hear something funny? When flying home last night I read the AA (american airlines) magazine that they publish every 2 weeks and Yep! you guessed it- The front cover was Dominican Republic with story inside. How Cool and ironic is that?!
I needed to fill you in because this a huge part of my life right now and I will have more updates to follow. I didnt give you many details at all so this is very short version but I will later.
I'm in Amarillo now on vacation and so incredibly thrilled! What's thrilling in Amarillo you say? It's been raining cats and dogs since I landed. It's awesome. I'm from Dallas where we're running on 42 days straight of triple digit weather. Insane!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's gonna be a LONG day but not complaining

One of the not so joys of traveling to West coast is accomodating other time zone conference calls. I was up at 4:30 this morning to be prepared and logged in for a call that I am the presenter on from my hotel room. I am blogging now before i head to office. I still will work half day at the office before I head to airport. It's not my fave to fly home from West coast either. I lose 2 hours and its a 3 hour flight. It will be late before i see my pillow.
When I get home tonight I have to pack for vacation this weekend and I fly to Amarillo in the morning. Why Amarillo for vacation? I know you just said that! Well, its because my friend Tracey who is also a coworker bought her first home this summer. A few of us are flying in to check out the place and have some girl time! She bought a new dog and has a new boyfriend and we're all excited to meet both.
I'm also so excited to see a friend of mine from San Angelo that I havent seen in YEARS! Melanie lives 2 hours away from Amarillo and she's coming down Friday to hang with us. I love love love reuniting with great girlfriends.
As a follow up to my ATM situation- my bank left me message yesterday that it was "resolved" but did not actually say the words "your 60 dollars has been redeposited". I'll call today to make sure this specific detail.
AND, my chin is getting worse! Imust have scratched again in the night and it bled all over. Seriously, i will have a scar on my face with no good story to tell. Oh, i did it myself Thanx~
Have a great day y'all!
I am trying to get another blog in today to discuss a very important matter to my heart. It's concerning my Dad.  Maybe I will get a break later....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm such a dork!

I have been told that i wouldnt be able to talk if someone held my hands down so many times growing up. I'm pretty animated and do use my hands quite often. Which leads me to my most goofy post about self-infliction. I was having discussion with coworker yesterday morning and I literally hit my own face. Worse, I cut my chin with my nail and it bled. Seriously- so embarrasing! I'm bleeding as I'm talking to them and I didnt realize it. My nails are so short I didnt think they could do that. Now i have makeup covering my lovely scab. Geesh!
Pretty intriguing post huh?!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Biker Bar and Bocce- cute guest at the Biker bar

Sunday with Julie

So I have to tell you about my day and evening with my college best friend Julie and her husband Tony. They live in Pacific Palisades and I was supposed to meet them 11am at their home. I drove very fast (Dallas driving) and got there too early so I pulled over to take pics of the surfers. What better way to kill time, right?! Julie is so cute and wanted to take me to a biker bar on the beach because she knows my weakness for Harleys. I had my own for a while and we'll talk about that on a different post. Tony, Julie and I drove past Malibu to Neptune's Net. It was so cool! Very casual and super crowded. Bikers were EVERYWHERE and it was across from the ocean. Bikers and Beach are two of my most fave thing! Oh, and my heart was already singing because I saw a large dolphin very close to the shore with the surfers. I saw another one on way back. Yay!
Later that afternoon we went to the Bel Aire Bay Club where they're members. Julie and Tony invited a few other couples over to play Bocce and have dinner. Now, Friday night I also drove to meet them at the same club and played Bocce for the first time. I was AWFUL! Beginner's luck did NOT come with me. We played boys against girls (Julie has 1 daughter and 2 sons). Girls lost 6-21. I am the least competitive person you will ever meet. Really! I could care less if I win or lose. Julie is competitive times 2 and she was so patient. LOL. Just family fun! Ok, back to Sunday. We had 2 teams with 4 on each team and I have to say that my game improved about 50%. For every good pitch  my next one would stink. I had SOOO much fun trying something I had never attempted before until this weekend. The game was also on the beach so the waves crashing and the view didnt hurt either while playing. Sun was shining,I'm at a exclusive beautiful club, I'm drinking wine, I have good friends around me, life is so AWESOME! I met a great lady named Amy who was Julie's friend and get this, she spent a day in San Diego at the Bloggers Conference. How cool is that?! I told her that I had just created a blog on Friday. GOD is Great because I believe that's what all coincidences are.  After the game we all sat around and talked for hours and literally closed the club down.  One of the guests is a producer and writes songs. He is helping Jack (Julie's oldest) with his music college application. Anyway, I have to tell you that he created a group called the Chillaxicans and there are 5 songs you have to go buy on Itunes. Tony even sings backup on the funny song"Butterface". It's explicit but crazy funny! These are whitebread Cali men doing rapping and I love it. I have to figure out to add live links to the songs on Itunes. Hang in there- I'll do it.
All in all- it was an incredible weekend and one I will remember. Memories were made for sure! I'll post some pics.

Pics from LA's fashion district and Venice Beach

Saturday in Cali

WOW! What a great weekend I had but I had some bumps in the road of course too. My morning started yesterday morning at an ATM. I had to have cash to go shopping in the fashion district downtown La. It was around 7:45 am and I went to an ATM in the outlet mall near the hotel. I requested 100$ and it "processed" for 12 minutes when i started to panic. Jenny (LA friend going with me) was supposed to call me at 8am and we're gonna head out soon after. I called the phone number on the machine and of course it went straight to an automated message. So after 15 minutes, I reached behind the machine and unplugged it. I kinda didnt feel like making a donation to an LA stranger or to the machine. Well, as luck would have it and you'll find out the more you get to know me (bad luck follows often), just as i unplugged it- the machine started spitting out the money. I cut off the power after 40$ came through. The machine was obviously malfuntioning and I dont feel bad that I savd others from it until fixed!  I called the machine back this time and listened to more of the commands. All of which said they're not responsible and to call my bank. My bank answered when i called them and told me that the ATM team only works Monday thru Friday. I'll find out tomorrow if I get my 60$ back.
Jenny and I spent most of afternoon downtown shopping. Had great time once we got there. Jenny gets easily distracted when someone else but her drives and she got us lost a few times. She also told me to go right on a one way street (i should have gone left). Funny thing is that i drove down a good distance before I figured it out. A car swerved into my lane then back out whe i noticed. We screamed because there was actually a cop car to the left of us RIGHT in front. I pulled over to hide for a few seconds behind other car, then made Uturn and pulled over. Ijust knew for sure he was going to pull me over. I waited and waited but he never came. LOL- Whew that was a close one. He had to be looking down at his computer the whole time.   The Alley is where we shopped. Its kinda like New Yorks china town if you've ever been there. Cheap stuff poorly made but real good deals on what I call "junk jewelry"! I bought tons of earrings, a few necklaces, and some hairclips all for 30$. I bought a cute Tshirt but realized once i got it home it had 2 holes in it. Oh well!
The evening, my good friend Patricia met me at the hotel and we drove to Venice. Venice is truly one of my most fave places. I will say that I like it more in the afternoons because more entertainers and the weirdos are out. The nights do get kinda seedy when ALL the homeless come out. It's very disturbing on how many and they can literally  make their pallets and sleep right there on the sidewalk. We had dinner and walked the whole distance of the sidewalk strips. I ALWAYS have to dip my toes in the sand if I'm that close to the water. We walked to the shore and had our pic taken. I have to figure out how to add pics to my posts. I took bunches.I think I'll stop at the end of Saturday evening and save today's fun for another post.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm gonna give it a whirl

Ok,  i have wanted a blog for years but never got around to do it. I'm one of those that cant stop buying blank journal books but have anxiety on how to start once i open to first page. I'm hoping this may be easier.
I travel a lot so i cant use the excuse either that i forgot my diary/journal at home.
It just so happens that i'm in California (LA suburb) this week for work. I live in Dallas when I'm not traveling and this week has hit it's highest temps yet at home. I am not missing the 100+ weather!
I got a lot going on so excuse me if i jump around in my subjects. I will try to bring you up to speed if i leave out details.
I am super excited to hang out this weekend with one of my besties that I went to college with and she moved to Cali several years ago. I am also gonna check out some new things in LA that i have never done before. Yay!