Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Rides

My whole weekend was spent on the Harley and it was so nice. People who ride can tell you that its free therapy.  Some call it Wind Therapy. Since I’m the passenger now and now riding my own, I have hours to think , pray, listen to my ipod and just appreciate being outdoors.  Saturday, my CMA chapter participated in a  local clothes drive in Dallas that another bike club was sponsoring. One of my dear biker buddies that I used to hang with years ago was there and it was so nice to see him and introduce him to my fiancé. Come to find out, he actually is the president now of his local chapter. Good times!
On Sunday we took the Harley to church because we were meeting another group of friends afterwards  that live in ft worth. So we already had a nice ride in before we technically got started.  The day was beautiful with blue skies and got up to high 60’s but the wind was fierce!!  I’m not  a fan of long windy days like that but we didn’t know. Oh well!  We rode about 2 hours one way to get to our lunch destination in Granbury, then we had nice ride on winding roads for another hour until we started our ride back home.  We had around 10 bikes in our group but then we met with other group that put us around 18 bikes at one time. Pretty cool.   The only bad part was that I didn’t wear a mask around my nose and mouth and when its crazy windy, I need to do that. I woke up Monday morning with all out migraine.  Gulping air for 8 hours like a dog with head out the window is not good for the allergies.  One of our friends looks like the General from those commercials and his helmet even has 4 stars. How funny is that?!

cool paint job from bike fundraiser

Pitstop to pee and for pie

The General in red

4stars on helmet

another stop to stretch and view was lake

My honey in chaps. Yum!

Stumpy's on Lake Granbury

Great day to eat on patio (fried catfish)

I'm tightening my helmet because it was so windy

The back of our bike in group
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tunes on Tuesday with Lauren and ME

My favorite day to blog now is Tuesday's.  Lauren and I both have quite a bit of followers between us and only the smallest handful participates in this blog hop. You know what, i'm totally OK with this! I love music and anything that has to do with music. I appreciate all of you who have linked up. I DO visit every one of your blogs to see what songs you chose.
 My song choices this week are from the 80's and i feel strong connection to.
Simple Minds was one of my fave's and you probably remember the song "Dont you (Forget about Me)" from the movie Breakfast Club. That song is what catapulted them into fame. Dont get me wrong, i loved that song tons but what is on my mind is  "Alive and Kicking".

The next is pretty mellow and it soothes my soul every time i listen to it. I have 4 Cd's of Cowboy Junkies. They are a band of siblings from Canada and that also hit their top fame during the late 80's. They didnt get started until '85. Margo is lead singer and her voice is so incredible. They did a remake/cover of Sweet Jane and its been used in a couple of movies too.

Thank you for stopping by and if you want here is the link to join this Blog Hop:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ANOTHER set of ABC's about me

Hey y’all, I stumbled upon another set of questions regarding the ABC’s ( I tweaked a few questions myself). I promise it will be last for a while! Truth be told I have so much going on that these posts are fun and easy right now. I apologize for lack of creativity on my blog this week. In meantime you can learn 26 more facts all about me.
A-     Available or married? – In between (engaged and super excited to be married)
B-      Book- last book I read was The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice
C-      Cake or pie- honestly where does cobbler fit in? I love peach cobblers, blackberry cobblers, etc
D-     Drink of choice for fun- easy answer WINE
E-      Essential everyday item- truly my iphone. I can pinterest ,twitter, facebook, and stay connected with the phone function too.  Oh and I just added the blogger app to my phone. Its sad I know.
F-      Favorite social media- well I just listed many in above answer but I would have to say Facebook. I can keep up with pictures of my nieces, brother, friends, etc  (especially when I travel a lot)
G-     Game to watch or play? – games to watch would be Dallas Cowboys (yep I love them now hush!), and game to play is scrabble
H-     Hometown- Dallas,Texas
I-        Indulgence- lipglosses/eos balls
J-       Job (what was first job)- my first paying job was babysitting but my first official job that took taxes out was being a checker at Walmart in the food stand ( they don’t have those anymore-been replaced by McDonalds or Subways, etc)
K-      Kiss (first boy/girl)- I kissed my first boy in 6th grade playing spin the bottle at friends bday party. His name was David. It was awkward and no tongue of course!
L-       Life is incomplete without? –my sweetest fiancé
M-   Music group or singer- probably groups but just too hard to answer. Music is my passion.
N-     Number of pets- zero. I’m not happy about this but its not forever. My fiancé knows that it’s a must once we settle down in a home.
O-     Oranges or apples- oranges for sure but only if someone would peel them for me
P-      Phobias?- I HATE snakes and driving over large bodies of water on bridge with windows up. ( I’m weird- deadly afraid that my car will drive off bridge and that I cant open the windows because theyre electric)
Q-     Quiet time (how)- in evenings on couch playing with ipad
R-      Reason to smile- Life , I’m blessed with amazing fiancé, family, friends, job, my wedding, blogger friends/followers
S-      Season- Fall! I love being able to wear my boots , scarves, and sweaters, football season
T-      Tattoos- yep -3 with 2 in the drawing stages
U-     Unknown fact about me-  my front tooth is actually a fake cap. I’ve broke it twice as a kid.
V-     Vacation (last or future)- my last vacation was in December for a quick weekend in Galveston. (3 days are enough for me) We’re heading to an antique town in Hill country next month for another quick weekend.
W-   Worst habit- I’m a born professional Worrier! I hate that about myself. I must have more Faith and not try to handle it all myself.
X-      Xray- hard to come up with new question I guess with this letter. My last xray was at dental exam last month
Y-      Your favorite food- southern comfort foods (chicken fried steak, mac and cheese, cornbread or Mexican food)
Z-      Zodiac- Taurus – bull headed ?what? not me. hahaha

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TUESDAY TUNES with Lauren and ME

Yep, today is Tuesday and would love for you to post about anything music. Lauren is the techie one out of the group and she's on her way home from Atlanta so i dont have the link to officially add your blog to. SO, leave me a comment and i will hop right over to see what you're choices were this week.

My choices today are a little on the sad side. My Dad's situation is something i'm not dealing with well. I get so sad accepting that Daddy is confined to a wheelchair. He and i wont be having the Dad and Daughter dance at my wedding. OK, I cant talk about this right now because i'm at work and crying is not good right now.
Nine Ince Nails originally did this song but then a few years later, Johnny Cash did his cover of it and i love it. Johnny performed this video in his home thaat he shared with June for over 30 years.  Ironically, Johnny died 7months later after this was released and June had died earlier 4 months after filming the video. Johhny also changed the words to be more Christian and no swear words.
This next song is by one of my most fave bands of the 90's called LIVE.  I actually did see them live in concert and its AWESOME when they sound exactly the same LIVE as on the radio. Have you ever been to a concert and thought holy crap they suck! You know then that the studio helped them to sound good.
Anyway, my song is Lightning Crashes. The lead songer is Ed Kowalcyk and he's branched off and is more of a christian band singer now. I love his voice.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The ABC's of just little ol me!

A few bloggers posted on the ABC’s of Me and thought it would be fun to participate in myself:

A-     Age: 44
B-      Bedsize: King
C-      Chore you Hate: Dusting
D-     Drink of Choice: Sweet Tea
E-      Essential start to your day item : toothbrush
F-      Favorite color: Orange
G-     Gold or Silver: Silver (or white gold)
H-     Height: 5’2”
I-        Instruments I play(ed)-I own very cool guitar and took lessons but too long ago. I took piano class in elementary school and teacher asked my mom to withdraw me.
J-       Job : Corporate Trainer for Distribution company (18 years this September)
K-      Kids: 2 stepkids ) a boy and a girl and 4 lovely nieces who I adore with every ounce of me.
L-       Living arrangement: I live with my fiancé in 3 bedroom apartment (saving for  a house)
M-   Mom’s name: Donna . My future MIL’s name is Dail.
N-     Nicknames: Holligirl, Hollikins, HolliBolly ( yes we still sound like we’re 10 when my friends are together)
O-     Overnight hospital stay: 4 years ago I had cyst the size of grapefruit that ruptured.
P-      Pet Peeve: smacking and popping your gum
Q-     Quote from a movie:  From Steel Magnolias “In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight.”
R-      Right or left handed: Right
S-      Siblings: one brother- Jeremy , one step brother-Draeger, and one step sister- Rachelle
T-      Time I wake up:  6 am is when alarm goes off but I’m usually awake before. I don’t sleep much.
U-     Underwear: depends on the occasion of course but daily work underwear is comfy cotton
V-     Vegetables I dislike: Most all of them. Its easier to list which ones I DO like. I DETEST Brussels sprouts though
W-   What makes you run late: changing my outfit at last minute
X-      X-rays I’ve had: too many to mention. I’ve broken my ankle, arm, and toe. Twisted my knee and back. My last Xray was my back and it’s pretty jacked up!
Y-      Yummy food I make: no secret that I don’t cook much but my one signature meal is chicken with white wine sauce,artichokes and mushrooms, and angel hair pasta.
Z-      Zoo favorite: its been years since I ‘ve been to a zoo but I enjoyed seeing a Sloth up close. 

Happy Monday Y'all! Dont forget to be thinking about your music post you want to link up with tomorrows Tunes on Tuesday.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day- my past and my present

I love Valentines! Seriously ever since we were kids and got to decorate our brown bags with hearts and our names on it. Valentines meant we would have the PTA moms bring cupcakes and punch and we would get to party for at least an hour while we hand out our valentine’s. What’s wrong with wanting just a little “extra” attention on this day? I passed out a few boxes of the candy hearts to my coworkers today.
I have never really mentioned at all my EX-boyfriend but I am just talking about an experience with Valentines.  We dated for 8 years and he made a point to tell me that he didn’t believe in Valentines therefore didn’t celebrate it by  buying cards,flowers, etc.  He proclaimed the whole “Hallmark Made up Holiday” and I was deflated.  I cant NOT buy a  card or a little chocolate for Valentines if I’m dating someone, So I did. He would get mad at me because of course he was empty-handed and embarrassed for not doing anything.  We dated for 8 years and finally after the 3rd year , I stood up to him. I told him that I celebrate Valentines whether he liked it or not  and that I wasn’t going to let him steal my joy and make me feel bad! After that he would get me a card or make dinner but no gifts. I was happy just with that.  What’s cute is that this didn’t sit well AT ALL with my sweet grandmother (Nanny). After I finally broke up with him, the first thing Nanny said was “good, maybe now you can find a man that will celebrate Valentines with you and not be such a horses ass”!

Now on to happier times, this is the 2nd Valentines to spend with my love of my life and fiancé. He is so amazing and loving and truthfully I’m about to get very sappy here but its Valentines with him EVERYDAY! Being with someone that loves me back as much I love them is just mind-blowing! We’re planning a wedding so honestly we are not doing anything extravagant with so much going on. In fact , I think we’re gonna jump on the Harley tonight and go have dinner with some friends of ours. Nothing is sexier than being on the back of the Harley behind my man in his leathers. Yumm!  I bought him a helium balloon last night that was a heart and said Happy Valentines and a bag of his favorite munchies. He loves all things pretzels so I bought him different pretzels snacks and lots of chocolates.  The gift was small but everything had thought to it. I hid it in my closet last night before he got home and put everything out on his desk this morning since I leave before he’s out of bed. I also printed out lots of cute valentines printables I found from Pinterest with hearts , love, and sweet sayings. I put those out around his gift bag too.

My sweetest Honey,
I still cant believe that I could ever be this happy. I never could have dreamed or imagined this is really how it feels to TRULY love someone and be loved.
  I love that I cant wait to come home every night after work to you.
  I will never get tired of you telling me that “you missed me today”.
  I love that our relationship grew so effortlessly and seamless.
You feel like home to me. Comfy and cozy and surrounded in love.
I love the silly songs you make up every single day.
I love that we get each other with both our warped sense of humor.
I love that I’m actually tearing up while typing this and smiling at same time while thinking of you.
You are my everything and I cant wait to get old with you and spend the rest of our lives together.

Last Christmas i made Todd the cute craft with a deck of cards and 52 things I love about him. I should take picture and show ya’ll because it turned out so cute!

Happy Valentines to all of you and especially to any of you single girls that are feeling left out. Just know that your friends and family love you and you’re so special to many people today and everyday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wino Wednesday

I'm joining my buddy Danielle at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl today for Wino Wednesday.

Have i mentioned to y'all that my wedding will be at a winery here in Texas? I'm just so excited about that and all my friends say "thats so perfect for you"! Its so beautiful and will need very minimal decorations.
I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to all things Wine. 
Here are some things that i wanted to share today from my Pinterest.
I have 2 of these flattened wine bottles that are cheese tray/boards

I want one of these for our home with my new last name

Thinking about these for centerpieces with a candle in it.  Isnt this cool? Holds 150 corks

I have to make this! I have the corks

curly girl design.  One of my faves!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tunes on Tuesday and go sign up for awesome giveaway

Good morning Y'all- Happy Tuesday! My friend Emily at Insanity Rules is celebrating her 2 year anniversary for her blog and is sponsoring a giveaway. I am throwing in a 10$ itunes card because you know how i am about music! You can also buy videos, books and movies too but i'm all about the songs. So go over there now and enter to win.
 Ok but before you head over there remember to link up today with Lauren and me for our weekly Tuesday Tunes.

My songs this week are pretty laid back and mellow. I've been looking for sweet and sexy songs for the wedding and my list is growing. This first song i heard on the Ellen show by Joshua Rabin. He played this song for them at their wedding and then came back on show to play for Portia's birthday. I loved it and bought it immediately on itunes.

This next song i heard for the first time on the Grammy's sung by Rihanna. It was very sexy and is good Valentines song coming up. Wink Wink!  It's called Stay off her latest album release.
So link up and tell us what your picks are for this week. I love everyone's choices.

Monday, February 11, 2013

I said YES to the Dress this weekend! Yippee

Yep it's true. After 3 different bridal shops and trying on dozens of dresses , i finally narrowed it down and made my choice. Its on order now and expected in the store by May 27. They mentioned it would most likely come in sooner though. I ended up making my decision at David's Bridal.
 I fell in love with 4 dresses overall and it was hard making my decision. Thank goodness i had my besties with me to help with the process. My cousin Lauren, my step-mom Deb, and my BFF's Diana and Kimi were with me the whole day for support. We had so much fun and some of the other groups would join in our conversations because we were having such a good time. My main focus was "can i dance in it" because i plan on dancing the night away at my wedding!
I know you want me to show you the dress i ended up with but i cant post it. My honey pie -fiance reads my blog every now and then so no spoiler alerts! I can tell you that my girls decided ivory was better with my skin tone than white and it's halter style around my neck. Its not very poufy like Cinderalla and it doesnt have a lot of bling on it except one piece on hip.
What i WILL show you are the other top contenders that i did NOT end up with.  A few of these were a tad out of my budget and will this girl is paying for her own wedding along with fiance. There are so many funny stories that happened throughout the day that i will share later. I also got super emotional after the very first dress but then was good for rest of the day. I think it was just all the excitement and being anxious leading up to this day. Well, i did cry one more time regarding my Dad but then i was good for rest of day.

Me and Deb (stepmom)

Happy Monday Y'all!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Its Ok Thursdays

·         That I ate cereal last night for dinner while my man was having dinner with his kids. I don’t get off work in enough time to join them once a week.
·         That I kinda enjoy having one night to watch my Ellen shows I have DVR’d and Pinterest at the same time in my alone time.
·         That I cant sit still from excitement for this weekend. I’m trying on wedding dresses this Saturday in case you  didn’t read yesterday’s post.
·         That one of my girlfriends is staying the night with me tomorrow because she lives the farthest out and it will be like a slumber party. We’re gonna practice my hairstyles (updos).
·         I’m NOT excited about having to try on dresses that are 2 sizes bigger because I heard that’s how they run. Yikes!
·         I splurged this morning and bought Starbucks and I don’t feel guilty
·         I had cobb salad for lunch but with blue cheese dressing and it was nothing healthy about it but so delish!
·         That I’m just now posting but have been swamped at work today and writing this while listening to conference call
·         We’re celebrating a coworkers promotion today and I have the most awesome yummiest strawberry cake on my desk for snack later
·         It’s OK that 3 of my points today were food related.
·         While sitting at my desk right now my jeans are unbuttoned. Ugh!
·         It feels like Christmas every week that I receive a brooch from someone. I literally almost cry.
·         I lost 3 followers this week then gained 2 so I’m down one. I pay attention to this stuff y'all! I am so happy for every single follower I have on this blog!!
·         I’m so excited that I can sleep 30 minutes later tomorrow since I work from home on Friday’s.  Sweet!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding registry and my weekend for dresses is FINALLY here!

This past weekend  we got a lot accomplished towards the upcoming wedding. Our venue we chose has 3 caterers that we HAVE to choose from that they will allow in their facility. So over the last few weeks we got our quotes from all of them and made our choice. I gave Todd the catering department  so he could have a hand in the planning and organizing. This Saturday we got to have a taste test of the items we chose off the menu and I’m so happy with our decision. It was so yummy and they were super friendly to work with.  Believe it or not,  it was cheaper to do a full meal then to do a bunch of appetizers.  I’m learning so much about this wedding stuff.  If you’re in the Dallas area our caterer is named Guess who’s coming to Dinner.
After we left the caterer we decided to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to register there as well. Did you know they even have China? What was even better is that we could order our exact china pattern that we found last week at Macy’s. I really want our guests to be able to use the coupons from BBandB  so I’m taking many things off our Macy’s list.  We also found our bedding set that we both REALLY liked a lot there too.  Let’s face it, most all my friends and family are a budget so the least expensive option is the best.   While we were getting started and they had us programmed in their system, I got so excited when I saw our names on the scanner machine. As the attendant was explaining how to use it, etc  I said “ wait I want a picture of our names”. Todd was so embarrassed and said Really?! Oh well, I’m not letting him steal my Joy from this moment. The guy was really nice and I asked him to take our picture of us too. Todd has the same exasperated look on his face like get this over with. hahaha .

I’m done with registering and had so much fun.  This weekend though is what I’ve been patiently waiting for: MY DRESS!!!! EEEKKKK. I can barely sit still from excitement and anticipation.  I have 2 appointments on Saturday in Dallas at some bridal shops. My stepmom Deb will be joining me and a few of my closest girlfriends are meeting me there.  I will tell you all about it next week for sure. Keep your fingers crossed that I find my most perfect dress that makes me look and feel beautiful and like a princess.
Happy Wednesday y’all!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tunes on Tuesdays with Lauren and ME

Happy Tuesday y'all!  So what are your music choices today?

Mine are classics from at least 20 years ago or more.
 This song UnderPressure by Queen and David Bowie is how i'm feeling this past week.

This next song is very 80's and cheesy and wonderful by WhiteSnake : Here i go Again

Link up with us today and share your songs. Or post about music- anything about music.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl- meh! My concert Heck Ya!!!

Happy Monday Y'all! What a weekend. Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? Awesome game for sure. I wanted to mention my concert though today. WOW! That’s how I can best describe my concert this past Friday to see Matchbox 20. I got my money’s worth and then some for sure!  My honey and I drove to Winstar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. It’s literally  less than a  mile from the Texas state line which is a little over an hour’s drive for me.
 We ate dinner in the casino at El Fenix which is yummy Mexican restaurant with even yummier margaritas. We had just enough time to eat dinner and stand in the tshirt line before the concert started. The concert was a sold out show and it was packed with Texas license plates.
First of all I was pleasantly surprised that the opening band was no other than Philip Phillips. I don’t watch American Idol but you cant help but know who he is. His music is everywhere and I like it. His set was super laid back and his band played great instruments. He sounds so much like Dave Matthews and I felt like we were in a garage jam session.
Matchbox 20 came on and they flawless! They played many of the newer songs from the album North and they played all their classic hits from their older albums. The crowd went wild when they played the older ones. Its so much fun when you can sing along to every word. Rob Thomas (lead singer) even mentioned that the first time they heard one of their hit songs on the radio was when they were in Dallas.
I just love them and I am so glad I saw the concert. They of course left stage and then came back and played 4 more songs for their encore. Todd enjoyed the concert too even though he wasnt so excited at first. He was impressed with their energy and tightness of the show.
I’ve mentioned before that my phone takes crappy concert pics because of all the stage lights but I took a few.
Winstar casino- view from parking lot

self pic taken at bar

SO happy i bought tkts day they went on sale

my new shirt while on my body hence the bumps

Philip Phillips- trust me

Ron Thomas onstage

Rob Thomas

Matchbox 20 the band