Wednesday, June 29, 2016

TMI- 26 things about me from A to Z

Hey y’all, a few weeks ago there was a blog hop going around that a few of my blogging friends did ( Shady, Chris and Debbie) and I missed it so I wasn’t able to link up , etc with others.  I liked the idea so I wanted to post too.  Better late than never.
26 things about me from A to Z:

AGE-  48
DRINK YOU LAST HAD- Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato  ( alcohol was Sunday night glass of Sangria)
EVERY DAY STARTS WITH :- my alarm going off at 5:37 and I hit snooze for 7 minutes
FAVORITE SONG- Too many to mention but  here are first 3 on my list: Seven Spanish angels( Ray Charles and Willie Nelson), No more no less ( MercyMe), Me and Bobby McGee ( Janis Joplin)

GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL?-Yes. I used to love scary movies with ghosts until I encountered one personally and now I hate them
HOMETOWN- Born in Dallas, Lives now in Lewisville ( north of Dallas)
IN LOVE WITH-  my hubs, my dogs, music, Starbucks, Charlie Hunham ( SOA), Matthew McConaughey, my truck, my cowboy boots

JEALOUS OF- people who eat and not gain weight, those who get to work from home full time, everyone in California
KILLED SOMEONE- multiple people in my head during stressful moments

LAST TIME YOU CRIED- HA!! Easier to ask which day I HAVENT cried!!

MIDDLE NAME- Ann  although I have a few family members that have always called me HolliAnn as in one name
NUMBER OF SIBLINGS-  3 – one brother and one step brother and one stepsister
ONE WISH- To be financially stable.  Not rich just not paycheck to paycheck
PERSON YOU LAST CALLED- My supervisor at work today
QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED-  Lately its : How are you? Because of my grief over Daddy and being in hospital recently
REASON TO SMILE- I’m awake, I am employed, have loving husband, roof over my head, a vehicle, clothes to wear, I have a pool for the wicked summers
SOUNDS THAT ANNOY YOU-gum popping, loud chewing, clanging of spoon in bowl

TIME YOU WOKE UP-3am when Lila needed to go outside and investigate
VACATION DESTINATION: FAVORITE SO FAR/WISH LIST Favorite so far was cruise to México, grand Caymans and Jamaica  . Wish list is Greece, and France and Exuma to swim with the swimming pigs

WORST HABIT-my junk food eating habits
XRAYS I’VE HAD- a few weeks ago I had xrays when they saw my kidney stones, fibroid cyst and multiple hernias
YOUR FAVORITE FOOD- Mexican ( Tex Mex)food


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting ready for pool time

I love love love having a pool y'all!! It's huge and it literally takes up the entire back yard.  I put my feet in it every night when I get home from work.  
It's so hot outside that the water is perfect for swimming.  I've gone a little crazy on floaty's.  I have a long alligator with handles , 3 regular long ones, one shaped as Popsicle , 8 noodles , and 2 floating coolers. My favorites are my swans!!! I'ts funny because I had mentioned to Todd and to a friend of mine that I really wanted a big swan for our pool.  They were kinda expensive though. Todd had looked for me at the pool supplies place and it was 80$. No kidding , the very next day I spoke of the swan to my friend, I went into Kohls on my lunch hour and low and behold- my swan was in middle aisle display - on sale  1/2 off AND I had 20% off coupon. SCORE!!!  I got the white one from them and later that evening on TV I saw a commercial or show that had a big pink one.  I ended up on eBay and didn't find a pink one but I bought a big black one.  I am so happy!! My dog Jax though hates them. He barks nonstop and is scared to go around it. I had to go stand by it so he would know it wasn't dangerous.  Lol. 
So I'm ready to soak up some sun while floating on my swans this holiday weekend .  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Hanging on

Whats up yall?  I absolutely had no plan on not posting for the last 4 weeks.  I tell you that every week has been something though.  I would appreciate at any time a dull uneventful week to be in my future.
A few Friday's ago to the day ( Jun10) i went into the Emergency room doubled over in excruciating pain. Turned out i was passing my very first kidney stone.  They kept me overnight and didnt release me until the next evening. While they were looking at X-rays, they found a few other things wrong with me that are'nt too serious but to be monitored. Great! Thats why i dont like going to Dr's because they always find something wrong and i had no clue.
Then of course last weekend was Father's Day and it was soooo hard to swallow the fact that Daddy is gone . To add ever more sadness to the day , my pastor and his family are moving and that was his last sermon.  So i opted to stay at home in bed with covers over my head in complete denial and no way could i have attended the service.

This may be the lazy route but i'm going to copy/paste my facebook post i made last night after being stuck out of house for 4 hours.  This craziness was last night.
So it's after one am and Todd and I are just getting settled in. It's been quite an evening! Todd got home at 9 from band practice and we took our dogs for a walk . We went out our patio like we always do and closed the glass sliding door. It locked us out. Neither one of us had our phones. Our first attempt was to borrow a coat hanger to try to break in our door with no luck. So the neighbor called AAA to send tow truck and they opened Todds car so we could use the garage door opener. BUT, Todd locked the door from garage going into kitchen. The AAA tow guy called a few locksmiths and none of them would even answer phone or it was too far. We called my in laws and asked to find us locksmith and that we didn't have our phones. This was now 10:09 pm (I asked tow guy). So Todd goes out front and waits an hour. Then he walks to the corner 7 eleven about a mile or so away to use their phone and call his parents to check on locksmith whereabouts . Clerk at 7eleven wouldn't let Todd use phone because the flower mound police dept told them not to let people use phone because they most likely got released from jail. There was no pay phone of course. So Todd walks next door to police dept and they said they can't let them use the phone and to go to 7 eleven. He explains that now we've been locked out of our house for a few hrs with no luck with locksmith and that he's on foot and walked there for help. The lady told him sorry , walk to Mcdonalds. Which is another few blocks up road opposite direction. So he walks back home. Meanwhile I'm walking back and forth from backyard with dogs to front yard being hopeful a locksmith will show up to get us in our door to kitchen. A police car even passes Todd and never even pulls over. It's a little after midnight. We broke out our bedroom window and i crawled through . It's exactly one am when I unlock the door to let Todd in. Joy to the World!!!The locksmith called in laws and said they circled neighborhood a few times. UM NO LIAR ,YOU DIDNT. Not one car came down our street. So lessons learned- NEVER spending a single penny at that 7 eleven and the flower mound police dept suck for telling 7 eleven not to let people use their phone but yet send people there to ask for phone. I have another story for another day about flower mound cops so I've known they suck for years!!! I hate feeling this way too because I absolutely Back the Blue and have many cop friends. Also, never leave your phone even to walk the dog. I'll be calling a window glass repair man tomorrow and hiding spare key in garage tomorrow. I'm a little too wound up to sleep now. Sigh

Tomorrow we have glass company coming to replace the window pane. It's going to be 150$ plus tax.  As you can see, i've been crazy busy this last month. I didnt share everything that took place because its a separate post.  I just wanted to say Hi and thank you for sticking around. 
See yall very soon- i promise!