Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween - my favorite day!

Hey y'all! I am a big dork and failed to take any pictures of my own decorations from my party.  I was just so busy decorating until the very end and then had to get ready before he guests came. My inlaws took some and I'm waiting for them to get back from out of town to forward them to me.  I have a very busy weekend ahead!
Tonight we are going to the Freakers Ball concert hosted by a radio station here in Dallas KEGL 97.1.  There are lots of bands playing and it starts at 5.  We will be missing the early bands because I don't get off work until 4:30 and with traffic in Friday rush hour in the rain, let's just say we will be late.  The bands I'm looking forward to are Theory of a Deadman, Pop Evil, The Cult and Marilyn Manson. We are mostly going to see the Cult!!  I love them! 
Tomorrow morning we drop off the dogs for dog camp and then we head to San Antonio. Todd's family is visiting from California and Ohio . We're just staying the one night then coming home Sunday. 
Sunday night we have the Chris Cornell concert.  Can't wait to see that show! It's getting rave reviews as his solo act. He mentioned recently that since he's been doing his solo act this year, he's been able to write more material for the band Sound garden. I hope so! 
Whatcha got planned for this weekend? 
Stay safe and have fun! 
Happy happy Halloween!! 
Oh and I'll be a day late on the battle of the bands because as mentioned, I'll be driving back from San Antonio and won't have my laptop.  

My favorites!!!  I am still a kid when it comes to these specials.  It's almost "Charlie Brown season." Love the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas movies. :) Remember the TV specials?: Did anyone else watch this last night ? I saw that and the Addams Famili movies. I've watched Hocus Pocus 3 times but still haven't seen Practical magic. Nightmare before Christmas and Beetle Juice this year.  I am behind!
This is the only one of those damn "Keep Calm" things I liked :):

Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

Yes it can!:

I love this!  Wish I had this as a put out at Halloween!:

I don't care how old I am, when Hocus Pocus is on t.v. you shut your mouth and pay attention! | Halloween Ecard |
Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman (novel):

from Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman....Movie=Awesome/Favorite of all time!!  Book=Disappointment :( Still love the quote tho!!:

what's this ? from Nightmare before Christmas

 midnight margaritas from Practical Magic


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Listing Hop October 26

Good morning y'all!! I was reading a few blogs this morning and saw that many of them were participating in the list hop. Bish Denham over at Random Thoughts sponsored this Listing Hop. Stephen T. McCarthy invited folks to specifically list their 25 Favorite Movies.

My list is a compilation of 25 of my favorite movies.  They are ones that I watch over and over.  They are in no specific order at all and they may not actually be very popular movies but I just love them for various reasons.  

1. Raising Arizona
2. Wizard of Oz
3. Lost Boys
Lost boys.jpg
4. Shawshank Redemption
5. Pulp Fiction
6. Green Mile
7. La Bamba
8. Nightmare before Christmas
9. Birdcage
10. Mask
Mask (1985) Poster
11. Knights Tale
12. Top Gun
13. Forrest Gump
14. LadyHawke
15. Breakfast Club
16. Princess Bride 
17. Shining 
18. One flew over the cuckoos nest 
19. Tombstone
 I'm your huckleberry. -  I'm your huckleberry.  Doc Holliday
20. Rocky Horror Picture Show 
21. Dead Poets Society
22. To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird Movie Poster
23. Lovely Bones 
24. Legends of the Fall
25. Office Space
Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen Edition)

Have a great day yall!!! 

Monday, October 26, 2015

HOLLIween 2015

Well now we have our 4th annual Holliween party under our belts. It was this past Saturday and I was ready!! I've been decorating for a month. Todd said it was my best year for decorations.  I have a theme for decorations and a different theme for costumes.  This years decorating theme was Ravens. I have dozens of Raven decorations everywhere. I also bought quite a few LED signs.  My decorations will be part 2. 
We have chili with all the fixings every year ( Fritos, cheese, sour cream, onions), we had queso and dips and chips and Todd cooked a brisket and chopped it up for BBQ sandwiches. They were heavenly! I made sangria again like last year and it was delicious. We didn't do a beer keg this year instead we bought cases of beer with different types. 
We had lots of fancy cheeses and salamis and crackers. No one went hungry that's for sure! 
The theme for costumes this year was to dress from an era. It's funny because last year was the first year I had a theme for costumes and it was the biggest turnout for people dressing up.  I think if we narrow things down, people like that better. Now you'll always have people go against the grain and dress up that's nothing to do with theme but we don't care. Halloween is supposed to be fun and no pressure. A night to be whatever you want to be.  
Todd and i dressed up from the Greek/ Roman time period.  I bought our costumes and accessories from EBay.   I normally always make my own costume but I just have so much going on I didn't feel bad that I cheated.  
We had about half the people show up this year than last year but we had many that were sick. The bug is going around here in Dallas pretty strong.  We also were having torrential rain storms and flooding and I just don't think people liked getting out in it.  Luckily, it stopped raining that evening and it didn't rain all night.  
We had a total of 27 people and it was a nice group of friends.  I'm so happy for those who came.  I have only the picture that I took and a few that some have sent me.  So here ya go: 

It was so much fun and we announced at the party what next years theme is: MASQUERADE.  I have no idea how to decorate the house but I have a year to figure it out.  
Have a great Monday y'all!! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm a bona fide junker

So over the years I've posted about attending several various flea markets and junk shows. My dream was to be a vendor at shows and not just a buyer.
I met some amazing Junkers through blogging a few years ago.  I followed their blog then one day I got the courage to email one of them and ask for some blogging advice because I really liked their style.  It was the first year I started blogging (4 years ago).  With that, it started a friendship because they were also local in Dallas.  I attended some junk shows that they were a part of which was so awesome because of my huge love for that stuff.  
I planned on starting my own junk business 2 years ago but with my dad in the hospital and planning a wedding, those plans took a backseat. Of course it didn't stop me from building an inventory in our garage though.  This past summer, I went to a garage sale that was bench held by the same person who hosts a junk show twice a year in DFW.  While I was there, my sweet friend happened to be there too with her husband and it was such a great surprise.  While we were there, she introduced me to the hostess and recommended me for their winter show. 
Fast forward a few weeks after that, I got approved to be in the show and then the race began.  I had to file for tax permit for state of Texas.  That's when it got "real" for me.  My hand shook as I filled out the application. I have to be grown up and file taxes quarterly now for the business. 
I've been painting and sanding every night after work and on weekends.  It's in 2 weeks and I think I'm ready.  I know there's so much that i don't know and I'm so nervous.  Todd is just happy to get rid of the huge ginormous pile of furniture and knick knacks out of the garage. Lol. 
Between getting ready for the show, and this weekends Holliween party, I've been swamped. I don't mind though. I like always staying busy.  
So I created my FB page yesterday so if you happen to be on there, go like my page Junque Dancer. I will start to post pics of items in selling tonight when i get home. I was busy last night and didn't take any pictures.  
I can't wait to tell you all about the show!! I went as a shopper last year to this show and I can't wait to be a vendor now.  

Have a great weekend! I most likely won't post tomorrow because I have the day off to wrap up things for the party.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Winner of the Battle of the Bands

Good morning.  This battle was super close and for a while it was a tie. I have never voted on my own battles and thought i was going to have to vote. I received 2 more votes over the weekend and both of those votes helped seal the deal.  The winner of the battle is Celtic Thunder 11 votes to The Killdares 9 votes.  My vote would have gone to The Killdares but it wouldnt have mattered. Which by the way, they are playing this weekend at the Green Elephant if you were in Dallas.  If you were in Dallas though i would invite everyone of you to my Holliween party this weekend. I've been decoration for a month getting ready for it. I'm taking Friday off so that i can wrap up everything. I need to get some bales of hay from Dad and go to Sams. Last year i filled up 2 carts with wine and snacks.
Today is the funeral for my friend "J".  I have my concert t-shirt in the car.  The dress attire for the service is to be no suits at all and everyone in concert t-shirts.  How cool is that?!  I think its great they are staying so true to exactly how "J" would want it!
I am in a CPR class for the next 4hours getting re-certified.  I am on my company's safety committee and our CPR certificate expires next month so we're doing it again.  I dont mind. It will keep my mind busy for hours.
I'm wrapping up today with another one of my favorite songs right now.  Its by Seether who is on my list of faves.  The album was released last year in 2014 but you know how radio will release one song at a time.  Its called Nobody praying for me.  Its explicit because of the word F**K so just giving you heads up.  Skate on by if you're offended by the F-bomb.  It wouldnt be my choice to have it in the chorus but i still really like the song.   The video is intense too. They have a message for sure. They said the video is to have people think for themselves and not the media all the time.

Also real quick, thank you for the positive encouraging and loving comments from yesterday.  You have no idea how much each one of them meant to me yesterday!!!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Too much too soon

Good morning y'all.  I am just going to tell you straight up that i am sad. I have a sadness that i cant seem to shake.  I may need to go to the Dr for depression because i know its not something to mess with.  For many reasons though i struggled with typing that and saying it out loud. I have had so much sadness around me this year .  Have you had a year that you had more deaths that you can remember form any previous year? 2015 has been that year for me.  It all started as yall remember when i lost my stepdad in January. My dear friend lost her mom in February and then lost her husband 2 weeks ago.  We've had yet another big blow.  Last Thursday we got the news that a friend of ours from church died suddenly from heart complications.  He was only 40.  We had just had lunch with him and his mom who also goes to our church 5 weeks ago.  "J" loved music and concerts. We sat for hours talking about concerts and we had such a great time hanging out.  He had heart problems and had recently started having them again after it being under control for a few years.
"J" was also going through a nasty bitter divorce and yall nothing cant be without drama with her.  Ironically, the divorce would have been final this week.  Now she gets everything and she moved into his house , changed the locks and stole his car.  His mom is devastated and they ( mom and son) were super close.  She went to several rock concerts with "J" and they saw each other almost everyday.  My heart just aches for her. She has another son who is a few years older than J and he came to church on Sunday with her. Wow, he looks just like "J".
So one of the many reasons i love my church is that its not too big.  We mostly know everyone and we are a very tight church community.   It was obvious that we all were so stunned and sad about the news when we came to church on Sunday.  Our pastor was out of state for a seminar and we had a guest speaker. Our pastors wife was to introduce him to us and say a few words.  As she started to pray, she broke down and started to cry and talk about "J" and his family.  We all just started crying then but it was good. We needed to address it and stand together and grieve.  I was so proud of her for saying what was on her heart and not go along with what was already scheduled in her speech.  Our pastor is from Louisiana and so was J.  They got together on Sunday's to watch the Saints play.
Tomorrow is his funeral.  One thing i am happy about is that the attire is to wear concert tshirts and no suits allowed.  There will be some good rock music played because his mom told us on Sunday she's picking out the songs.
I have this trait that i dont like about myself and thats my internalizing others pain.  When someone i know has had a loss, i hurt for them and i'm so sad. It affects my mood. I can go along with my day but i have this heaviness on my heart.   2 funerals back to back though is just too much.  I feel like death surrounds me. I never thought of myself as a doom and gloom person.  I put on a smile and act like all is great.  I dont go up to my friends and start talking about sadness.  I keep it all in.  Until today and i figured i might as well write out my feelings. Its my blog and its supposed to be therapeutic to write it down.   I do have my big Holliween party this weekend to look forward to and i am excited to see my friends smiling and laughing. I need that!
There is a cover that has been playing on the radio more recently and its by Shinedown.  They are one of my favorite "new" bands right now.  I've posted a few of their songs here already.  Well they did a cover of Lynyrd Skynrd's song Simple Man.  Yall i  love it so much. I really really like the way its sung.  I should have been more patient and used it for my next Battle of the Bands.  Heck, who's to say i wont .  I just really want yall to hear it if you havent already.  Music gets me through.  Hard rock really helps more when i'm sad.  This isnt exactly hard but its just right.
I'll be back tomorrow for my results of the battle between Celtic Thunder and The Killdares. Please vote today if you havent already done that either.
I'm going to be OK.  I have lots of joyful things to be thankful for and to look forward to.  I just have had more sadness than happiness lately.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands- Whiskey in the Jar

Top of the morning to ya!!  I'm all caught up in the Irish for today's battle.  My song is Whiskey in the Jar .  This song is a very popular and traditional Irish song and the exact origin of the song is unknown.  It was released in the 60's by an Irish folk band The Dubliners and thats when it first got wide exposure.  Then in the 70's it was released by Irish rock band Thin Lizzy.   Fast forward to 1998 and a very popular American rock band Metallica released the song and introduced it to a larger rock audience.

Here is the The Dubliners who are not part of the battle.

I just saw a documentary on Thin Lizzy over the weekend and they had very interesting story. The lead singer got very sick with Hepatitis at the very height of their career and the tour was cancelled.
Here they are:

Here is the version by Metallica.  I have always liked their version!!

Now the battle is between a band that formed here in Dallas and have been around since 1996.  I have seen them live many times and i should buy their CD/DVD.  They were also nominated for a grammy in 2001.  The band is  The Killdares  . This was filmed at The Granada Theater which is also here in Dallas that have great concerts.

The next band is called Celtic Thunder.  This band formed in 2007 and have released several albums. This cover was released on their Heritage album.

So now i need you to vote between the Kiddares or Celtic Thunder.  I'll have results for you next week.  Also please go see the rest of the battles.  I always love hearing new songs or old songs done differently. 

 more Battle of the Bands fun, check out the other BOTB bloggers to vote on their battles:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Missing Montana

Ok so it's been 4 weeks since I was in Montana and I'm just now sharing with y'all about my trip.  It started first with the quick wedding in Idaho that I posted about already.  From there we flew into Helena that Sunday after the wedding and arrived around 3 and was at home at moms by 3:45 after renting car and grabbing luggage.   This was the first time to have Todd with me and his first time to Montana.  Both of us had discussed that this trip was more about visiting Mom then doing lots of touristy stuff.  I originally wanted to drive to West Yellowstone so Todd could say he's been to Yellowstone and also see more wildlife.  It's a few hours away one direction so we opted out this time. We still did some fun stuff though and it was relaxing which is what we both needed.  
One day we went into Butte which is only 20 miles away and we did a historical walking underground tour.  That was very cool and Todd really enjoyed it. Our tour guide did a great job but Todd and I had some laughs later about him. I'll just add that he was from Colorado and he was late coming in for the tour and his eyes were a little red.  lol 
For the most part we didn't do a whole lot which was perfect. Mom lives at the base of a national forest so I took Todd for a couple of nice drives that are my favorite scenic routes. I did the driving so Todd could look at the scenery and for wildlife.  In fact, one day going to Helena, he saw a bear running up a wooded cliff. 
We saw a bunch of deer but we have lots of deer in Texas. It was open season for bow and arrow and we passed dozens of hunters on our drive. I would roll my windows down and tell the deer to run. Lol.   I saw some eagles and that was cool.  We saw everything from moose to elk as we get closer to Yellowstone but we didn't go that direction on this trip. One of my favorite highlights was staying a night at the Boulder Inn.  It's this old hotel that has hot springs and saunas.  We swam when we checked in and I also went swimming earlier the next morning before breakfast.   It was chilly and rainy but the water is warm and felt so great.  
All around where mom lives are old mining towns and i showed Todd a little deserted place that's cool to walk around.   It was a great trip and I want to go back. Texas missed the memo that it's fall and it's still been hot everyday.  
So here are some pics of our trip.....
My eagles i saw across from mom's porch. i have video too...
Continental Divide close to Butte
snow on the mountains 
Boulder Inn
Town Pump burritos are the best
Evil Knievel
Population was still around 3
gorgeous cathedral in Helena

We had layover in Salt Lake City so here is just before landing:

So believe it or not , these aren't all the pictures I took.  I held back . Lol.   Have a great Monday yall!