Thursday, June 28, 2018

A little bit going on

Soooo, I am going to keep it short today.  My anxiety has anxiety this week.
My little boy dog Jax is really sick.  We have taken him to the vet yesterday and he's on medication but I don't see a lot of improvement.  We're going to give it all day today with medication since it was only half day yesterday on meds and then tomorrow decide the next move - probably a full blood check which is very expensive.  Yall, I brought him Jax when he was just old enough to leave his mother. He's my little boy and when you see it in his eyes how awful he feels, I break.  I've cried everyday.  I don't know what he got into and what caused this.  My little girl Lila is fine and she's the one that eats dead animals every chance she can and kills rabbits daily. Anyway, I am very very stressed about Jax and would appreciate any healing prayers.
Then to add to the mix, our air conditioner is on the fritz and wont cool down past 78.  It was 107 yesterday and the heat triggers my migraines.  Crying triggers my migraines. We have someone coming tomorrow between 1 and 7 pm to look at the air conditioner.
I am so much to be thankful for but depression is a crappy thing.  I can still sit here and feel sorry for myself even though I have blessings all around me.
I'll mention in later post about my hit and run I was involved in last Saturday.  I am Ok and my truck has a long scrap but still!!!! So sucks!
Here is a song that I've been listening to on repeat this morning.  I really like it.

Zach Williams- Fear is a liar

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Its been way too long

I have no specific reason or even a good reason why its been almost a year since I've last posted here on my blog. Last year was a tough year and then life just sort of got away and busy and here we are with no posts. Its not because I didn't think about blogging, so many occasions I would specifically take a picture with the plan to talk about it and post .
In fact, when I came to look at blog a few weeks ago , I noticed my cover pictures were gone. I had no idea they expired - did you? I had hired someone a few years ago to help me with it and I don't even have the original copy of what it was anymore with my logo.
Soooo, I am excited to be back and I am going to give this a whirl again.  I wont have any rhyme or reason to my posting but just what feels good to me. I have so much to share and this is like a personal diary in ways that I enjoy going back and reading on events over the years.
Does anyone use an app to blog ? I used to use Blogger SO MUCH and that slowed me down tremendously when they did away with the phone app.  I tried using Blogo and now I cant get that to work for me for some odd reason.
I look forward to reconnecting with my blogger friends and begging for forgiveness for becoming a ghost and dropping out of your lives.  I miss you so much.
I'll be back- soon - I promise!!!
Lila is not happy about ducks in the pool