Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! This is end of Blog Angels for October

So today i'm supposed to talk about my experience with participating in Blog Angels. I think most of Y'all know that i had the best luck a girl could have. My blog angel that i was supposed to "watch over" was Kim with Queen of Over-Doing.  To wrap it up sweet and simple- I Love Her!!! She's an amazing mom,wife,entrepeneur of her own shop (Sweetsie's). Kim has been super busy with getting her shop started online and i wish her the best for all the success. The truth is that i now consider Kim a friend and I will continue to comment on her blog and be supportive all i can. There were a few options when signing up for this on what we were looking for such as help with new blog designs, assistance with blog in general, or just a new follower and friend. I didnt offer too much advice on her blog in general because i like it the way it is. So friendship is what she got!
Then i had an angel to watch over me who was Marci with Stone Cottage Adventures.  Again to keep it sweet and simple- I Love Her!!  Marci is the Best! She commented and gave support on all my posts. We also sent plenty emails outside of our blog. I  consider Marci a friend and we will continue to support each other's blog long after today. I seriously couldnt have asked to be paired up with 2 better women. Kim and Marci, thank you for all you've done and making this first time experience with Blog Angels the best. It will be hard to top this trio if i sign up again.
If you're interested in being a Blog Angel go see Rosie who coordinates this everey 2 months.  Her blog is Craftbotic. She's an angel for coming up with this!

Now today is my most happiest day ever!! I love Halloween!  Best Witches everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guest Post at Geek in Glasses

Good morning Y'all! I was  a sponsor for Stephanie at her blog Geek in Glasses. I actually met Stephanie through a craft swap that i'll be posting about pretty soon. She asked me to write a post on any topic i wanted SOOOO, of course i blogged about my Halloween party that i had this past weekend. I still have a whole other post on my party to fill you in on. My post is at her blog right now but I'm also posting it here too.

A Spooky Guest post from Holli's Hoots and Hollers!!

Today I have an Awesome Blogger posting here. It's Holli from Holli's Hoots and Hollers! She sponosred the Geek this month - so here's a great big THANK YOU!, to her. Check out her Halloween Post!
Hi Y'all, I'm Holli and I had a sponsor ad on Stephanie's blog and she asked me to do a guest post.  I had a Halloween party this past weekend and I wanted to share some of my decorations with you. I decorated a little every night for the past 3 weeks. There was so many pictures so i could only choose a few.
I got a little crafty and painted 4 plastic wine glasses with ghosts and painted : I'm here for the Boos on the back of them. I decorated the hallways, the dining room, the garage, bathroom- pretty much every where. I dressed up as a Day of the Dead bride and mu Honey was my groom. Most everyone dressed up which was really fun. I have more pics of the party to post later on my blog some come over and see me.

My skeleton kept watch over my wine. There were many more bottles in there. We drank most of them.

Book Shelfs needed some webs and spiders

This was hung in hallway to walk thru

2 great minds think alike. We seriously didnt plan on dressing the same.
My friend Kimi was Flo from the commercials
My friend Kimi was Flo from the commercials

Monday, October 29, 2012

Practical Magic- Do you love it too?

So how was your weekend Y'all? Yep, i had my Halloween party and it was a BLAST!!! I have so much to tell you BUT i'm waiting on my pictures to share. My cousin was our photographer and she's been crazy busy this weekend. She's going to have my pics tonight so in meantime i wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favorite movies- Practical Magic. I own the movie on both VHS and DVD. Yesterday while recuperating after  party, we went to eat a big cheeseburger and came home to pop the movie in.
This movie came out in 1998 but was of course like most great movies, it was a book by Alice Hoffman.

The book was released in 1995.  Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are the stars of the show but i love everyone's chacters in the movie. Practical Magic is a story about a family of witches and curse that has passed on to the them by one of their ancestors.  Stockard Channing and Dianne Weist are the aunts of Bullock and Kidman and they're so perfect for the part. I loved Stockard as Rizzo from Grease and remember Dianne Weist was in another fave movie of mine The Lost Boys.

The soundtrack is awesome and it has many classics! One of the songs that brings back tons of memories is Coconut by Harry Nilsson.  This song is played during the Midnight margaritas time and all the gals sing and dance around the kitchen table. I remember this song when i was younger (in the 70's) and it playing on the radio. My mom and i used to love singing this and it makes me smile and miss my mom all at same time.
The men in this movie are pretty yummy too. Aidan Quinn is Sandras love interest in the movie and Goran Visnjic play the bad guy and Nicole's love interest. Goran played Luka in the Tv show E.R (remember that).
This movie is funny, sad, scary, and dramatic. It's one of those perfect movies that i never get tired of.   Who doesnt love when all the ladies in town come over with their broom to help get rif of the evil spirit?!
Spoiler alert-I love at the end when all 3 generations dress up in their witch attire and jump off the roof. So cute! Anyways, i watched this yesterday and will watch it again in a few days i'm sure.

why hello handsome! Your like a crossover of Dracula and a cowboy
Put the lime  in the coconut- drink it all up

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Questions and Answers about myself

This week i introduced you to both Kim ( my receiver angel) and Marci ( my assignee Angel) and i sent them both same questions to answer. They wanted me to answer them in return and so i did. Marci posted my portion on her blog today.  I guess you could say i'm guest posting  but i'm posting on mine as well.
 Here ya go-
May I tell you more about being a Blog Angel?  I was assigned
Holli is delightful!  We have become electronic pen pals.  Here is a questionnaire Holli answered!

What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

My cousin Lauren had a blog and I really enjoyed reading it. I actually started my blog a year ago in August when my Dad was leaving the country for a stem cell treatment. I was in a lot of worry and turmoil and I literally decided one day to start it so I could get some of my feelings off my chest. Then just went from there.

Tell me a little about your family- dogs too:

I don’t have any kids of my own or pets at the moment. My boyfriend has 2 kids and we get them every other weekend. I enjoy them so much. I have a brother, a step brother and a stepsister that I love like my own. I have 3 nieces total and one more on the way. I LIVE to spoil my nieces. I love them so much and they make me happier than I could ever imagine. I guess never having children of my own, may be the reason I’m crazy attached to my nieces. My Mom and her husband live in Montana and my Dad and amazing stepmom Deb live less than an hour away. My grandma, she goes by Nanny, is in her 80’s and I also try to visit her as often as I can. She lives a few hours away, but what’s a few hours when it comes to quality time with the ones you love! :-)

What are your hobbies and interests?

Well, I love to go JUNKIN at garage sales, craft shows, flea markets, etc. I like to “repurpose” items and I’m amazed at the good stuff people get rid of. I also am very active with a National group called CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association). My boyfriend, Todd, and I have a Heritage softtail 100th anniversary Harley Davidson. We go everywhere on it. I grew up in a Harley family and it’s part of who am for sure. I love to read A LOT  and another big interest I have is music. I go to a lot of concerts or just local places to watch bands. To go with the music, I never get tired of dancing. Dancing is also something I’ve enjoyed but I don’t get to do much at all.

Do you have a favorite color?

Orange. Oh, how I love orange. I loved orange before it was cool. My friends even made fun of me in school when I said Orange because it wasn’t purple or pink or a popular color. When I think about Harley’s main colors are orange and black and Halloween’s colors are orange and black which is my fave holiday. There is a pattern for sure.

Do you work outside of the home?

I do. I’m a corporate trainer for a distribution company and going on my 18th year there. I love my job and I get to travel quite a bit, too. 

Are you doing anything fun for Halloween  (decoration wise)?

YES! My Honey and I are having a small get together for some friends and family. I’ve been decorating now for a few weeks. Is there a support group for me because I’m seriously out of control from buying more Halloween decorations, wine, and candy for the party.  Everyday. I have almost every room decked out with some sort of decoration. I love Halloween and it’s my time that I go crazy. I actually am pretty tame during Christmas and just use the same stuff every year. Christmas is fun but it’s NOT HALLOWEEN!

What are your next goals for your blog for 2013?

I need to learn how to put other options on my blog for people to follow me. Right now I just have email or GFC options. Like maybe BlogLovin, or something. Anyone reading this-can you help me? I’d like to get better organized on my posts. I’ve very very random.

Tell us about yourself on any topic that you feel like talking/writing about:

I just want to say how fortunate I am to have made some genuine new friends just from blogging. I am pretty honest and I put some personal stuff out there. It makes us vulnerable and open for people to judge or to make crappy comments. I’ve been blessed that I haven’t encountered anyone too bad. I am a part of a Texas Blogging group that has a facebook page. This group is amazing to give
support and helpful hints on each other’s blogs. I’ve had people let me know when I had the annoying captcha thing on or if my reply back wasn’t working. That’s what we need is more helpful honest people. I still have loads to learn but I am grateful every single day that someone stops to read what I posted.
I also want to say that you are a great Blog Angel and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have been paired with. I enjoy you so much and I love having you as a friend now. When are you coming to Texas?!

Now that you know a little more about Holli, you want to go to Texas with me, don't you?!  Being a Blog Angel has been wonderful!  I am so glad I got to meet Holli! 
;-)  -Marci
To participate in Blog Angels go see Rosie from Craftbotic  who is the host

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Today i'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple to play with Pinterest. How fun to add anything Pinterest to a blog post!

So without any more of my rambles here are some i wanted to share with y'all:

You know you're singing this in your head now

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet my Blog Angel Kim-

Hey there, my name is Kim and I blog over at The Queen of Over-Doing; Chronically Kim.  About a month ago, I signed up for the Blog Angel program and was blessed to have Holli looking over me and my blog!  She asked me to answer some questions and I was happy to oblige!  I mean, how do I tell a Harley riding, wine loving Texan "no"?  Seriously!  I love doing this stuff!

So today, I'm here on Holli's lovely blog guest posting. Holli's been so sweet and visits my blog regularly even though I've not been on my blog regularly.

So without further adĂș, here is my Q&A session:

Q:  What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?
A:  Well, I had been going through some rough times and blogging seemed like a good way to vent.  I am a writer and loved connecting with people who wrote as well.  I initially started blogging back in October of 2010.  I've since moved my blog twice until lading here with a new name and purpose several months ago after my move from Illinois to Ohio.  Sometimes it takes awhile to find your nichĂ©!

Q:  Tell me a little about your family - dogs too:
A:  Well, I have a large family.  Both my husband and I come from larger farm families; he from Nebraska, myself from Illinois.  Together we have 3 girls; 11, 19 & 22.  We've been married almost 12 years (this November will be 12 wedded years of bliss).  In May of 2013 we will also be grandparents!

We are huge animal lovers.  We've been known to have something like 8-12 different types of animals in our house at any given time because we are suckers for helping our rescues.  No animal deserves to starve or be cold and not loved.  We've had snakes, fish, lizards, cats, rabbits, spiders, dogs and 2 orphan baby squirrels.  Right now, our home is quiet and we only have our permanent resident furry doggy Karma.  We took her in when she was about 3 months old as a rescue.  She's just as much a part of our family as one of our own children.

Q:  What are you hobbies and interests?
A:  Well, that's an open ended question.  My main hobbies are either sitting at the dining room table making jewelry or standing in the kitchen making and baking!  I love to bake, cook and create!  But I'm always doing something different.  I love to take pictures, hiking and one day I hope to have my own Harley to ride along with my husband (who doesn't own a Harley, but I want one).

Q:  Do you have a favorite color?
A:  Purple...yep, definitely purple!

Q:  Do you work outside of the home?
A:  Before moving to Ohio I worked full time at a high school as an Attendance Clerk & Transcript Manager.  Prior to that I worked in New Home Construction out in the field and I loved my career in construction!  But due to the economy I was forced out.  Now I am a stay-at-home-mom.  It's taken some time to get used to and a little bit of regrouping to learn how to use and organize my new found time, but I'm finally getting it all together!  I now own an online jewelry store and just opened my new online bakery.

Q:  Are yo doing anything fun for Halloween (decoration wise)?
A:  Not really.  When we moved from Illinois to Ohio we donated a ton of stuff to cut down on moving expenses and thought we'd just repurchase some new decorations after we settled in here.  But this year we've carved pumpkins and that's what decorating we've done! :)

Q:  What are you next goals for your blog in 2013?
A:  Good question!  I hope to add more DIY Project How-To's and more recipes.  My blog is constantly evolving!

Q:  Tell us about yourself on any topic you feel like talking/writing about; it can be as long or wordy as you want.
A:  You know what you're getting yourself into telling me this right???  Ha!  I'm a motor-mouth and love to just type and type!  But seeing you said ANYTHING, I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you the reason for choosing the name for my new online Bakery, {Sweetsie's} Sweets & Treats.

There are two things I love to do more than others.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family and we do a lot, but when I do engage in my hobbies, I love to make jewelry and bake.  I currently have a jewelry store online called Bluebird Bijoux {Designs}.  I've recently moved it from Etsy to Storenvy so I could customize it more.

I hand-make jewelry using new bead and finding as well as implement recycled and up-cycled items.  I think I bring a uniqueness to my field.  It will be open for business again very soon!

But more recently, I've been avidly working on opening an online bakery.  Monday, October 22nd was the Grand Opening of my bakery!  I am so excited for the opening.  My bakery is called {Sweetsie's} Sweets & Treats.

But what makes this even more special than my cookies (yep a little self-love there) is the name.  The name isn't just a silly little name I thought up on day.

The name began well over a decade ago.  My late dad (well, my step-dad but he was more like my dad) passed due to complications and health issues that stemmed from his Diabetes.  He was insulin dependent and suffered from Diabetes for a very long time until it was just too much and was taken from us.

Larry, my dad, used to call my mom "sweetsie".  He would come up with these cockamamie ideas and one of them was to have all the young grandchildren and nieces over for an entire weekend of cookie baking and decorating.  My mom wasn't keen on this idea as kids do make quite the mess when baking and making!

But Larry said to my my, "Sweetsie, don't you want to make memories?  It's not just a mess, it's a memory..."  And so she agreed.

My mom and Larry went to the store, bought all of the kids their own aprons, rolling pins, cookie cutters, sugar shakers, paint brushes and every other kind of cookie decorating items and edibles you could ever imagine.  They made some of the most awesome cookies anyone could ever lay their eyes on!!  Let me tell you...

Larry would sit at the table, chat with the kids, make faces, say silly things to make them all laugh, help create and give his professional opinion of how they have all made masterpieces.  My mom would watch, help out and clean up.  BUT, at the end of the long day (and we are talking starting cookies at 7-8:00am and ending near midnight), those memories are some that each of those children will never forget and still remember to this day.  Some of "those kids" are now in their 20's and have kids of their own.

So, it was for that reason I chose {Sweetsie's} as the name of my bakery.  The name holds a memory that I will never forget.  The name has a meaning so much more special than a superficial catchy word or phrase that someone might remember.  The name is truly the heart of what my bakery starts for...sweet memories.

But that's not it; the name wasn't enough.

Since Larry did suffer from Diabetes and it ultimitely took his life away from us way too early and this horrible disease is so prominent on both sides of my family, I wanted to do something to give back.  so for each order placed with {Sweetsie's} Sweets & Treats, I will donate 10% of that order to the American Diabetes Association.  These donations will be given in his memory to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

I want to thank you for reading this today.  I hope you stop by and take a gander at all the yummies I offer over at {Sweetsie's} and even if you can't or won't purchase, please just take a look and leave me a message about what you're favorite is!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet My Blog Angel Marci

Good Morning Y'all, how was your weekend? I spent a great weekend with my family. Saturday was in East Texas with my grandma Nanny and yesterday was my cousin Jamie's daughter's birthday party. Fun Fun!  So many of y'all saw my post last Monday where we got to let our Blog Angels know our identity. I was assigned Kim from Queen of Over-Doing it and i couldnt be happier to have her as my angel. What this also means is that I was assigned TO someone for them to be MY angel. That's where Marci comes in from Stone Cottage Adventures.  I am so lucky to have such a supportive, sweet angel that a blogger could ask for. This Blog Angel idea not only brought me 2 of the most amazing women that we "have" to have contact with for the month of October, but these are lasting friendships now forever. I came up with a little question/answer email for Marci to reply to so here's a little more about my sweet Angel:

What inspired you to start a blog and how long have you been blogging?

I have been a Farmer's Market vendor.  The same questions were being asked over and over.  In one week, three different people told me I should write a blog.  It began with the most asked questions from my farmers market booth.  Then I started connecting with other bloggers and fell in love with the process.  It's nice to have a year's diary of all the wacky things that happen around here.

 Tell me a little about your family- pets too:
My husband and I have been together for 27 years, married for 26 years.  He has one daughter from his first marriage.  We have a son and daughter together.  At this point, we have 5 grandchildren with another on the way.  Five dogs, one cat, four rabbits and ten chickens.  YIKES!  We must be nut jobs!

What are your hobbies and interests?
Oh, my word!  How much time do you have? 
 Do you have a favorite color?
Any color created by God, especially earth tones and greens.

 Do you work outside of the home?  Yes

Are you doing anything fun for Halloween  (decoration wise)?
Our neighborhood has a wonderful Halloween tradition.  'Lots of kiddos knocking on our door!  We love it!  I'm more of an Autumn decorator than Halloween decorator.  Scarecrows, hay and pumpkins.

 What are your next goals for your blog for 2013?
Hmmm...  I would love to have your advice on this, Holli.  I'm not as Tech Savvy as I would like to be.  I feel like I need to learn or purchase a few gadgets for my humble little blog.  At some point, it would be nice to monetize, but 'not sure about the timing.  
Tell us about yourself on any topic that you feel like talking/writing about:
Well, I am:
Master Gardener
Program Coordinator for Herb Society of NWA.  I'm a total nut job about herbs, growing several. 
Featured speaker at Benton County Emergency Preparedness Fair - Herbs 101
I will be speaking at a garden club in February, same topic.

So there ya go my peeps! If you have any gardening questions regarding herbs , now you know who to go to. Marci, i believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and i'm blessed to have met you and to have a new friend.

Don't forget to drop by The Vintage Modern Wife to participate in the big giveaway!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm participating in a big giveaway Y'all

My sweet blogger friend Stephanie is having a huge giveaway and i get to play along. I'm so excited because this is my very first giveaway to be a part of.  Go see Stephanie's blog at  The Vintage Modern Wife  and enter to win some great stuff.

Oh and y'all have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

I feel so popular- I'm a guest at another blog

One of my Texas Blogger Gals , Nicole asked me to guest blog over at her blog while she's in Haiti doing amazing things with her church group. Her blog is here Three 31 (click on her blog) and go read what i posted. Please. It's my ranting about not ranting over Politics. :)
You'll really enjoy Nicole too. She's so funny and very honest. I love that about her! We clicked instantly and we laughed so much together when our group of bloggers got together a few months ago.
Can you believe its already Thursday? I get to work from home tomorrow and i'm doing the happy dance right now.
Big Hugs Y'all!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I'm linking up with Take it from me for Welcome Wednesday.
Have a great day~

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rockin to The Toadies

This past Saturday my Honey and I met our friend Panda at Billy Bob's in Ft Worth to see The Toadies. You guys have no idea how excited i was. I've always wanted to see them live but for some reason could never get it together when they were performing around town. The cool thing is that this band is a local band from Dallas-Fort Worth area but made it big in the 90's nationally. It just so happens that Panda went to school with Clark who is one of the lead guitar players. There have been a few changes throughout the years in the band but Todd Lewis who is the main singer vocals has stayed the same. The Toadies is considered an alternative rock band and they just released their newest album Play. Rock. Music this past July.
They did not disappoint and played solid for the whole concert! They rocked the house and i cant wait to see them again.
me and Honey (in his pulp fiction shirt)

Panda and me

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Queen of Over-Doing:Chronically Kim

I signed up to be part of Blog Angels a month ago. It's where you get paired up with another blogger and you're all about that blogger for the month of October.

I was paired up with Kim at The Queen of Over-Doing: Chronically Kim and today is the day where we reveal ourselves. First, I'm supposed to make this post to let you guys know about her blog.

I have really enjoyed reading Kim's blog for the last 2 weeks and i truly feel a connection with her. To start she has tattoos and loves wine like i do! Cheers to Kim for sure. Now go on over and show Kim some love. Tell her I sent you and said to say "Hey!"

Happy Monday Y'all!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

State Fair Bliss

Hey everyone so how's your weekend been so far? After talking about going to the Texas State Fair, We finally did it and went this past Friday. My honey and I both took a vacation day to play and it Rocked! We actually started the day at our nearest Harley dealership which of course put Todd in a great mood. Harley has a big 18 wheeler with trailer filled with all the models of each bike. As long as you have a motorcycle license and the proper required clothing (helment, boots, etc) you can sign up and take any of the bikes for a whirl with the rest of the group. We drove a big Ultra Classic and man was it so comfortable! I have a feeling we may be riding a bigger bike very soon. My baby brother wants to buy the bike we have now so it's a win-win!

Once we were done with Harley we were Fair bound. It was such a beautiful day outside. It got a little hot but i'm always hot so whats new. We arrived just a little after noon so first thing to do was get in line for a Fletcher's corny-dog. Eating a corny dog is a tradition for the fair since i was a kid. Our schools in Dallas actually gives free tickets to the kids and specific fair day for the schools to go to. Its a big deal!
The great thing about our fair is to see what the latest craziest thing they are frying up this year. Y'all, the options were limitless. Seriously! I didnt take pictures of even a quarter of the weird fried booths.
I also have to have a funnel cake and Tornado tator twister to go with my corny dog every year (fair days is NOT the day to count calories).  Towards the end of the day when we had some time for our other snacks to settle, we wanted to try a few fried desserts that we've never had before. I had the fried snickers bar last year and it was tasty. So, i had the fried pineapple upside down cake and it was AWESOME!It had a round pineapple ring in the middle so it was almost healthy, right?! I have to say that the show stealer this year for us was the deep fried samoa girlscout cookie. Y'all , my mouth is watering just telling you about it! The cookie melted inside so it was warm chocolate goodness and then they topped it off with more toasted coconut. I swear, one of the best things that i've put in my mouth and belly!
Todd and i rode our large Texas Star ferris wheel and it so clear in Dallas , we could see for miles. It's my favorite ride because it goes slow and you get a great view of the city. This weekend was also Texas/Ou weekend which is a very very big traditional game in the Cotton Bowl. I didnt take a pic of OU simply for principle. HAHA. I have many family members that were longhorns so i am pretty biased.( unfortunately OU beat Texas really bad in yesterday's game. Boo). After we got our free cookies from the girl scouts booth and checked out all the car show's, we had had a pretty full day. I had so much  fun and i'm happy that my honey and i had a great Date Night that lasted all day.
Have a great week- talk to ya soon!
Now here are a ton of pics and this isnt all of them.....

Death grip on my corny dog- Bog Tex behind me

Texas Star ferris wheel

We shared ride with 2 high school girls who took pic

Fried pineapple upside cake- Delish!

I WAS tall enough to ride-whew!

Graffiti wall in Fair Park across from the fair

Funnel cake baby

Tornado tator twister

Girl Scouts 100th anniv. This is ALL BUTTER

Butter creation part 2

Honey holding the deep fried samoa. Both are yummy!

Hook'em Horns

How cute is this VW bug?!