Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A little music for the Halloween mood

I'm still in decorating mode every night after work in preparation for Holliween this weekend. I cant wait!
So here are a few songs on my playlist that I love to hear every year:

Dead mans party- Oingo Boingo

Living Dead girl- Rob Zombie
Thriller - Michael Jackson

Time warp - Rocky Horror Picture show

Friday, October 12, 2018

HOLLIween's of the past

Next Saturday will be our 7th annual HOLLIween party. I've been decorating every day like crazy when I get home from work . I cant show you my house until after the party but here are pics of Todd and I from the last 6 years....

Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife Beth

This year's theme is classic Halloween- like ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, etc
I am so excited!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

State fair of Texas 2018

Last Friday, Todd and I had the day off because we were supposed to be going out of town for a quick trip to New Orleans.  That got cancelled and so we took advantage of the beautiful day and went to the State Fair of Texas.  We had not been in a few years and we both were excited to go again.  We got there right around lunch time and so the very first thing we did was go get in line in one of the Fletcher corn dog stands. Now I am kinda funny about traditions. I HAVE to get mine from the stand that is directly in front of Big Tex.  I’ve ALWAYS got my corny dog there even though there are dozens of other stands that have them.  I also will only eat mine with mustard- No ketchup!!

We walked around most all of the exhibit buildings and our favorite are the car shows to see all the new models, and they the buildings are air-conditioned . It was really hot that day in the 90’s and super humid.  We tried a fried Reeses peanut butter cup with ice cream as our quirky fried food. They had it all!! Fried lobster, fried red velvet cupcake, fried chicken fried bacon, you name it- it was there fried on a stick.

We also HAVE to ride the Texas Star Ferris wheel.  Its one of the tallest in the US and it’s a great view of the city .  Last week was also our huge rivalry college football weekend for Texas and OU. The Red River Rivalry.  There was lots going on and they were setting up the FOX News booth in prep for the next days game.  Texas won the game and man was it good!! Won by a field goal in the last 9 seconds of the game.

It’s always such a good time and we enjoyed spending the day together with no rush and nowhere else we had to be.

this is made of butter and its huge

fried reeses with ice cream

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Craziness and cancelled trips

Well I broke my cycle of blogging once a week and missed last week to post.  I’ve been super crazy busy at work. I’m training all day again every day for the next few weeks.  Lots going on still with Nanny.  When we moved her into the rehab/assisted living, we knew it wasn’t her final spot. She did so good with her rehab – she has to exercise and on strict diet and is better that I’ve seen her in a few years. A nursing home is right next door to the facility and we were supposed to move her there this weekend.  Unfortunately she fell this morning getting out of bed and reaching for her walker. The walker wasn’t locked and down she went. Fortunately she was exactly where she should be- they quickly helped her and immediately rushed her to get xrays. Nothing is broke- Thank God!! So, now she’ll be staying at the rehab center a little longer.  Lots of red tape too, we have to get her switched from Medicare to Medicaid to pay for the nursing home of our choice.  In meantime, I’ve been driving to east Texas every single weekend which is 4.5 hours round trip. My truck is getting the miles on but what do you do? I will do anything to help Nanny and to spend time with my mom. 

I HAVE been decorating a lot for Holliween , getting ready for my party on October 20.  That makes me happy!

Originally, this weekend was suppose d to be a fun getaway weekend to New Orleans with a couple that are good friends of ours, Thomas and Tammy. Thomas has never been to New Orleans and we booked flights and hotel  around the first of the year. We had been talking about doing this for a few years so we finally made plans.  Then a few weeks ago, Thomas ended up having surgery on his shoulder. He had been having some pains and there was no alternative.  So the trip of course is cancelled.  Todd and I are taking advantage of our vacation day and going to the State Fair of  Texas.  We used to go every year but we didn’t the last 2 years, so I’m excited to eat a Fletchers corn dog and something fried like oreo or snickers.  
Have a great weekend and i'll hopefully have a recap of our day of fun tomorrow for yall next week.
Say a prayer for Nanny too please.
Oh and what is this?  I bought it from Goodwill because it looks vintage and I love it anyways but not sure what its original purpose is for. I'm thinking maybe long matches or straws? It has holes in the back like ventilation.