Friday, August 11, 2017

A cool new band

Hey yall, so have you heard of this new band Greta Van Fleet?  Oh my gosh I love them!! Our local rock station has been playing them and getting lots of requests for them.  Most listeners tend to think there is huge Robert Plant influence.  Close your eyes and tell me you don't hear Led Zeppelin in many places of the song.  I love it! I love that they also have their own look and style. They are also mostly all family that includes twin brothers.  They've been around since 2013 but their song recently was released and got the ball rolling. They will be in concert here in Dallas in October so I'm thinking about getting tickets to see them.    Have a great weekend!!! I am so excited today is Friday.
This song is called Highway Tune.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Outdoor stuff

Hey everyone- Happy August!! I cant believe July is already gone and i didnt make a single post the whole month. I have been so crazy busy at work that i have had no time to blog. Its conversion time again and so i'm training twice a day everyday for a few weeks. In fact, due to my schedule, i'm having to take my lunch hour at 10:30 am which is weird for me.
Well, August 5,2011 - i started this blog. I missed my anniversary this year. I should have posted. I dont want to give up blogging. I'm holding on to thought of things easing up eventually.
Its been a sad time lately. My dear friends little boy Ari passed away last month. Todd and i were driving back to Dallas from Houston after attending a funeral for Todds uncle Larry. I started reading Facebook and read post that Ari had passed. I cried and cried and cried. I just really felt that Ari was meant to live and do great things.
Ive been trying to get my patio completed but its still work in progress. I have a few things left to do and it will be done. I got a new obsession over the summer and thats buying old seashell plant holders. Oh gosh i love them! I paid too much for a few of them but i love them.
I also have had fun making doll head planters from old vintage porcelain dolls i've bought from thrift stores. I was going to buy some off Etsy and then thought to myself, i can do this!!
Right now i have a few things i'm looking forward to- we're having an end of summer labor day pool party on the Sunday before labor day, then i have a junk show at end of September and then Holliween of course is coming soon and i am already prepping for that.
I had gallbladder surgery around the time the spring junk show was and i had to cancel because i couldnt lift anything. Im excited for next month!!
Thats all I can manage to post today.  Talk to yall later!  Have a great day.