Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Dad's first cheeseburger without tubes and oxygen

Last day in ICU- cute young priest Preston

Daddy arriving in new room from ICU

A little wobbly getting into bed

Look ma no oxygen tube!

Daddy chilling while Draeger (stepbro) and i pose

Daddy doing breathing treatment holding it like cigar

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Hello my sweet blogger friends! I know i have so much to tell you but i've been running around like my hair is on fire since i got back from Florida. My wedding shower was this past weekend and i still try to see Dad everyday at the hospital. Daddy is doing amazing and improving every single day!
I have my appointment today with the winery to discuss seating, wine, etc so i got the get busy and be ready to leave. I WILL post some pics and fill you in more later this week. Maybe even tomorrow.
Here is my choice for today and that is Celebration because every day with Dad healing is a celebration and i can have Joy back in planning my wedding.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tunes - Hallelujah!! Dad has lungs

I dont even know where to begin. I'm  in Jacksonville , Florida this week and so crazy hectic. How crazy that I havent traveled in almost 9 months but the week my Dad is in surgery, I have to go out of town.
I want to tell you every detail but I dont have time right now. BUTTTTT- y'all need to know that Dad got his double lung transplant this past weekend. He is still in critical condition but the Dr's are pleased with his numbers and where is he right now. I really wanted to be there when he took his first breath but that's Ok. The nurses are incredible and i know he's in the best hands.
So for now , heres my song:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Happy Tuesday y'all!  I sound like broken record as I look at my post from last week. Dad is still in hospital and I still go every day after work. I am his last visitor for the night and we have a routine now. I get his toothbrush ready for him and help with that, I wash his face and brush his hair, and I rub his hands and feet before I leave. We had nice evening tonight and played cards for 5 rounds of poker. He beat us 3 games, my stepmom Deb won a round and I even won a round.
I am traveling to Florida next week for business so I pray that Dad gets his transplant this week. I will totally freak if I am out of state and he gets his lungs!
So I need to hear something fun and upbeat to help keep my spirits up and music does just that.
The song I am choosing this week is one of my favorites right now. Its by Robin Thicke and it's called Blurred Lines.  This video is when they performed on Ellen show.  I cant help but dance in my chair or seat while i'm driving.
Have a great day. Have I mentioned that my Bloglovin link to the left of my blog? Are you following me there? I lost a follower over the weekend..... Hey  I notice these things.

My wishes

Last week I came across a blog post by The Bloggess. I loved the idea and thought I would have my own post of wishes. • I wish I would have gone with gut feeling 12 years ago when I felt my first spark with Todd • I wish I wasn’t such a worrier • I wish Dad would get his lung transplant TODAY • I wish Mom didn’t have the worst case of Lupus • I wish my credit cards were not maxed out • I wish my windshield didn’t have a large crack and that it would stop spreading • I wish I had complete peace that I could never have a baby • I wish I was skinnier • I wish I had more time to read all my books • I wish I had a dog • I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats • I wish I could drink frozen margaritas without getting brain freeze • I wish my eyelashes were longer • I wish my nieces would call, or write, or text me once in a while • I wish I could visit California every year • I wished we didn’t have the loudest heaviest family live above our heads in our apartments • I wish I liked vegetables • I wish I would not have quit college middle of my senior year • I wish I knew how to wear eyeshadow • I wish the people I invited to my wedding would send me their responses back already in the prestamped envelope I sent • I wish my grandfather was alive to witness me getting married • I wish my best friend from college could make my wedding • I wish I could whistle • I wish that my allergies would get better and not worse as I get older • I wish I didn’t have a screw lodged into my rear tire at this moment • I wish I had a Starbucks right now • I wish my legs were not so pale • I wish I could get off my fat ass and work out more • I wish my back didn’t have so many things wrong with it • I wish I understood how to maneuver around my Windows 8 laptop • I wish some of my family members loved me unconditionally regardless that I’m fat or not. • I wish Montana wasn’t so far away so I could see my Mom more often • I wish August 15 was next week and not this week so I could see my Mom right now! • I wish that we could have Peace in our world • I wish I had more followers via Bloglovin • I wish my front tooth wasn’t so sensitive so that I didn’t have to always drink with a straw • I wish I could sing good. I sing all the time but its when I’m alone. I also wish that my Blogger wasnt acting so squirrely right now. Happy Monday y'all!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Engaged or Enraged

Hi y’all. Happy Thursday! I came across this blog hop for new brides and upcoming brides and thought it would be fun to join.  Stevie at Colorful Commotion (  )    hosted the bloghop.

1. What was the funniest moment you have had while planning your wedding? It was fun to have my best friends with me when picking out my wedding dress. I tried on some really bad dresses on purpose to walk out in and get their expressions.  Some were picked out that I liked but once on they were hideous and I still walked out to show them. We had some good laughs.

2. What is your favorite thing about your fiance/husband?  I love Todd’s sense of humor and his Faith. We’ve had some really tough moments and he’s so calming and positive. I love that he breaks out into silly dance moves at any given moment. He is very comforting and tells me all the time “I got your back”!  I cant tell you how good that feels to know I have his love and support.

3. What was the most stressful part of planning a wedding?  Lack of money.  There are so many things I want to do and they’re not big or outlandish but EVERY single thing is 30$ here or 100$ there and its literally running out. I also have had great difficulty feeling happy planning the wedding while my Dad stays in the hospital. I almost cancelled the wedding last week because I was overwhelmed with emotion and didn’t think I could do it. On the other hand it gives me a distraction of something good and I know Dad wants me to do this.
 I’ve also not had much luck receiving my orders online correctly. I ordered orange cocktail napkins with special print and they came in hunter green.  I ordered  the “H”, “&”, and a “T” candy dish and my “ H” was in pieces so they sent me another one which was ALSO in pieces and the 3rd one I got today was finally intact.  Little stuff like that doesn’t work out still adds stress.
My flower lady backed out last minute a few weeks ago that I wasn’t counting on and then I had to find another person to do flowers. I asked for my responses to be sent back by July 15 which is Monday and more than half haven’t sent in. DO I assume they ARE coming or NOT coming?

4. What is your favorite personal detail from your wedding? Hmmm, I think the fact that some of my closest friends and family are there for my big day. I have a few dear amazing friends traveling from Boston and Chicago to be there for me. I am also excited to see everything being put together with my decorations. I pray it all looks decent.

5. What was your favorite part about planning a wedding? I have to say my favorite part is receiving my brooches for the bouquet. I reached out to my friends and family and asked them if they would like to donate a brooch to me. Its their way of being there and walking down the aisle with me especially for those who cant make it. I love some of the stories that went behind a few of the brooches. My cousin Lauren and girlfriend Holly have also been key to assisting me with decorations and that’s been fun.

6. What would your fiancĂ©/husband say is his favorite thing about you? I would guess that he likes the fact I am very good with money.  Don’t be surprised but as much as I love shopping I am also a good saver!  I will be taking over the finances once we tie the know. He also tells me often how much he loves my “little ways”. I am quirky and I like things a certain way and he laughs at me when I tell him my thoughts on things. He also loved that I was very involved with my church and that it was important to me that He also was involved.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Wow, my last post was last Tuesday's Tunes. I've been so busy going to the hospital every day after work and visiting Daddy. There really hasnt been much more in my life to blog about. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Dad is supposed to be moved into a Rehab today which will be good for him. He needs to get stronger to keep him on the transplant list.

Someone who gives me peace when i listen to her music is Stevie Nicks. She is my mom's all time favorite singer so that means growing up listening to every one of her albums multiple times a week. I obviously cant listen to one of her songs without immediately thinking of my mom which is comforting.

These 3 songs are my favorites if i had to narrow them down.  1) Talk to me   2) If you ever did believe  3) Beauty and the Beast

Oh and my wedding is in 53 days. eeeeekkkk.   Have a great day Yall! xoxo

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

Its Tuesday and a short week with July 4th happening this Thursday. My life is work and hospital or home and hospital but i cant NOT see Daddy while he's still there.
Here are a few songs that have been playing in my head.
Bob Seger is one of my all time faves that i grew up listening to in the car and house with my mom. She had all his albums and when i was in my 20's i finally got to see him in concert. These songs are on constant play on my ipod.
1) Roll me away    2) You'll accompany me    3) Chances are

Have a great holiday week y'all and please be safe.
x0x0  Holli